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It is quiet night, as the Fall weather begins with offerings of the harvest at Atwater Market and the much anticipated Amaryllis flower plant for Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We are about to publish On Love and Marriage in the New Age: relationship advice from the Oracle at Tea at Tympani Lane Records on Amazon.ca. This book is a guide to the cultural/political/Spirit rules of Love and Marriage. As well as putting the current state of modern love in historical perspective it is a primer for finding the perfect lover. There is a video trailer on Poet's Corner and YouTube. New dark teal t-shirts with the Record Company Name and Logo are coming. We are busy writing Book Reviews and poetry.



The Battle of the heart in Montreal . . .

The Republic of Montreal has a Piano in the Park project where 15 pianos are taken out of storage and placed in public parks for anyone to play and celebrate the Montreal Song of Summer. Piano Tuner Richard LeBlond takes care of the pianos, when the pianos are placed outside they are painted and given a new life. “We installed about 15 donated pianos in parks throughout Montreal this (past) summer. We launched in early July, we repair and tune the pianos, uncover and cover the pianos with tarps daily, and the program will wind down at the end of September.” “He said they bring joy to people who enjoy playing but can’t afford to have their own piano. When Leblond has the opportunity to do so, he likes to offer impromptu piano lessons to people living on the street. “I just tell them, come over here and I’m going to show you how to play piano,” he said, choking back tears. “They were so happy. Many of them were crying.” “ Musical instruments are the voice, heart and soul of the people. When something is wrong, it is a form of protest as well as celebration, a way to get through hard times and to find karmic redemption. Musical instruments are big magic.

A piano placed in Notre Dame de Grace park was painted by Julian Cargnello. Vandals lit the tarp and the piano was very sadly torched and painted with graffitti. Cargnello and Pablo DaMora and Jessie Kravitz (Graffiti Artist) repainted the piano and Leblond retuned it, the damage was only superficial.

Paul Cargnello (Musician) and brother of Julian has some tough questions. “First of all why the hell did the city hide the piano behind the war memorial monument, the one that is famously vandalized every couple of months.” “And secondly why are middle-class NDGers raising entitled politically unaware teenagers? Why have we not passed down the values of “public” and “free” access to music and art because that was what the piano was: a public music/art installation.” Says Julian, “I took it into my own hands. Instead of leaving the piano all burnt and everything, I figured I’d get a few artists together and put our own mark on it. We just wanted to salvage this beautiful instrument and piece of public art.”

The beauty of free public music/art that involves an interactive audience is accessible and immediate joy, giving anyone a chance to be the musician/audience promoting interaction and public celebration creating dialogue and Community.

The Way of Peace.



P.S.: quotes were taken from online Montreal Gazette (September 22nd, 2013) and CBC News (September 14th, 2013) articles.

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