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o’ Lakshmee – cord of Dymphna

the howl of the wolf

arrows of fish

some beautiful gillette

anyone truly free, is guilty of suspicion

spinning sun wheels, in conch shells

I am a lighthouse

I am a lighthouse

blindfolded standing on a table

bleating, f, f, f . . .

you are my favourite thought crime

sweet like honey and calico jams

the flowers, the stars in the sky for you

held in the hands of love

more blue than the universe

holds, sweet ungent of blue

and love sweet

the solitary pen of angels

peace of the bones

ancient reliquaries

against time.

bootleg Ronnie, my bones are strife


the aftermath of swinging gods

the red waterfalls

fade to black

all paying customers

have left the theater

I look for ballet slippers

one in every colour

hang them from telephone wires

dragon monkies eat blueberries

the sun swallows the darkness

my last Empress.

fighting the clouds today Rocky

the wire monkey

purchases on his shoulder

nom nom nom

a brie cheese butler

they line up on the front porch

the hammer falls

memories of the cherry trees

at midnight

and its winter now

walking, walking in the grey streets.

Rebecca Anne Banks

Tea at Tympani Lane Records

© 2005