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World Message of Peace

It is the deep of winter and quiet, a winter evening at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am busy with WebSites and drawing Logos. Poetry is writing and lyrics. The Grif and Other Conversations: more poetry from the street I hope to publish in the Spring of 2013.

“ Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last. “
- Martin Luther King Jr. (Human Rights Activist, Minister)

“ What I’d give for a little peace of mind. “
- John Lennon and the Beatles

“ The Amerikan Economy is driven by the beast of fear of not enough, so there may not be enough. The truth is there is more than enough it just needs to be redistributed. “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

“ Sex is not really about sex as money is not really about money. “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

“ How many brown people who are basically Saints can you kill without repercussions? “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

“ Just say “no” to the “no love” economy. ”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

The following are thoughts on the political alignment for peace, the difference between the visions of the capitalist and the socialist economy in the New Age . . .

The capitalist economy is reminiscent of a spaghetti Western, the last cowboy at the bar, the gunslinger mentality of laissez faire, the monkey. The whiteface culture values sex and monies, basically a patriarchy based in rape. The capitalist economy sells the idea of more, the idea of being “the King”, of having a lot of monies, of self-aggrandizement through monies, “the person who dies with the most toys wins” (what kind of comment is that?). It is the temptation of great wealth “anyone can have a million dollars, anyone can own a home.” People in the Old Economy often with self-esteem issues and needing an aussage for death defined themselves through their expensive purchases – a form of egotism - why should someone have so incredible much while others are begging or may not have the basics (food, shelter, healthcare, education, happy love lives and a calling for work) - based in self esteem issues, people were defined by how much monies they had, not about intrinsic value. This economy is about ownership, an “I have” universe vs. “you do not have.” This economy manifests a handful of people who survive to have big money, because of conflicted love lives people may become addicts and mental patients and there is a high rate of suicide. It is almost like society is blowing out the heads it has created because of jealousy. The capitalist economy creates disparity issues with the 1% that own 40% of the wealth and everyone else.

The Old Economy is a Machiavellian nightmare, a cursehold, the unofficial rules of the economy/love lives, the rules of culture and the rules of karma all hidden and difficult to find out, you cannot control if people will give you information particularly if it is largely communicated by thoughts. These unofficial rules coupled with other peoples hidden agendas such as elite security paradigms or the paranoia of revenge, often because of imagined violence fueled plans that often conflicted with the persons mission from God. Because of this precariousness of the cursehold system there were problems with people’s love lives, making it difficult to have a happy covenant love relationship. Often people were in serial rape situations, a rape culture that fuels the economy and violence. As people suffered they were bled for ideas as economic drivers, the emotional violence of addictions often leading to suicide and murder inside a hidden violence paradigm that punishes people sometimes until death. “Freedom from work”, in the old days when there were manufacturing jobs, if your love life was conflicted, most could at least find work. If they committed suicide, a job became available and people replaced each other; it is not a society that cared, except about its bottom line, people were faceless cogs in a machine. A system that values excellence by driving people so that they are successful at what they do and possibly making monies – but not fully recognizing the toll it takes on their mental/physical health, and the tendencies for addictions, suicide, violence and murder sometimes leading to war. It cares more about the product of the individual (and the monies they create) than the individual themselves. As if people had been sold a second rate bill of goods, money became the solace for compromised love lives. Suicide rate for Canada (2012) was 15 deaths per 100,000 or about .15% in 2012 (World Health Organization). Suicide rate for the United States was 12.4 deaths per 100,000 or about .12% in 2010 (World Health Organization). The number of suicides worldwide are estimated to be 1,000,000 in total by the World Health Organization per year.

In the Transition Economy, there is less employment, students are graduating with huge student loan debt and may be caught at home with their parents without work. This situation is very toxic. As if government policy is not changing fast enough to adapt to the new computerized society/economy. With high unemployment (mostly for artists/intellectuals or anyone not an infrastructure/service worker) and disparity issues people become activists and artists, often making their own work over the Internet and the New Economy has birthed the #nows movement, Idle No More, protests and the occasional riot. With part-time work and a regulated housing rental market, the entire place becomes liveable, with less disparity issues. An education campaign so that all people are in happy love lives without a hidden violence construct. People are no longer faceless, on the Internet everyone has a face and a story. This entire revolution of the heart is due to the powerful magic of the Internet.

The West, America needs a new dream, a new understanding with God. The New American Dream could really be the Old American Dream the one before industrialization and the ballooning population. A little known, yet oft quoted line from the American Constitution, quite simply “ and the pursuit of happiness. “ Instead of defining the economy as “the economy makes people money” what about “the economy makes people happy”; instead of the old equation of Happiness = Money the new equation could be Happiness = Love. The focus is not on making money but on happiness, happy personal lives and enough. Following the Way of the Spirit, Signs from God that tell people who to marry in covenant and what the truth of an argument is, keeping peace and justice in the Community. An end to the cursehold, the violence wheel – unhook the cursehold machine. No one curses another more than a slight of public opinion. Hidden agendas disappear, people are not frustrated in their callings for work or lover. Everyone is effectively guided. It is a dirty inside joke that often the elite do not expect to marry their star-crossed lover. The entire Old Economy fed on violence, violence of the heart and soul.

In the New Economy people are in happy covenant love lives based in a sign from God, the family, the cornerstone for peace in the Community. A strong Community that helps everyone find their place by giving feedback, nurturing its children, where the sacred truths of the universe, the rules of the Spirit, the Knowledge of Culture are out in the open and readily available to everyone so they can discern their callings from God for work and love. A place where everyone practices their calling for work in some capacity, full-time work may go by the wayside, so everyone has a chance for part-time paying work that the are suited for. A place where everyone has intrinsic value, everyone loves someone. An end to the whore economy. The economy may become based in the arts. Because the majority of people are better mentored, very few people fall through the cracks becoming economic drivers and the world will be spared the suffering and karmic dissonance of this phenomena. A culture based in psychological good health, where people tell the truth, blow their anger off without hurting others, doing release work, an arts calling and not hurting each other. A place where people do not have self-esteem issues or do not self-aggrandize themselves, so there is no big suffering or trespass issues. A place where people are not afraid to talk to each other, where the Community will help as if everyone were family, where everyone is known to someone, has a reputation and people do not hurt each other. People getting together for Pot Luck dinners, having conversations on the back porch, bringing up the kids, good coversations, rather than the culture of silence and loud schizophrenic behavior with people caught out, living alone. Seniors could be in the heart of the family and/or Community, they shouldn’t be lonely – putting seniors in old folks homes is something from the disembodied Industrialized Economy. You should have the right to die at home with your family/friends around. Seniors have vast experience and Cultural and Community knowledge, they should be highly valued, they are a well of cultural/karmic knowledge.

People of good reputation, who operate without hurting others, have happy love lives, follow their calling for work (with the aptitude for work, the right psychology and talent) will be good at what they do and happy, the work becomes like play. This creates enough, through positive karma. In a society that is so incredibly wealthy, once someone has food and shelter, basic needs met, the world becomes about happiness, living the good life. What is happiness? Doing something you love once a day, doing something you are good at once a day and having an indepth conversation with someone you love once a day. It is the worry of not enough that robs our peace, can cause grasping and fear, just trust in the universe, that God will answer for all our needs, this is the result of strong community and networking over the Internet and the rules of the Spirit/karma.

Happiness (being in a positive emotional landscape) really has very little to do with money after our basic needs are met, happiness is in the heart and soul. What holds the world together is dialogue with God, having good friends and people around who love us, being on good terms with everyone and following the wisdom of the ways of karma, the rules of the Spirit and Signs from God. The good karma from this would generate enough for everyone without the karmic dissonance of the suffering of economic drivers. Imagine a nonviolent Community where most people are married by 18 to their star-crossed lover (using birth control until they are ready to have children if they have children) and finding their aptitude and getting low cost education and finding or creating employment in a part-time venue both parents bringing in enough to support their family, plus maybe working at home and both parents bringing up the kids. Because the parents are in happy marriages, the children should be better cared for, better socialized and happy. Plus with the gift of time in part-time employment the world opens to the possibility of life and celebration.

Lack of monies shouldn’t be the bottom line of anything, you can network over the Internet, rely on friends and the social welfare net, “if you need it you get it.” The real answer is to do the right thing in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, not trespassing against others, following your calling for work and love, getting feedback from friends, family and the Community so you have a good basis for decision making. When everything is inline with God everything is right, there is less suffering, peace and enough. The Old Economy was a machine, everyman was faceless, there was mind-numbing work in factories, an out of control cursehold, a whore/war machine, there was much suffering and gnashing of teeth. The New Economy is the New Freedom, the Internet is the gift of imagine peace, the thinking mans dream. The world both local and global becomes the post-apocalypse village, through the Internet the largest anarchy for enough and peace.

The Way of Peace.



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