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It is a warm quiet night in Summer on Montreal Island. Overall a beautiful Summer although a tumultuous month of mixed blessings we hope for better days in August. Both books of poetry, The Angel and The Book of Blue are available in hardcopy and EBook on Amazon.ca and Barnes and Noble.com. Poetry is writing . . . “My dark horse companion” and “A Song for America” have written and 2 new children’s stories are in production, one called “The Lizard People” and the other about The Story of Aphrodite and the Seven Seals, yet to be properly titled. I hope you are having a great Summer . . .

“you own someone with your heart, not your fist“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“porn makes women public property, who really wants to be public property?“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“they took love, something everyone needed and put it in a box“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“in this society love is porn“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“in this society people may be hurt so badly, the Holy Spirit intervenes to save them“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“a society that does not listen to Signs from God is doomed“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on how love has been abrogated by politics, money and white culture/geopolitics . . .

Modern love became lost in politics, monies and white culture/geopolitics and it may suit the male patriarchy but made most women bleed. Men may not understand the sacred bond of sex the same way women do. Sex is sacred and how people experience God on earth, there are cultural rules and Spirit rules around bonding that have been lost or are ignored because of the white culture/geopolitics and eroded value systems.

Squaring off on someone is a fear response, like kicking the table. You’re afraid there will not be someone for you and you fuck up someone’s love life when they may not be very well suited to you or you to them. Then there is big suffering and because you’ve caused Karmic dissonance you’ve self sabotaged yourself. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover. Whiteface culture is a sucker punch, never curse someone more than a slight of public opinion with the first curse. It feeds the psychiatric system, the prison house, the street and the war economy/geopolitics.

Men and women have different essences – serial relationships without longterm commitment may suit the male patriarchy, quick recreational sex without complication, attachment or commitment. This way makes most women garbage.

Most women may not understand this, they sleep with you they are home. If you take home away from them, they bleed. For women love/sex is like the feathered inside of a coloured glass orb, something special, something serious. Women are vulnerable, the vast majority of women are too sensitive for serial sexual relationships. Women are valuable – they make your bed, give you children, make food, keep the house clean, do your laundry and this society treats women like garbage. Ideally women would be in a happy relationship where both parties are well suited. Because of the white culture/geopolitics this may not be possible and certain people in the elite back this because it makes them monies, is a way to pick on traditional family enemies, supports elite security paradigms and supports a war economy. The cursehold of the white culture/geopolitics should be abolished, it is obscene.

Having a lover leave is like being raped. Sorrow, loss, violation, as if the Holy Spirit has been trespassed against. After the “affair” you burn, you get hot rushes of sitting on sexual energy that is not being channeled into sex, it is very uncomfortable and you have great anger that can make you want to hurt yourself or others unless it is channeled effectively. It is great suffering and depression and destroys your peace. This suffering gets channeled into something else – as if a survival instinct in overdrive, release work, an arts calling, ideas for other peoples businesses and drives the economy. Any form of disharmony in love life will cause suffering, celibacy, mismatched lovers, serial lovers. God did not put us on earth to suffer, each one of us was given a Starcrossed Lover, (sometimes more than one) on a Sign from God to marry in happy covenant for our entire lifetime on earth. In the Bible sexual licentiousness caused out of control weather systems (Noah’s Ark and Sodom and Gomorrah), my theory is that when God kissed the world in the beginning there was a paradigm put in place, when there was too much corruption of the body, through karmic impurity (sex out of covenant) of the majority of the population the weather systems would become violent and erratic, as if the earth orb is a reflection of dis-ease. If God had wanted us to be whores he would have said so in the Bible/Ten Commandments. The majority of the Holy Spirit rules and Signs from God exist to preserve happy covenant love lives and the rest help keep justice and peace in the Community.

There are Spirit Rules of love lives, the goal is to stay karmically pure and have a life mate who you are happy with in covenant and who is happy with you. After 5 different lovers of the opposite sex (from personal experience) or one lover of the same sex (heard from the street) you will get a sign from God that you are karmically impure.

In my idealized Tahitian Island culture everyone is looked after, no one is left alone in a room pining. I suspect they knew the sacred rules of Karma around sexual relationships so people did not become karmically impure. They knew who they were meant for, star-crossed lovers but if someone was left out or there was someone new in the Community everyone was accomadated in true love affairs. I suspect as long as people are karmically pure it may be possible to have more than one lover in covenant (although my good sense tells me more than 2 could be stressful). People talked to their lovers or perhaps ex-lovers (if the relationship broke because they did not know themselves well enough to make a good choice), there was no acrimony or violence, people were karmically pure. Love is love in a matriarchal culture and peace reigns.

Know yourself, know the cultural rules, know the Spirit rules, have no enemies. Having a happy love life saves your life and the world. The cursehold of white culture/geopolitics should not exist. People should be in a covenant relationship with their Starcrossed Lover, if God wanted us alone in a room driving the economy he would not have sent a Starcrossed Lover. Who wants to live in a white culture/geopolitics system where the suffering is so horrific, people are rape victims, drug addicts, suicide and murder people causing violence and war. Where the world is so out of control and people have suffered so much the Holy Spirit intervenes to save people. I do not want a world where sex is an instrument of the economy. Love/sex in context is love, shelter and family, love/sex out of context, is its antithesis war. One of the most telling lessons I have learned is that everyone comes from different emotional and cultural backgrounds, people may not have the same understandings you do and it is always best to ask for advice (even if just in thoughts) to avoid trouble.

Give me a world on my blue Tahitian island.

The Way of Peace.




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