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Holistic Insight Counseling, Anger and Grief Work, Psychic Impressions,
Spiritual Counseling, Artistic Counseling, Business Advice.

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I am a gifted Holistic Insight Therapist with extensive life experience, a consumer/survivor and have a B.A. in psychology. I have done my own emotional work, working with Deep Process workers in Toronto for 9 years, dealing with anger and grief issues through emotional processing (working with anger by beating on pillows/exercising and deep breathing). I also have insight into the spiritual mysteries and the general cultural diaspora. I demystify psychiatry, a psychiatric "diagnosis" is really a symptom of a problem in living that has become unmanageable. In my opinion most people with problems (depression, rape issues, unplanned pregnancy, stress, anxiety, grief, anger, eating disorders, self esteem issues . . .) were not socialized properly, have had a troubled childhood, social problems, have had a troubled love life and/or need some creative dialogue for help in living. I like to use journaling, working with anger and emotional issues and recommend artistic endeavour, exercise/Yoga, prayer/meditation and social interaction for the people I dialogue with. I am fully self-actualized, a lay Psychologist, Psychic, Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Writer, Artist, Philosopher and Library Technician.

Insight Therapy - specialize in all matters of the heart; friendship; suitability in love; anger/grief work; if you are in trouble and need someone to talk to; second opinions on all serious matters.

Psychic Impressions - gives accurate psychic readings in matters of the heart and finances; past life readings.

Spiritual Counseling - advice on karma, discovering the Spirit.

Artistic Counseling - if you would like a critique of your art, writings, songs, music, impressions, ideas for development and dialogue on the artistic process with a Poet/Songwriter/Singer/Musician/Writer/Artist.

Business Advice - advice on market trends, products, psychic and overall impressions.

*Donations only.

(First meeting in a public place, for men always in a public place).

Email: rebecca@tympanilanerecords.com for help and/or an appointment.

We are at home in Montreal.

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