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It is Harvest Home night in the celebration of Samhain at Tea at Tympani Lane Records, small bowls of water are on my table to relieve the thirst of the Spirits between worlds as they go into the light. I am about to launch 3 and more EBooks of poetry on Amazon.ca. Poetry is writing and I have finished writing the book of poetry Montreal Postcards and have begun writing the book of poetry Harlequins and Angels. Also writing Book Reviews for www.thebookreviewer.ca.


Currently, the rights of some sectors of the treaty lands of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada are being infringed upon by corporations, as they use land under the proprietorship of the Indigenous Peoples by law for resource development that often causes pollution.

The Elsipogtog and Mi’Kmaq First Nations of New Brunswick have seen the SWN Resources company on their lands doing seismic testing for shale fracking operations. The Indian Peoples are afraid the operations will pollute local waters with fracking and contaminate drinking water. “Two studies have also determined that fracking causes earthquakes, CBC News reports.”* Fracking, is hydraulic fracturing, a controversial procedure for mining natural gas that cracks rock formations by injecting massive high pressure fluids into rocks, creating cracks for gas wells, it is for mining natural gas.

The Indian Peoples have launched protests, blocked a highway, Route 134 near Rexton, New Brunswick and on October 17th the protest turned violent. As the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested about 40 protestors, the protestors were dispersed with dogs, fire hoses, pepper spray, tear gas, snipers and rubber bullets. The protestors threw Molotov cocktails at the RCMP and at least 5 cars were torched. “Elsipogtog councillor Robert Levi told the Canadian Press that RCMP officers have sprayed “dozens” of people with pepper spray. “The chief was manhandled a little bit and all hell broke loose,” said Levi. Photos on Twitter show dozens of officials on the ground and protesters in custody, including Elsipogtog Chief Arren Sock.”** So far no serious injuries have occurred.

“We fully support and stand in solidarity with First Nations in their quest to protect lands and water. We call on the Province of New Brunswick and industry to respect and honor the duty to consult aboriginal peoples and accommodate their concerns and respecting the rights and standards affirmed in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples including free, prior and informed consent as a minimum standard for engagement”*** said Chief Perry Bellegarde of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

“The Sierra Club stands with anti-fracking protesters in New Brunswick, Canada, and around the world who are protecting their land and their families from the real danger that fracking brings to the health and safety of their communities,” said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune in the statement. “All Canadians and all Americans should ask themselves whether a police response with tactical units and snipers was meant to serve public safety, or squelch opposition to fracking in the service of the oil industry.”****

When the Elsipogtog First Nations began protesting the fracking operations the Canada Revenue Agency and Aboriginal Affairs called in a debt of $1.2 million. Elsipogtog band councilor Scott Sanipass said the monies is for taxes of salaries of non-First Nation people who have worked for the band over the past 3 years. Also, Aboriginal Affairs is withholding about $2 million in tuition payments from Epsipogtog First Nations. “They are really pulling the financial strings on it bad,” ***** said Sanipass.

Idle No More (www.idlenomore.ca) has organized a series of 30 protests across Canada and in Chicago and New York in support of the Elsipogtog First Nations action.

In this situation there is a conflict of values, the Society needs energy resources and the Indigenous Peoples need clean and unpolluted land and drinking water. The case for clean energy resources – with the closing of nuclear plants after Fukeshima and the decrease in the production of oil due to dwindling reserves, there is stress on energy resources. Without electricity for heat, computers, appliances, light and oil for heating homes in winter, the world becomes vulnerable, does not function. The world has need of clean, ecologically sound energy resources. Solar energy, wind energy, electricity (when hydro electric facilities do not adversely affect the environment) are positive alternatives. I suspect there are alternative home heating systems they just need to be researched and developed. (I have seen an energy efficient heating solution/stove but I believe it uses wood which is not that great for the environment but it uses 1/3 of the wood in a regular wood stove and keeps the house warm.)

New technology once developed tends to be expensive, but over time the costs come down. Perhaps using solar panels to heat buildings in the winter or a wall of rechargeable solar/heat lamp lights fuelled by electricity or solar panels. The wall of light would create heat for the home in winter, give light at night and relieve depression. Another idea is to have an encased waterfall inside the home that is its own electricity source (like running a link to the local river) but this would involve massive amounts of moving water using fresh water resources.

The hallmark of a good alternative energy solution is it is elegant, no living thing is hurt, it uses natural ingredients readily at hand, it is effective, efficient and inexpensive, it doesn’t cause pollution or adverse effects. Sometimes the simplest solutions use local resources, an elegant example of a clean energy invention is the pot in pot refrigerator developed in Africa, it is two ceramic pots one inside the other the space between the pots is filled with earth that is kept wet, in the heat the earth dries and this keeps the space in the inside pot cool for keeping fruits and vegetables from spoiling. No cost to the environment, inexpensive, uses local resources and relies on the hot climate providing an ecologically sound alternative to the North American electric Freon refrigerator. (Another alternative refrigerator is a cold room like a basement or a pantry with a wall facing outside can be as good as a refrigerator in winter). Someone invented a car motor that ran on water, there has also been the development of electric cars.

The problem with natural gas and fracking is it is destructive to the environment. Also the infrastructure for natural gas systems, the pipes under the ground, may age causing mysterious explosions in cities (I believe there may be a movement to replace the aging infrastructure).

Values are an important aspect of this dialectic. The oil company is keen on making monies through fracking, it is business, it is monies plus they want to provide energy to heat peoples homes in winter. The Indian people just want clean drinking water and a sound environment. In the Old Economy, the Industrialized Economy, the white culture/geopolitics values of the patriarchy are corrupt, sex as soundbites, a whore culture, monies and more. This cultural system hurts innocents, cheapens and degrades women, makes people drug addicts and alcoholics, mental patients, promotes emotional and actual violence, promotes suicide and murder, puts people in the prisonhouse, causes stress on the healthcare and penal system, creates debt and war. The culture/geopolitics is lost or misconstrued, as soon as an innocent is hurt or killed, there is karmic dissonance that is reflected back on the individual and on the society. By creating the suffering of peoples broken love lives as economic drivers, the karmic dissonance is reflected back on the individual who curses and on the society that allows this destructive system to exist, as depressed emotional scapes, sometimes paranoia, a hole in the pocket, a lack of monies, a debt ridden bottom line and when a majority of people are karmically impure, I suspect the weather systems become unstable. The Old Economy is actually a war economy, a culture of poverty.

The New Economy does not have to be destructive like the Old Economy. A culture of prosperity occurs when the values, political rules are in line with the Holy Spirit, causing no harm and creating peace. If the goal of the economy is happiness and enough rather than monies and more there is a shift to sanity, a call back to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit sings to us in the background of our lives. Signs from God are not meant to be ignored. People were meant to be with a Starcrossed or more suited Lover. In the theory of synchronicity we are all interconnected, the animals, the agriculture, the forests, the water bodies, and everyone on earth inside the magic orb of sky.

Sometimes the obvious solutions are not the best, technology that harms the environment, people, animals, causes pollution is karmic dissonance. Greed, for the sake of monies is a sin. It is better to do the right thing by people it creates better karma and in the longrun less negative consequences. The importance of happy longterm covenant marriages, families, happy and socialized children, friends, Community, with the basics of food and shelter, healthcare and education.

The concern for the environment of the Indian Peoples is a real and true concern and one of the major issues to be addressed in the 21st century.

The Way of Peace.



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