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The warm winds of Summer whisper around the edges of winter sunlight . . . I have just finished writing "The Twilight and the Flower" a song for the next CD project tentatively titled "Paris Memoirs: The Madrigal." Also, I have been practicing Lute tablature and have written Lute music to "Some quiet place, the dark", the Lute playing goes slowly, and will take much rote practice, yet the sound is quite beautiful, deep, full and haunting. The Demaricon,like a shadow sits in the background pulling at my sleeve until I sit down with it, the first chapter, The Dirge has been posted with subsequent chapters forthcoming. Winter Offerings, 2007 on Poet's Corner has been posted with two untitled poetry works. I have been playing occasionally at The Pound and plan to be back busking in the Metro by May 2008.

The following are some thoughts on feminism and the state of women. How do women define themselves and what does it mean to be a woman in the post-modern world? What has become of feminism in the brave new world? Historically, a few key women from the middle class spearheaded political protests and change to ensure that women could vote (Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Emmeline Pankhurst, Nellie McClung, Emily Stowe amongst others). Women have been working in the workplace since the Industrial Revolution, usually as seamstresses and teachers and in various support roles (U.S. Census 1870) yet only about 15 percent of the American population were working women. Women really came into the fore in the workplace with World War II, when over 6 million women were employed as the men were at the front. Later, a new generation highlighted the condition of women in the modern world with Betty Friedan, "The Feminine Mystique", Simone de Beauvoir, "The Second Sex" and Marilyn French, "The Woman's Room." It was Betty Friedan who lamented that there were no role models for working mothers and that the suburban housewife was quite isolated. Since the beginning of time women have traditionally been in the home, keeping house and raising children with the issue of unpaid work. When people are in happy marriages there is probably less chance of discord over home economics, the husband would naturally provide for his wife, monies for her needs, the needs of the household and look after her in retirement. However in discordant or very discordant marriages or in families of low income this may not have been so. Also, women are thinking, creative beings and need social support and self-actualization. Eventually, many housewives found employment and children were placed in daycare situations.

The social structure of the Post Modern world is fractured, true emancipation and emotional safety and protection lies in a pure karma relationship with one's Fated Other or with a more suited other. When an intimate relationship breaks women suffer incredibly, particularly if they are sensitive, in a St. Joseph generation men would stand by and look after their women better, offering emotional protection by staying in the relationship. A better appreciation of the sanctity of marriage with more discernment in a marriage partner, more help and guidance from families and the Community could prevent the psychic and emotional pain around broken intimate relationships. Also, self-actualization through meaningful work or a special calling (the arts etc.), working at and accomplishing one's mission on earth, is an integral part of a woman's practice. What is the shape of work and family in the Requiem world? In an ideal world,everyone is sustained and supported, loved and happy, giving to the world. A world where a husband and wife work part-time and both look after children could increase the degree of inclusion of both parents and children, particularly for children in the first five years of life. And a world where people handle their love lives in a more loving, gentle manner using better discernment, and less acrimony if the relationship fails, could lessen the emotional damage that is caused by serial relationships. A more inclusive world could mean that if someone is in a marriage relationship and meets their Fated Other (or a perceived more suitable other), both partners are serviced until the least suited partner finds another partner or they form a satellite marriage. A satellite marriage where people live together and everyone cares for and looks after each other and their children, is also a very interesting alternative economic unit, if the parents work part-time and share the care of the household, it could lessen the strain on public resources. However, this variation is probably viable only as long as people are very well suited and/or karmically pure.

What are the current issues for women? Recent studies indicate that women are still underpaid compared to their male counterparts (with solutions to increase part-time wages). And as the population ages, people are living longer, how will this effect conditions for elderly women? The average income of the one person household of an elderly woman in Canada is $12,000 which is considerably lower than Canadian poverty lines (Statistics Canada). Staying in good health with good healthcare and good support from family and friends is part of the picture to keeping seniors well.

What is the goal of this Society, to have goods and services at any cost or to have peace in the Community? Sometimes when people have had too many lovers, and it becomes difficult to make a relationship work, people may experiment by becoming queer. For most it is an economic lure for the economy, even most queers have Fated Others (of the opposite sex). The key is to know yourself and know what you are doing in intimate relationship. . . Broken relationships feed the economy, someone who has had broken relationships becomes honed, a better worker, sometimes an artist, prophet, early warning system, economic driver. Studies indicate anorexics and bulimics are excellent workers (and usually these people have had broken love lives). However, too much suffering causes the fallout of violence, drug addiction, mental patients, licentiousness, rape, suicide, murder, debt and war. Somewhere some Golden Money Monkey is becoming wealthy off of other people's suffering. Better mentoring in socialization, discernment in marriage and forgiveness would encourage Community and peace.

The Way of Peace . . .



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