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World Message of Peace

In the warm of Summer days @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The lilac branches full of plush flowers are in at Atwater Market and make splendid bouquets with white roses.

The Book of Blue and The Angel are about to be published and put on sale at Amazon.com sometime in June 2013. I have 5 books of poetry waiting for Book Covers, some of which I will publish this Summer as EBooks. Poetry is writing . . .

“ I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want. “
- Andy Warhol (Artist)

“ We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity. “
- E.O. Wilson (Biologist, Researcher, Author)

“ If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us. “
- David Suzuki (Environmental Activist)

Thoughts on the major issues facing modern man in the 21st century . . .

Besides war, love and the economy which I have addressed in previous Newsletters, the remaining issues are the ecology and the increasingly out of control weather systems.

The Old Growth Forests - more should be done to preserve Old Growth Forests, clear cutting destroys the forest habitat for animals and ecosystems. Perhaps the forest products industry could look at wood alternatives (hemp, vegetable crops etc.), wood products could be recycled and there could be a quota on available wood. Reforestration projects are good practice but the reforested areas take a longtime to regenerate to their old level of biodiversity, at least 100 to 160 years to begin to be formed and up to 4,000 years to have the same level of biodiversity (plant and animal ecosystems) of the original Old Growth Forest (this is an estimate for tropical rainforests) (Biological Conservation, 2008). Wood is the perfect gift, it is perfect for furniture/art and building homes, however the state of the biosphere is suffering, it would be good to leave pristine forests to not stress the environment. Trees play an important role in the biosphere processing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen.

Reforestration projects of desert areas is an interesting idea particularly for Africa, India and desert places perhaps producing food crops of fruit trees and arboreal gardens.

The Oil Industry – as oil reserves are less and it is an essential product, the combined flexibility of liquid and the strength of iron ore. Perhaps priorities could be set for its use pharmaceutical industry, heating homes, materials as well as looking for alternatives. The automobile industry is exploring electric cars and solar powered batteries. Mass production of these alternatives could lessen the carbon footprint.

The Ecology – cleaner manufacturing processes, recycling, less packaging and reduced pollution. Declaring a nuclear free zone. From nuclear armaments, to nuclear reactors, the world does not need this technology especially with increasingly disturbed weather systems.

The Weather – with global warming, largely do to an increased carbon footprint, the polar ice caps seem to be melting, I suspect the electromagnetic fields have been disturbed contributing to increasingly severe weather disturbances. Plus the synchronicity of social systems are disturbed when people do not marry their starcrossed lovers or more suited lover causing suffering, violence and war; the sins against the Holy Spirit become magnified and I suspect affects the weather. A society that is not at home as God intended is an outlander without peace, if no living thing on the planet is at home, the biosphere is polluted, there is cause and affect, what goes around comes around and everything is interrelated.

The idea of priorities and values for the 21st century are presented by Idle No More, an activist group of the Indigenous Community across North America.

“The Vision [...] revolves around Indigenous Ways of Knowing rooted in Indigenous Sovereignty to protect water, air, land and all creation for future generations.

To date the movement has been particularly focused on:

(A) The education and the revitalization of indigenous peoples through awareness and empowerment.

(B) Encouraging knowledge sharing about indigenous sovereignty and environmental protections.

Sylvia McAdam, a co-founder of the movement, has said that she does not condone the rail or road blockade tactics that some demonstrators have used, and has spoken in support of peaceful protest "within the legal boundaries.” (January 10, 2013 press release from Idle No More).

If the ecology of the planet were to improve, perhaps the biosystems would regenerate and this could cause the weather systems to be less disturbed. As a people we should ask ourselves what kind of society would be so destructive to bring on ecological crisis? Part of this crisis may be due to the ballooning population and the problem of equitable distribution of resources. What are the values of this society? The values of the Old Economy after W.W. II have centered on money, sex and more, perhaps as an aberration of the out of control white culture/geopolitical cursehold. The New Computerized Economy is the harbinger of an equitable society, everyone has a face in the New Society, social media keeps people in touch and provides a sounding board for new ideas bringing on a new political democracy where it is possible to debate any and all issues sharing public opinion for the greater good, multiple producers over the Internet bring into focus the local economy, the possibility of needs met and it is possible to see and be seen internationally, it is a new accountability and a new possibility for imagine peace. I suspect less employment is intrinsic to the New Economy, as a given why not celebrate it? Rather than half the employable workforce unemployed, why not decrease the work week to 25 hours (this will create more jobs), raise the minimum wage, keep all consumer costs low, regulate the housing rental market (so apartment/housing rental costs will be less), and make certain the vast majority of people are in happy covenant longterm marriages to their starcrossed lover or more suited lover (this is then a combined income that will keep costs low as well as the beginning point for peace in the Community). As the world becomes reawakened in the Holy Spirit and the Spirit rules/karmic rules of love and justice there is an evolution, a realignment of priorities with a new respect for the earth biosphere and the Online Global Village bringing on a new era of enough and peace.

The Way of Peace.




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