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After a long cold Spring, the days are warmer as the poetry writes @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I have just finished writing Aphrodite’s Daughter: the history of the world Part 56, a long poem inspired by The Muse and photos of the aftermath of wartorn Chechnya. I have been invited to help chair a conference on Electronic Media and Poetry in Toronto in June, they may Skype me in from Montreal, the conference notes will be posted on Newsletters. I have finally sold the 6c Bass Renaissance Lute to someone in Europe; to play traditional Lute music is very difficult, there are possibly 4 hand changes for each hand in one bar of music, I did however write one Lute/Guitar song on it and hope to record it in the future. A musical instrument is meant to be played, so I hope it will be played by its new owner . . .

“ The heart of darkness is within.”
- Collective Wisdom

“ Politics is not really about political systems, it is about looking after people so that people are happy. Happiness is not necessarily about money it is about love, following your calling for work and having enough. ”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“ The world is morphing into a dialogue in peace through the Internet. When the shackles of the Old World System fall away all we will be left with is love.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“ Change is hard for people, it shakes the place up, it forces people to see things in a different perspective, a realignment of values and
priorities in the Spirit. ”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“ If this society/government had any real vested interest in peace, the armaments industry would not exist or at least function in a reduced capacity. ”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“ If you have to take a gun to the movie theater to prevent a shoot up I would rather just stay home.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on the War on Terrorism and Gun Control . . .

People need to be very carefully socialized and guided in their life’s path, a culture that does not have the investment of time or care to do this is promoting war. Children and their propensity for destructive behaviour (if their soul colours are discordant) need to be carefully guided into physical activity and arts activities rather than acting out and hurting others. People need to be effectively mentored in their love lives, so that they do not become karmically impure and are marrying their starcrossed lovers. A society of people karmically pure and married to their starcrossed lover or most suited lover is a society of peace, it is not one that wants to go to war. Better mentoring and discernment in love lives and better socialization could create a culture of peace rather than a culture of violence and war. If everyone is in a happy marriage and has enough, following their calling for work, I suspect there is less likely to be problems of violence.

People need to learn how to handle angst, fear, grief and anger in a more constructive manner. It is the difference between picking up a gun or taking a walk, journaling, dialoguing, meditating, prayer, getting physical exercise and doing release work.

The hidden violence construct of white culture/geopolitics needs to be unhooked, so that Saints and people in authority can operate in the best interests of the individual, the state and the Spirit. The white culture is a séance of mime and masks, people glad hand and may pretend to agree with you while secretly working to undermine you. It is important to tell the truth and do some constructive consciousness raising in dialogue hopefully without causing animosity (World Peace Newsletter, Janvier/January 2013). Truth telling keeps the Community safe.

I view 911 as a call for help, the Muslim culture is out of order, they may need an integrated school system so that they can find their star-crossed lovers and to be instructed in the ways of the Holy Spirit and how karma works. Knowledge is a big part of the promotion of peace. The Internet is Knowledge. The Internet connects everyone, creating a peace and enough dialogue. Instead of going into conflicted foreign places with guns, why not go in with whiffle bats, solar laptops and Deep Process Workers and help build the infrastructure/economy. It’s the difference of seeing people as people with the same rights under God or as faceless cogs in a machine that need to be irradicated to create less strain on resources. People who are karmically impure and not capable of karmic redemption through an arts or work calling may want to fight. If people are carefully mentored for marriage, they should not be karmically impure. My theory is happy marriages and enough are the easiest way to defuse a war zone. Such an operative takes time, care and funding. Monies or a lack of time should never be the bottom line for not doing something, if people are dying or there is violence, emotional violence/physical violence, or there are disparity issues, it is the duty of the Community of Saints to do something to help to ease suffering. Not only is the white culture/geopolitics lost and misconstrued with suffering in love lives, there is violence within the Muslim culture with suicide bombers and arranged marriages.

The gun culture of the United States is disturbing. “Since 1960, more than a million Americans have died in firearm suicides, homicides, and unintentional injuries.” (National Rifle Association). Regularly on the news are stories of gun shoot ups in the United States, lately the Colorado movie house shooting, the Sandy Hook school shooting. My theory is that the whiteface culture cursehold system is creating too much suffering in people’s love lives and this is causing addictions, emotional/physical violence, suicide, murder and underground war zones that may bubble into actual war. People may not be marrying their starcrossed lovers and unaware of the Holy Spirit rules are turning karmically impure, having too many lovers causing violence. Guns are easy to acquire and so efficient. If this society/government had any real vested interest in peace, the armaments industry would not exist or at least function in a reduced capacity. It is a society punching at shadows, paranoid, feeding on death.

The death machine war culture is old, a lost or misconstrued Pagan Culture laced with geopolitical rhetoric. The dark corporations of the world, the Psychiatric Industry, the Corrections Industry, the Oil Industry, the Armaments Industry bottom lines depend on chaos which is fed by the whiteface culture cursehold. Any industry that feeds on the bones of despair and death of others creating violence will have karmic dissonance. Karmic dissonance means your monies don’t stick with you, a loss of positive emotional landscape and a place in living hell.

The New Internet Economy is a call back to reason. The new technology is shifting the structure of business, people’s bottom lines and creating less employment. A higher minimum wage, a reduced work week, the vast majority of people in a happy covenant longterm marriage (an automatic 2 person income for the home reduces costs), inexpensive birth control, and a regulated housing rental market would go a long way to easing the disparity issues of the current economy. It is a call back to family and friends and following your calling for work, aligning people with the Holy Spirit.

It is almost like the time of Moses, he is on the mountain and his people have become lost to sexual licentiousness and the worship of pagan gods. There is a calling back to the Spirit and the ways of the Holy Spirit, as if the Spirit sings to us in the background of our lives giving us direction and recreating our lives in a Way of Peace.

The Way of Peace.



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