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It is the quiet of the dark of night at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am launching EBooks of Poetry on Amazon.ca, the costs to the Reader should be low and as well as the 13 books of poetry, there are 4 more EBooks of poetry coming plus 3 writing . . .

Children's Story: The Lizard People

The Lizard People, live in the dark sweaty heat of the badlands, the swamps where monsters live and late at night their dogs howl at the moon. The Lizard People are big, bad, mad snively’s, the slippery skins of oily people, looking into their eyes is like looking into the bottom of a big dark pot. They may have lost some or most of their teeth. These snively people have too much heartache from too many bad parties and too many lovers, their soul colours may clash and they are mean, bad and mean. Being Lizard People is not about being poor, it is about not doing the right thing and people may be hurt because of what they are doing or not doing. This makes the Lizard People ache even more as well as everyone else. Sometimes the Lizard People are both or one of your parents. Thoughts can be as big as spoken words but they aren’t telling you what you need to know and may have plans for your life they aren’t telling you. They may be repeating your thoughts back to you rather than giving you the information you need to know. These Lizard people are always arguing with people and being mean, even people they don’t know, and people are mean to them because they are Big Bad Lizard people. And family members won’t talk to them and family and friends don’t come over to the house to visit, because they are really Big, Bad, Lizard people. They may be having an argument with someone in the Community and people don’t agree with them about what they are doing. Other people tell you “there is a lack of respect in the home”, they are mean or they ignore you and don’t help you when there is trouble with your friends or sisters and brothers. Every child is born into a story, the story of their family and their Community, these people don’t tell you the story of your people or help you understand the world or your place in it, because they are really Big, Bad Lizard people and may have a plan for your life. These Lizard people will not decorate your room in your favourite colours or give you clothes in your favourite colours. And the house is always a mess, they don’t keep it clean and when things break they may not get fixed, and they really are the Worst Lizard people. Sometimes they leave the Christmas lights up all year round. Sometimes they beat the dog, or tease the cat until it bites them or forget to feed the dog every day, really Big, Bad, Lizard people. Sometimes they let plants and pets die. Because these are Big, Bad Lizard people just stay out of their way and try to get good hugs and good talk from the Glow People who aren’t mean. Relatives who glow or friends who glow, ask lots of questions, even if just in thoughts. There are rules of the Spirit, and rules of the street and rules of the Community that all make the place better, help keep the peace and will help you have a happy life. Make it a game to see who you can get to tell you what you need to know (old people and teachers are good sources of information), even if just in thoughts. All God asks us is to not hurt each other, marry your starcrossed lover or more suited lover and follow your calling for work. When you get old enough, 16 years old, leave home. If you see a Big, Bad, Dark Hole Snively, Lizard person, run.


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