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It is the time of the Summer solstice, the days have been shadowed with heat and rain at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Down at Atwater Market the purveyors of plants and flowers are in abundance, beautiful large orange daisies grace my table from Romeo's Florists.

The Angel and The Book of Blue are being published and should be available on Amazon.com in the next month. Aprhodite's Daughter: the history of the world Part 56 should be available next month as EBook @ Poet's Corner. Poetry is writing . . .

“ Weather forecast for tonight: dark. ”
- George Carlin (Comedian)

“ I see some recurring themes: things that feel threaded together, some symbolic references, and songs about some of the big questions, like death there are a lot of references to weather, too! “
- Tracy Chapman (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

" Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence. God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth. "
- Noah's Ark Bible Story: Genesis 6:11-12

“ Sci-fi has never really been my bag. But I do believe in a lot of weird things these days, such as synchronicity. Quantum physics suggests it's possible, so why not? “
- John Cleese (Comedian)

The following are thoughts on synchronicity and the weather . . . Synchronicity and the weather, everything is connected – what is happening on earth between peoples, in the animal world, in the Spirit World and with the Angels is reflected in the weather (as well as the realm of the physical, pollution of the ecology and global warming etc.) The sky is the orb of the planet. My theory is accumulated sins against the Holy Spirit or the Body of Christ (people not with their Starcrossed lover, broken marriages, rape situations, people not following Signs from God, torture, suffering, violence and war) may be reflected in the weather. A reflection of what is going on with local royalty/saints, when people do not have happy marriages, when people are suffering, the ecology is polluted, global warming, animals are suffering I suspect this throws the weather systems out. My theory is that the energy systems of the world are a circle everything affects everything else, when something is seriously wrong the weather can be affected, it works on all levels. Plus I suspect the Spirit World may have influence but I do not think God controls the weather, He would not want innocent people to die, He kissed the world and gave it life and perhaps this created the initial synchronicity paradigm. He is actively involved in his creation through the Holy Spirit, angels, prayers and signs from God. It is more a matter of synchronicity or lack of synchronicity and the accumulation of bad karma through sins against God the body. As if great sins against humanity/human rights abuses and therefore abuse of the Holy Spirit becomes accumulated as bad karma, as if attacking the body of the Creator throwing the synchronicity off and causing weather disturbances. With the polar ice caps melting due to global warming I suspect the electromagnetic fields have been thrown off causing some of the severe weather patterns we are seeing. The carbon footprint needs to be lessened, with less pollution, animals and people need to be suffering less (no more white culture/geopolitical cursehold and happy marriages to a starcrossed lover or a more suited lover on a sign from God would help) I suspect the earth would regenerate and the severe weather systems may lessen.

Foreshadowing, as if a reflection of the mood/personal lives of the Saints/royalty/elite personalities in that village. Shakespeare knew this and it was presented in his plays, e.g. Hamlet. In Hamlet the King has died, he appears as a ghost, telling them he has been murdered Horatio says: “The cock,that is the trumpet to the morn, Doth with his lofty and shrill-sounding throat Awake the god of day;, at his warning ” as if they can feel something is wrong. The weather can gauge, anticipate or reflect what is happening or what is going to happen empathically. In the Bible, there is the story of how people lost the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and were sexually licentious, Noah built the arc and the world was flooded. And also the Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the people had lost the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, broke the law of God and these cities were destroyed by fire and brimstone. The Holy Spirit rules can be found in World Peace Newsletter, December 2011. The world is an inverted vortex, as if inside out and outside in, the Spirit World and Holy Spirit presenting itself in the world of humans and as the earth itself (as well as existing in their own dimension) like a glass onion. I could feel suffering on the part of the Creator because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and pollution of the earth. I suspect God is like a force that takes the sufferings of the world both physical and emotional and like a conduit processes it and expunges the bad energy, giving release and peace. Time is affected differently in different dimensions, on earth it is by minute and hour, 75 years in purgatory could be something like 2 years in earth time. Time in hell could theoretically be longer.

Often conundrums do not need to be problems, work with your feelings, when you know what you feel about an issue you can then go from there and come up with viable solutions. Understanding the greater good, where money is not the bottom line creates incredible good karmic energy and decisions that are made in the Spirit will reflect in greater gain and better emotional landscapes, it is almost better to say “at least I can sleep at night, I made a good decision” than worrying about money. When you have created enough good karma, through good works, doing the right thing you don’t worry about money too much and experience enough. Money has a special karma, it is not really about money, a matter of more, it is a matter of food, shelter, marrying your star-crossed lover or more suited lover, following your calling for work – the simple life in the Spirit can bring great happiness.

The Way of Peace.




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