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It is the quiet of winter in Montreal at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The China Market beckons of an afternoon with offerings of Dim Sum, egg noodles and Pomelos. Poetry is writing, a new long poem titled Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies has been incepted with the Muse and written, to be published soon. The long poem was inspired by the Muse, St. Joseph and the war in Afghanistan. Other poetry continues to write. Writing some short stories, the writing is unfolding for two of them and the third has written, The Companion will be published soon. I continue to work on Logos for the new WebSites . . .

“the armaments industry manufactures crime . . . everyone loves someone.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, SongWriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counseling)

"nothing . . . no one has economic value until someone assigns economic value."
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, SongWriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor)

“everyone has a starcrossed lover, society is over constructed.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, SongWriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor)

Some thoughts on what the popularity/sales of industries of the War/Old Economy could look like in the New Economy . . .

Cigarettes – unhealthy. It is potentially a loss leader. There is a big trend for healthy lifestyles and cigarettes have been identified as a cancer risk. Maybe they could make cigarettes that are less toxic.

Birth Control – more. The more birth control they make the less expensive it is, a big boon for the pharmaceutical industry. Good for family planning, and keeping the population from ballooning.

Psychotropic Medication – less. As people become better mentored and discerned in love lives and do not use the cursehold there is less need for an antiquated psychiatric system that basically deals with people who have been operated on and those who have operated giving them health diagnoses based in physical nomenclature for having manifested violence and violating the Spirit. The diagnosis of depression is really about someone’s revolving string of lovers, having created emotional pain and a karmic shadow, instead the diagnosis should be “Troubled Love Life” with a symptom of depression. It has been proven that social conditions affect brain chemistry.

Illegal Drugs – maybe less. I suspect use of the illegal drug trade is driven by people’s troubled love lives in the Old Economy. Recreational drug use may still be in use, the paradigm of eventual death and the stress of life itself makes it a place where people sometimes use drugs. My best advice is to only use organics, cannibas derivatives and to stay away from the more complicated designer addictive drugs like heroine and crack. The development of the illegal drug industy may just becoming underwritten in the culture (studies by the United Nations estimate that 13.7% of the United States population and 12.6% of the Canada population have used cannibas at least once in the past year (2009)). Illegal drug use is new since the 1950’s and cannibas may even become legalized, perhaps reducing the violence of the industry. A word for hash brownies, saves the lungs or lighting a piece of cannibas like incense and secondhand smoke so that you are not adversely affecting your lungs.

Alcohol Industry – maybe less. The alcohol industry has been around for a longtime, as well as being a medicant for troubled love lives or stress it is also a recreation on a grand scale. Using wine in cooking, designing new drink fashions, liqueurs, candies, the cultural ritual of drinking a glass of wine with dinner or having port in the library for the gentlemen after dinner or drinking champagne at weddings and on New Years. It is an industry underwritten by culture, my guess with less of a need as a medicant sales may go down slightly but as a cultural aperitif that has been around since the days of the Bible it will still be popular.

Retail Industry – will morph. With the Internet it is possible to get a bargain on almost anything you need. Things will always break or wear out, things will always need to be replaced. However, in a happy love life economy people may have need for less. You may see the “Honey, we need to redecorate the livingroom again” phenomena dying out, with reduced part-time incomes. Or the need to buy something beautiful to cheer you up may not happen as often. Dollarama and dollar stores win everytime. The luxury market will still exist but maybe only as one off purchases on occasion from the new Communitarians, secondhand markets flourish. Big ticket items may be better on lay-away or rent-to-own, ensuring that retail moves.

Armaments Industry – will be less. In a world that understands itself better, takes care of its emotional issues more effectively (release work) and understands the karma of love and how to have a happy covenant marriage gun sales may go down. In my mind atomic bombs and atomic weapons should not be produced and there is no real need of automatic or semi-automatic weapons in the general population. With less conflicts and less karmically impure people gun sales for war may go down. Instead of moving into a conflicted country with guns, why not move in with solar laptops, whiffle bats and Deep Process Workers, who help people with their emotional issues and give people an understanding of the Way of the Spirit (Karma rules) and how to get their love lives to work in covenant. This approach may work for the majority of people, the intellectuals/artists/thinking people. Those who may only regain Karmic Purity in a war zone may need to have war, but with better mentoring and discernment in marriage, a lot of suffering would be negated and the need for violence.

Oil Industry – neutral. The oil industry is a major backer of war, their product fuels the war machine. With less war oil reserves would probably last longer. Oil is a very diverse product that is used widely in many industries, particularly traditional manufacturing, automobiles, heavy equipment, heating and any product that is an oil based product, such as paints, plastics, waxes and polyester materials. Oil is widely used and quite unique in its versatility. Oil has become an indispensable product and there will probably always be a demand for it.

As a sidebar, the New Economy may be driven by the arts community:

Crafts, Arts, Wholesale and Hardware industry – more sales. In the more time Online Economy with perhaps less monies due to high unemployment, the do it yourself and arts and crafts supplies business flourish. Indie producers can easily access an audience and potential customers using the Internet.

Musical Instruments industry – more sales. In an arts driven society with more time, people may take up a musical instrument, to play amongst friends and in public venues. With the Internet production process that encourages Indie Musicians everything becomes closer, it is easier for musicians to gain an audience and have their work distributed. The Internet is a powerful driver of the arts Community/Economy.

Secondhand Markets – more sales. Particularly Internet Secondhand Bulletin Boards, in a reduced employment economy, people look for things they need over the Internet.

An industry/society that doesn’t hurt others in its production of product, organic industries, has better karma. As soon as someone is hurt, there is negative karma that will return to whoever/the industry that has hurt someone. It may affect money flow, either there will be less money generated, debt or the money will not stick with you.

In the New Economy, it is not about aussaging the ache of no love, it becomes about the fullness of enough. When the vast majority of people are in happy marriages, the world becomes about celebration, friends and family not about sex, monies and drive. The glow of good reputation and positive affect, positive karma, creates monies and enough.

The idea of a “righteous war”? Murder as war is messy, it is a very violent action that is not meant for the vast majority of people. It is negative karma because it is taking away someone’s Fated Lover . . . it is against instruction from the Spirit, “Thou shall not kill.” That being said karmically impure people may be considered a good call in the theater of war. As the population morphs and evolves into a more conscious and more intelligent peoples, self-accountability to a higher order to not hurt others or ourselves and the ability to prevent karmic impurity through better mentoring and discernment in marriage. Also, the karmically impure would be encouraged to follow a special calling for work or an arts calling which could take the need for violence/war for the majority of the population out of the society.

Once the economy is fully formed in the new perspective of the Internet Economy (when the majority of people live and work on the Internet, part-time work, regulated rental market, low consumer costs) there is less weight on the welfare system, social services and the healthcare system; monies are freed up that could be used for education, healthcare and infrastructure. With an education campaign to help people with the rules of the Spirit so that they have an understanding of karma, Signs from God and the ideal of marrying their star-crossed lover, the world opens to the possibility of peace. Also people could become self-actualized finding their calling for work through aptitude tests and online education. The white culture needs to be rethought so that no one is cursed more than a slight of public opinion, and the rituals of good magic celebrated inside peace. Within the New Freedom of time and Online access the Community becomes centered in the home, with friends and family and about connecting in real time. A fully integrated Community/Society that operates like an Old World Village without the hidden violence construct.

The Way of Peace.



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