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World Message of Peace

Montreal is quiet with winter . . . we are enraptured, with pen and paper, guitar and Lute, warm against the cold. I have just written Silent beside me: Two miles from Yuriaten . . ., for the Songs from the Island of the Blue Dolphin CD. The song is inspired by the Muse and Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak and the movie of the same name. We can be found at MySpace, www.myspace.com/rebeccannebanks, FaceBook, Rebecca Anne Banks, Canada Council of the Arts 50/50 Arts Challenge, http://www.artschallenge.ca, RebeccaBanks, Canadian League of Poets, http://www.poets.ca and Silverbirch Productions online store, http://www.silverbirchprod.com. Also I am just learning how to play the Lute, discovering Lute tablature, and writing my first Lute song Where the night stays, forever. The Demaricon is writing slowly and I am working on some children's stories including The Chimera Cat, I didn't say that and Do you know where the honeyfields are? I have been playing at The Pound and plan to be back in the recording studio soon.

One of the most soul-filling things I've done is baking my Grandmother's Brown Bread Recipe, some really good magic, very powerful. It is very wonderful to see the loaves of bread all in a row on the bread board. And I have recently been to the Chinese Market where I found some cumquats for marmalade. Cumquats are small spicy oranges that have sweet skins that can be eaten whole.They are an Asian fruit and are in season in the winters here, usually from October to February.

Recipe for Marmalade

4 cups diced fruit (cumquats, limes etc.)
1 to 2 cups organic sugar
2 tbsp. Brandy or liquer
*Sachet of cumquat seeds

Make marmalade on a warm dry day. Wash the fruit and dry. Slice the cumquats in half and remove large seeds. Slice the limes in rounds and dice the slices in sections. Place fruit and just enough filtered water to cover in a glass stove pot.Make a sachet of cumquat seeds (see instructions below). Add to the fruit and water mixture. Cook the fruit with sachet on Medium low heat for 1 hour. Warm the sugar in a steel bowl for 5 minutes (in a glass bowl for 1 minute) in a 250 degree F. oven. Remove sachet from jam pan. Stir warm sugar into jam pan and boil rapidly until setting point is reached. Medium heat, be careful to stir regularly and watch that is does not burn). It should take about half an hour. Stir in Brandy. Remove from heat and pour into sterilized jars.

*Sachet of Cumquat Seeds
1 square muslin
1 long piece of cotton string
cumquat seeds

Place (12) cumquat seeds in the middle of the muslin square. Gatherin the corners of the muslin and twist. Secure by wrapping the cotton string around the twist and tying.Should have very long ties so that the ends drape over the edge of the stove (but away from the burner). This way the sachet can be easily removed after cooking.

The following are some thoughts on Spirituality and the Spirit world. Your current life oeuvre (if your life is peaceful or conflicted) is a reflection of your spiritual home after your final reckoning with the great Creator, it is empathic a reflection of heaven, purgatory or hell. It is good to have an active prayer life (at least once a week if not more often), when things start to go wrong, mysterious frustrations, it is sometimes the ancestors' (and those in your family who have passed on) way of asking you to pray for them. Heaven is pure light in the presence of God, very healing and warm. Purgatory is like the licking of feet with darkness and unexplained angst and is very uncomfortable. (in Purgatory it is possible to intervene for people still alive on earth and help them from a distance, usually people you have wronged). Hell is much worse than Purgatory, a very great degree of angst perhaps like the cold place between stars, an absence of God. As you pray for people who have passed, God may intercede and give them solace by moving their souls into a brighter place (i.e. move the soul from Purgatory to Heaven). . . Angels, those who have passed and those in Purgatory will often intercede and help those on earth, particularly when one prays or is in trouble. Sometimes Angels and Saints will come to earth, you can see them in flashes of light, out of the corner of your eye. Also, the Spirits who have decided to avoid the final reckoning and are caught in a Spirit space between the afterlife and earth, after they have died are sometimes dark entities that appear as a flash of shadow. Often people will ask of the help of an Angel when about to perform a difficult task or in trouble. When asking of help of Angels it is best to request the help of a good Angel (as the spirits caught between worlds can be capricious if called on as Angels) and to also thank the good Angel for helping you.

All the different dimensions both of earth and the spirit are linked by the Collective Unconscious it is possible through empathic communication to be in touch with the Spirit world and the Spirit World to be in touch with us. It works like a series of interconnecting layers, or web, connected by the Third Eye.The Third Eye is the space between the eyes,writings by Max Heindel of the Rosicrucians suggests it is connected to the pineal gland. It is also mentioned in Hinduism, Buddhism and Kabbalah. It is seen as the sixth chakrah and a gateway to perception, connecting the individual to the Collective Unconscious and the Spirit World. Perception is achieved through telepathy and is empathic.
The Way of Peace.

Happy St. Valentine's Day!



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