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In the quiet of blue sky evening, a crowd of about 500 people in Cabot Square gather to listen to Indigenous leaders address the 8th Annual Sisters in Spirit March (supported by Missing Justice and the Centre for Gender Advocacy). The drum and chanting honours the occasion and then the leaders take their turn at the microphone. The first Speaker began by asking people not to take offense at yelling or abusive reactions in the street. “The Spirit of life and forgiveness of Mother Earth. Because we can never forget our women. They are the ones who teach us” about life, about how to be, how to love. He went on to speak in the language of his people, the words falling like warm rain in Summer speaking of sweet grass, forest, rivers and sky in some ancient love song sweet that I could not fully comprehend. “Pray for the women to come back home.” The next speaker is a woman Native Leader who talks of the “alarming rate of violence” amongst Native Women as compared to any other population in North American society. This year there are 216 Vigils for Missing or Murdered Native Women taking place across the world. There is talk of the violence of colonialism. Eventually they will march out into the street.

“The purpose of this event is to honour the memories of missing and murdered women and girls, raise awareness, and demand that the government support the actions of families and communities and restore research funding to Sisters in Spirit (SIS), an initiative of the Native Women’s Association of Canada which was responsible for conducting groundbreaking research between 2004 and 2010 on the now known-of cases. Although their work is far from finished, the government insists that action must take the place of research, and instead of funding the research, community work, and actions of SIS, are instead diverting resources to a generic RCMP-led missing persons database, as well as vastly facilitating police power to obtain warrants and to install wiretaps. Many believe that both of these police privileges will be used to further allow the government of Canada’s criminalization of Native communities rather than increasing the safety of Native women. The United Nations have been deliberating the carrying out of an investigation into Canada’s human rights abuses vis-a-vis this issue since 2011 but require the government’s participation to do so, something that is not forthcoming. Approximately 600 Native women have gone missing or have been murdered since roughly 1980 according to the Native Women’s Association of Canada. Other organizations and activists suspect that the actual number is as high as 3000. The reality is that Native women in Canada are at least five times more likely to die of violence than non-Native women. Racist and sexist government policies, stereotypes of Indigenous women, a lack of media attention, and police negligence all contribute to, and indeed perpetuate this violence as well as the general lack of data–also a form of violence in itself.” *

White culture can be a wrecking ball especially when mixed with geopolitics. The white culture can promote bullying and violence, causing great suffering for white people who may take out their frustrations not only on each other but on Black peoples as well. Often white people may wish to marry their own, it is an inside club, like any ethnic group people may be most comfortable with their own and they have their own essence. Sometimes white men who are karmically pure would not dream of marrying a Black woman or give her a child, it is important to understand each others intentions so you do not find yourself raped and without a husband.

Also, there is the old us and them mentality of people being on welfare, often the Indian Peoples are subsidized economically by the government. This is an unfair prejudice. The entire economic climate of the Western World is changing with the Internet Economy, streamlined systems are creating less work and an entire proportion of society is out of work (I suspect 25 to 50% of the employable population is out of work, the current unemployment statistic may be skewed not taking in regional differences). Values are changing, people should be worth more than just than their economic viability. Doing the right thing regardless of monetary considerations creating peace and enough without karmic dissonance can have longterm positive consequences. The thinking of “there is not enough” is detrimental, in reality there is more than enough you just need to tap into existing resources. (multiple producers on the Internet keep prices low, secondhand markets like Kijiji and Craigslist, Dollarama/Walmart/CostCo etc., there are Food Flyers for grocery stores, FoodBanks, Shelters and Soup Kitchens). Happiness and emotional equilibrium is an art form, after food, shelter and some friends and/or family, poverty is largely a state of the soul.

Deep Process Work, education, aptitude tests and right thinking can set people on the road to being successful by following their calling for work. If you are passionate about what you do, you will be successful at it and this is the beginning of building an economic income. Emotional healing is also important and it should be possible to have a longterm happy marriage regardless of the source of your economic income.

Prejudice is insidious, it is quiet and lethal. Like whiteface, someone saying something as if agreeing with you and the next thing you are being given an uppercut and maybe are being incarcerated. There may be overall political rules of each Western country governing who you may marry (see On Love and Marriage in the New Age: relationship advice from the Oracle at Tea at Tympani Lane Records on Amazon.ca). There may also be specific elite family rules, there is a rule of white culture that someone of a different elite family is not allowed to know your cultural rules, this can promote misunderstandings and bring suffering. Often white people expect certain responses that Indian People would not know, and I speculate on whether this creates a communication problem and possibly a larger social problem and violence. Also, the nature of white people essence is different from the Indian People essence and anyone different in the Western culture can be an excuse for bullying. To me the entire white culture/geopolitics diaspora should be unhooked, everyone should be married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover in happy marriages and only the non-violent cultural ways of the European Elite should exist. It is important to be sincere in all relations with the opposite sex, intentions are important, also know yourself and the cultural/political rules.

I was at my first PowWow with chanting and drummers and dancing on September 20th at McGill Circle. Some of the women were bell dancers, with bells sewn into their clothing. They had “Smoke Dances” and 3 girl dancers in traditional dress began serious dance when the drums started and stopped when the drums ended. What struck me was the excitement and the sheer sense of fun. What also struck me was how healthy these practices were as if the Native Peoples had discovered the first release work, deep breathing and physical exercise that is “clearing” of modern day Deep Process Work (a type of psychological counseling that aids emotional healing).

If you don’t like someone who is a Traditional Family Enemy or is different from you, leave them alone. Breaking people sexually is rough sport and not to be tolerated. In an ideal world everyone regardless of race should be allowed to live in harmony with nature and each other in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit.

The Way of Peace,



* quote from Irkar Beljaars on Facebook Announcement, October 3rd, 2013.

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