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World Message of Peace

It has been a full year with much work, meeting of old friends and good cheer. I held a CD launch party for my first CD Rebecca Anne Banks: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue . . . and thank those of you, my friends, who came out for me at the Free Times Cafe; in Toronto in March, 2004. I have also been busking this glorious Summer in Yorkville and plan to be performing at the Allan Garden's Conservatory (greenhouse) in the winter on most Saturday afternoons. I have a prayer this year for peace in our hearts, peace between lovers, peace between families, peace between neighbors, peace between countries and peace in the world. With many concerns for all who need food to eat and a place to sleep. With enough love all those who need food, shelter, a Fated love, and an understanding and relationship with God will be blessed, for this is peace.   The fabric of life is meant to be woven through illumination.   As a journey, the Collective Unconscious as the lifesblood of the culture needs to be passed on to all those who live within the Community. Self-knowledge and knowledge of the culture and history is what keeps the Community alive so it is important to be the bringer of the light. Without the light there is only darkness, chaos and war. The world is ordered on karmic energy so ones good thoughts, words and actions help preserve the weave of peace and therefore will be rewarded with a greater peace, it is important to keep aligned with the Holy Spirit, this is why the Bible says to love your enemies. Say your truth in an even handed manner, the truth will always stand so the light can grow and this is what preserves democracy. Accountability is also important, ideally people hold themselves to a code of ethic by not hurting themselves or others and in the Spirit of doing the most good. It is important to not break with God by hurting yourself or others so the weave of peace in the Community is not broken. Often cultures have negative cultural practices that are not to be followed, as they break with God. These practices have a certain familiarity because they are Tradition and have been passed down over time but if they hurt ourselves or others they are not of God and are not to be followed. Hurting ourselves or others with negative cultural practice that ruin the social tapestry brings violence, not peace. In North America there is the hidden violence of ritual abuse, ritual rape and ritual sacrifices. It is estimated 1 in 3 children have been raped by the time they are 18 years old, this is an appalling comment on the social fabric, as if inviting 1/3 of the population to emotional oblivion. Peoples love lives are often shattered to the wind because there is not enough healing, understanding of self and Community knowledge, discernment in relationship and the importance of covenant. Empathy beyond ones own circle of friends is important so that all people receive the help they need when they need it, in the true spirit of Community. Terrorism in the Middle East is also a great evil, as is war. The Spirit of religion is perfect, it is the perfect peace. The Holy Spirit is a loving Spirit that would not consecrate people for violent acts because they are against the Spirit, hurting the Spirit and the body, the Community and hurting the members of the Community. Like two children fighting, Israel and Palestine should gather itself in, those who are Palestinian living in Palestine, as Israel and Palestine, two separate countries living peacefully. I have written songs of Jerusalem and have a great wish that the Holy Land will prosper with Fated love relationships and flower with good food, shelter and more trees. Acts of terrorism leave gaping social and emotional wounds. When someone is murdered, someone who loved them aches for them, a lover and a family is left with a grievous soul wound because of the act of violence. Grief work is important so that the grief over the loss of the loved one (and other violence) is healed and this can be done through prayer and "Deep Process Work" in The Healing Circle. It is important that this healing take place so that it is not acted out upon others (particularly innocents) or in suicide, so the cycle of violence is not perpetuated. By witnessing your truth with emotional release work, journaling, healing within a group and prayer it is possible to end this cycle of violence. The Healing Circle is a place of wonder and enlightenment dealing with sorrow and anger in a positive way.

The Way of Peace.

with love,


Owen Williams, Inner Directions

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