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It is the time of the Spring Equinox, rebirth and growth @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Fixing up the apartment, contemplating a new purchase and also contemplating giving almost everything a coat of white paint. Picked up some lovely orange dahlias for Easter. Poetry is writing.

“ Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. “
- Confuscious (Philosopher)

" Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence, they go stark, raving mad. "
- Fyodor Dostoevsky (Author)

“ The more informed you are the better able to make good decisions you will be. "
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

Thoughts on how to find your aptitude for work . . .

Key to survival and happiness is finding a passion for work, a life’s calling, discerning where your talents are and what education you need. Usually everyone does something, being without something constructive to do can lead to boredom and perhaps getting into trouble. Part of the happiness lore is doing something you love once a day and doing something you are good at once a day. Get feedback from elders and those around you about how well you do the task, you may be developing a skill set. If you are good at handsewing, you have attention to detail and good hand dexterity. If you can knit and sew without patterns, you may be good at designing.

Reading and being down at the library can be a great way to introduce subjects that you are passionate about, what you read all the time could play into what you decide to study in post-secondary education and your calling for work. Also, activities you feel driven to do and do all the time, leisure activities could turn into a small business or a business prospect. When in secondary school, job placements are a good way to get an introduction into your calling for work, talking to professionals and discovering what the actual job is like.

Aptitude tests which you can sometimes find for free over the Internet, will match your psych type to different careers. Certain psychologies are suited to certain jobs.

Dreams can be information. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will reveal knowledge through dreams and it is possible to discover your earth’s mission. In my experience usually every soul has an earth’s mission and God may have a mission for you as well. These missions may be as simple as having children and a family or may involve improving the world somehow and/or saving someone’s life. Sometimes these missions can be fulfilled through a calling for work.

There may also be a political aspect to job opportunities – if you are not perceived as making the right decisions you may not get the job opportunity you were hoping. Sometimes people may be looking for you in certain job positions for different reasons, there may be a love connection possibility or you are a lesson or a gift for someone, it can be a highly contrived universe. Use the grapevine/contacts, sometimes you can be guided into a good situation. Keeping in touch with contacts and networking through professional associations and over the Internet for job opportunities is also positive. In the New Computerized Economy it is more difficult to get work because the intrinsic nature of the new invention is to streamline work creating less jobs. Most “real” work seems to be infrastructure and service jobs in the Transition Economy. However, there is an entire new construct in using the Internet for business opportunities, it is very easy to become an entrepreneur and open a business over the Internet. As well many traditional businesses have been reconstructed over the Internet and been forever changed, see the rise of Indie Musicians, Artists and Writers. The rise of Internet retail is astounding, a storefront can offer its entire stock over the Internet, have people purchase online and/or create more traffic for its storefront. For high end retail – art galleries, appliances, furniture, antique stores – there is a case for listing your entire inventory over the Internet in pictures. If you have a storefront the consumer knows what they want before they enter the store and can come peruse the product and take it home (saving delivery cost) or have the item delivered. The possibilities for Internet Businesses are vast and with new developments become more dynamic creating more opportunity but may shift people’s bottomlines as all the possiblilities of the new developments need to be explored, understood, accepted and used creating consumer confidence. With a dearth of producers it may be more difficult to capture a market but there is something to be said for following ones calling for work and the Zen of the New Economy.

In Switzerland there is an education model that guides people into coursework that they are suited for as well as filling the work quotas of the business community, because the two work hand in hand there is only about 2% unemployment. Coursework is flexible and it is possible to change courses, people are usually suited to more than one area of work, aptitudes usually include an umbrella of jobs. In Canada 10,000 teachers graduate for about 4,500 attrition rate jobs creating about 5,000 unemployed teachers per year. Canada seems to be looking into a program similar to the program in Switzerland with Canada’s Action Plan currently being launched by the Canadian Government. The Way of Peace.

Happy Easter!



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