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Odd the silence after the life cycle of gardens each year tilling the soil, planting how the life of seeds would start in the small greenhouse off the summer kitchen a miasma of Summer large gardens and all manner of wildberries and currants and gooseberries, the crabapple and pear trees the vegetables the peonies o’ the wild roses and all the flowers all the food of naught she would tend the gardens over the great expanse of years until the lilac trees went farrow after she died how she loves amethysts and violets, the purple of things how the house went silent, haunted once again as children my uncle told us of the last owner who had shot himself in the garage, we laughed uncomfortable vaguely the place a tomb unexpressed, a lost conviction how the fields are wild, the small babbling creek out back gone dry over time the sycamore trees at the side of the house also lost to the sky

Rebecca Anne Banks

Tea at Tympani Lane Records


© 2005