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It is the Springtime approaching the Spring Equinox, there is a light snowfall by my window, the days are quiet with light at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Poetry is writing. I am preparing 3 books of poetry for publication, the series of dialogue poetry EBooks, The Grif and Other Conversations. The infringement Festival Montreal is coming in June 2013, there will probably be a spoken word venue at the Concordia Coop Bookstore.

" The war on drugs is morally bankrupt. "
- Larry Elder (Lawyer, Journalist)

" If you want to fight a war on drugs, sit down at your own kitchen table and talk to your own children. "
- Barry McCaffrey (Army General, Journalist, Businessman)

The following are thoughts on The War on Drugs . . . I suspect drugs aussage love lives that are conflicted. Conflicted love lives are a product of the whore/war economy and whiteface culture.

People who are in a happy longterm covenant relationship could not begin to understand the suffering of people who are not in happy marriages to their starcrossed lover, are celibate (and should be married) or who are in serial relationships. People with conflicted love lives do not know what they are doing (may not know themselves well enough, may not be able to discern a good relationship, may be unaware of the Spirit rules and have missed their starcrossed lover or may be a victim of the whiteface culture and have either cursed someone or been cursed by someone.)

Yet, people are appalled at the conditions of street people and people who use drugs. Drug use is an aussage for the ache of no love. People who are in the street are often from abusive family backgrounds that may have affected their love lives, particularly if they were not socialized effectively. The culture is a weigh station for dope. It is not alright for someone to attempt to hold onto a lover more than an abuse of public opinion. When an ex-lover curses someone they may not understand the magnitude of suffering they are creating. Often people do not know what they are doing when they are young, may not understand the Spirit rules of love and may be intimate with people who screw them up (or who they screw up) or who they are not suited to or who have different intentions in relationship. If people have an essence problem (are not the same psych type, do not like each others inner child, have conflicting soul colours, have defiled the person sexually) it is not very likely the relationship will mend (in my experience psych type may morph but it may not be enough to mend the relationship). The persons inner child is formed in the first 5 years of life and not likely to change. Soul colours may morph a little, but if you violently dislike a favourite colour your lover loves it is not too likely this will change (this alone may cause you to argue everytime you talk).

Often elites have elite security paradigms with facecard doubles, these priorities are more important than your happiness (and the more unhappy you are in your love life the more likely you will be an economic driver feeding other peoples businesses). Also, people in the Community may have plans for your life, that may or may not be in tune with your mission from God or your callings. In my experience there is a huge hidden agenda and design machine. The world is designed to be broken, broken love lives feeds the economy, the whore/war machine, feeds a revenge paradigm (that may be based in paranoia) creates government agents, clergy and entertainment/Hollywood people. It also creates addictions, mental patients, suicides, violence and murder, supporting all these business interests. Meanwhile some self righteous politician/neighbour is outraged by people who use drugs. The system itself has produced these conditions that produce drug addicts. I suspect most drug addicts are in emotional pain because their love lives are conflicted, using drugs is an aussage for no love, loneliness, unhappiness or being between lovers. In my opinion drug use may save people from killing themselves at the same time it is a very easy way to overdose. Soft, organic drugs I am not against too much, some of the designer call machine drugs (crack, heroin) in my opinion are too addictive. Cannibas oil may be a great cancer cure.

In my opinion people are not responsible for other people’s actions, the whiteface culture/geopolitics is like the children’s game “broken telephone”. The children are in a circle, someone makes up a sentence and whispers it into the ear of the next person, the sentence passes around the circle of children, the child at the end stands up and announces the sentence. Almost everytime the sentence has morphed or become different from the original sentence. Whiteface culture/geopolitics is a bad game, it is not alright to hurt or curse innocents. Sometimes elders may be murdered, people become paranoid and may blame people for events that may have been just happenstance and put riders on their choice of marriage partner. People may take offense to someone, particularly traditional family enemies and then someone is without a lover or a whore or a rape victim and/or without a family of their own. Sometimes back door operators will get through your door security at night and you may be raped under hypnosis. When someone has contravened protocol and someone has died, they may be raped as an alternative to murdering someone in the misbegotten persons family. This may be considered "legitimate" rape and I find it very repulsive and violent that someone would be made a whore for a 5 second faux pas of lack of socialization or being misinterpreted and being held responisble for another's action or the paranoia of happenstance.

In the Industrialized Economy, people had moved off the land to cities, and both parents worked after W.W. II often full-time. I suspect the Old Ways may have become lost or misconstrued. In a fast time, no time culture there was less time to raise children and children may not have been socialized effectively. Plus the population ballooned so there may have been more people to keep track of. As the society spun out, I suspect the elite sought to capitalize on the situation and introduce an elite security paradigm so that facecard marriage partners could wed. These relationships may not have been well discerned and may actually have been planned from a distance by with holding key lifeways information. I suspect someone in the elite discovered that the more people suffered, the more a survival instinct took over making people come up with more ideas to run people’s businesses, they became economic drivers. The 20th century erupted in war with 2 World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam . . . in part because the social base of the Western World was out of synch with the Holy Spirit, people were not marrying their starcrossed lovers and suffering too much. The New Economy, the Online Imagine Peace Economy gives people back the gift of time. In a world where people are in happy covenant marriages to starcrossed lovers (or well suited lovers), following their calling for work (often on a part-time basis from at-home offices) people could be happier with happier well raised children. When the cursehold of the culture is made benign, so that it is impossible to curse someone more than a slight of public opinion, the world becomes in synch, without incredible suffering, with less addictions, mental patients, rape, suicide, murder and war.

The Way of Peace.



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