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It is the quiet of night in the new moon sky at the beginning of Yuletide at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The amaryllis flowers are in at Atwater Market and Christmas flowers will include some long stemmed red roses. I am working on a new Children's Story, about 2 lovers titled "Acadie", the poetry is writing. Special thanks to the Muse. I am considering taking some of my newly published books down into the Montreal Metro for poetry readings in the grand caverns of the underground . . .

"The mind of the Renaissance was not a pilgrim mind, but a sedentary city mind, like that of the ancients."
- George Santayana (Writer, Philosopher)

Renaissance Men and Women in the New Age . . .

The tough economic climate of the Computerized Economy with less work, less monies and the divine education tool of the Internet has set the stage for an Arts Economy and a re-introduction of the Renaissance Man/Woman. The concept of the Renaissance man was introduced in Europe in 1450 and harkens back to Ancient Greece and the idea of “polymaths” introduced by the philosophers Plato and Aristotle. A Renaissance Man is required to have a wide base of knowledge and to be expert in several disciplines of learning. Traditionally, a Renaissance Man would be well-versed in several languages, literature, art, science, philosophy and to be in good physical shape, excel at sports. The ultimate Renaissance Man was Leonardo da Vinci, seminal artist, engineer, anatomy expert amongst success in many other disciplines. There were few Renaissance Women as women were not officially educated.

In the New Economy, it is possible to wear many hats and to be informed on multiple subjects just by studying and networking on the Internet. The do-it-yourself climate of this culture is producing a class of people that may be well versed on several topics and skill sets as people may have less work and less monies they become adept at creating their own needs met. Perhaps making your own foods, like smoking meat, drying fruits and making your own jam/pesto, doing your own repairs and renovations around the home, taking secondhand goods/furniture and refinishing or repairing, doing your own sewing, cleaning spaces in your home that you might normally get someone else to do, making your own entertainment by becoming an artist, making music, poetry, books.

With underemployment, free time may be spent on the Internet learning an arts discipline or any discipline. If something breaks it is possible to fix with the help of tutorials over the Internet. This keeps costs down and if you become very adept at a skill set you can present your skill set to help others, perhaps improving your economy by becoming an entrepreneur.

The free education channel of the Internet is promoting a study of history, a study of literature and the arts (as well as information on any topic) and keeping people informed of human rights abuses and the places where people need food and shelter and needs met with the news worldwide. Gaps in education are important to fill with real information, as people have a right to self determination under God. All God asks of us is to not hurt each other, to marry your Starcrossed Lover or most suited Lover (have a happy love life) and to follow your calling for work. Education on Holy Spirit rules, cultural rules and the rules of getting along are basic information that can make the difference in someone’s life and improve happiness and safety in the Community, making for a stronger place to raise children and a better standard of living for everyone. When enough people think the same way things change.

The Internet improves the standard of living through education, and through accountability is the ultimate democracy. In the New Economy the standard of living is not so much about monies as happiness. If you have food and shelter, good health and education, a happy love life, follow your calling for work, and get what you need for less monies (by shopping Craigslist and Kijiji plus the many shopping sites of the Internet), and God knows you (you have a happy relationship with God) what more is life about? The simple life, the one you are called to by God is dancing in the light of love. In a reduced monies economy wearing all hats makes for people with multiple skill sets, creating a very useful, diverse, entertaining and wise set of people. A strong Community of Saints where people help each other. The New Age is also the Age of the Renaissance Man and Woman.

The Way of Peace.



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