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It is quiet, the cold from winter is beginning to settle outside my window at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The large dark flowers of the red Amaryllis bloom well.

I have a deal with local t-shirt printshop, In Print, for t-shirts with Logos and italic writing for Tea at Tympani Lane Records (as well as Subterranean Blue Poetry, WebWorks and The Book Reviewer). The t-shirts can be in any size or almost any colour, $25.

Some of the Newsletters on Tea at Tympani Lane Records, have been expanded and amended, including: The Spirit/Karmic Rules – December 2011; Women as Victims of a Violent Culture – November 2011; How to Have a Great Love Affair – February 2011; How to Discern the Perfect Marriage – Christmas Special, 2011; Hidden Agendas – May 2011; The Politics of Love – August 2013; Martyrs to the Economy – September 2011; Rape in Western Culture/Geopolitics – April 2013; Gays and the Gay Community – September 2008; The Cure for Depression: When a Lover Leaves or When You’ve had too Many Lovers – November 2011; St. Valentines Day Revisited (advice on love) – May 2011; What is Temptation and the Nature of Karma - November 2012; A Culture Out of Time – April 2012.

The EBook of Poetry, The Grif and Other Conversations: even more poetry from the street has been launched on Amazon.ca. The book is in the Beat tradition, the dialogue poetry could be presented as a play. More Poetry EBooks are ready to be published and being written. I am considering a series of poetry readings in the Montreal Metro.



The following are thoughts on conscientious shopping . . .

With the growing phenomena of shopping over the Internet, the ease of ordering something from a picture on your laptop, at home in your kitchen is quite seductive. Sometimes the next day or more usually within a couple of weeks someone comes to your door and gives you a beautiful gift. This is Mazetlan. Sometimes, if you miss the delivery the gift is at the local post office for you to pick up. However, it may be better for the local economy to check out deals around your city first, either, flyers from the local stores, local internet catalogues or actually heading out to stores to price shop (or price shop local businesses over the Internet). The businesses of the local economy are owned and run by your friends, neighbours and distant family, it is important to support independents because they are your people. One of the advantages of buying locally is you don’t have to pay for transport if you go and pick it up, and shipping costs on large items may be less.

Buying from the Internet locally can be quite successful. Out of all the things I have bought from looking at a picture over the Internet from Craigslist and Kijiji, I have only ever turned sellers away at my door twice. The picture had been deceiving for both of the items, I gave one of the drivers $5 for gas monies. For EBay and other Internet purchases I have never had a payment foul-up with PayPal, it is a reliable financial instrument.

When bargain hunting it is important to get exactly what you want, an item that is your favourite colour, a design that matches your soul rhythm. If you can’t paint it or easily fix it up until you love it, it’s not for you. Buying something just because it is a bargain, even though you don’t really like it or it is not really useful to you is a misnomer.

All retailers, big and small, have everything to gain by putting pics of all their products up on a WebSite, that way people know your inventory and can shop for the best deal, by comparing prices over the Internet (for the Bargain Stores/Charities may be good just for larger items that are not selling). When it comes time to purchase, customers may drop by to pick it up or have it delivered.

Some of the best WebSites over the Internet I have found for ordering in:

ECarpet Gallery - www.ecarpetgallery.com – sells discounted, refurbished Persian Carpets. Really great deals, an average carpet can go for $250 or less, larger palace size carpets can be anywhere from $400 and up. Shipping is free over $250, under $250 is $9.95. And they take PayPal.

Beyond the Rack – www.beyondtherack.com - this Site has absolutely fantastic deals on new goods – menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and household items. Delivery is only $12.95 and if you order a second item in the next 3 days, shipping for the second item is free. They take Credit Cards.

Amazon.com - www.amazon.com - the book retailer has widened its scope and now sells first run bargains of almost anything you can think of. Shipping to Canada is under $10 for most items, shipping to the U.S. is even less. They take Credit Cards.

EBay - www.ebay.com – the famous Internet retailer, a clearinghouse for secondhand and new items. You can find almost anything on this site for a bargain. However, sometimes shipping costs can be high. They take PayPal.

Craigslist and Kijiji (your city goes here) - you can find almost anything secondhand on these sites and more rarely new goods. Bargain hunters paradise. Delivery is flexible, sometimes you can go to their place, meet in a Metro or have the item delivered. Standard delivery cost is about $25 for a large or medium item in Montreal.

Also, Ikea, Hudson’s Bay (accepts PayPal), Walmart and Sears have WebSites/Storefronts and deliver.

There are also more exciting shopping sites, it is probably best to check out their reputations on the Better Business Bureau WebSite, if the retailer is new to you. Internet shopping is so exciting, rather than wandering around the mall looking for what you want, you can pre-shop over the Internet, saving time, monies and often transportation costs. And by supporting local businesses you are supporting your Community.

The Way of Peace.



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