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The tears, I kiss for you

The cross

in the sun of flowers




I kiss your eyes

your mouth

the tears, I kiss for you

will never tell.

The subtle history

The subtle history

odd, gentle choir of night

the secret of quiet

in sweet still, the blue

that slowly smiles

in yes and love

as he talks to me

in the wide open spaces

of the sky.

Sunlight through gray

Sunlight through gray

through the cross of sanctuary

and the quiet blue

he who calms the Spirit

paints the world in beauty

he who paints the world in beauty

in the winter of the sky.

“It dwells in ashen buildings where the present sleeps.”
- from The Hut by Fanny Howe

As the night

i. we are the empty cradle the night walks, arms call out freedoms call “love me tender, love me sweet” how they play with the light through the glass orb the sky.

ii. odd the silence of days, you are close, closer than the breath of angels the quiet of sun the disquiet of storm the beauty of you. sky into night.

iii. carry me, sweeter than the night had lost its wayward splendour the flower the light so quiet I dreamt of you all through Summer the dark heat of sky.

iv. as beautiful as the night so sweet the blue kaleidoscope sky the seashell shills the inner eye haunts the orb the quiet.

v. all inside the night through the trees you could hear the rain falls.

Rebecca Anne Banks

Tea at Tympani Lane Records


© 2013