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Christmas Newsletter 2013



It is Yuletide 2013 @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. All the Christmas trim is in down at Atwater Market, there are Christmas trees, and holly and of course Christmas flowers, including Amaryllis and red roses. I am contemplating Christmas baking, old-fashioned doughnuts, mincemeat tarts, apple dumplings, butter tarts, shortbread.

I can still remember being a young girl and idolizing my Aunt who is a famous painter, she paints very beautiful artworks and my step-father spitting and angry "that's crazy, you can't do that". Then mentioning my artistic desires to another Aunt and she said "don't become an artist or I'll have to send you care packages" as if she was afraid I would starve to death. Well here it is, 3 CD's of original music (17 waiting to be recorded), 20 Books published (mostly poetry) (with 6 or more book projects waiting to be published and some being written), a myriad of video trailers, Book Reviews and being Poetry Editor of Subterranean Blue Poetry. I laugh, fate is fate, if you're meant to do something you usually end up doing it.

It has been a busy year and rather quiet. The Summer was sweet like Summer should be, a real Zen. I gave all the furniture a lick of white paint that needed it.

I performed Spoken Word at infringement Festival Montreal in June, an unmitigated success with an international turnout and full house audience. The League of Canadian Poets asked me to help chair a conference meeting on “Electronic Media and Poetry” which I did by telephone hookup to Toronto.

In August I published for the first time in hardcopy, two books of poetry, The Angel and The Book of Blue. I also loaded up Amazon.ca with all of my Poetry EBooks as well as On Love and Marriage in the New Age: relationship advice from the Oracle at Tea at Tympani Lane Records.

In the fall I attended a book launch by Melinda Cochrane, she is such a talent ingénue Poet and writer. I asked her if she wanted some free Book Reviews and without a blink of an eye, she gave me the 3 books she had been reading from. I laughed, held them up and said “I win!”.

As well as writing poetry, short stories and Newsletters, I have been working on Book Reviews for Brian Waldorf in New York, Melinda Cochrane International and through The Book Reviewer (www.thebookreviewer.ca). I have also been writing/editing poetry and art on Subterranean Blue Poetry (www.subterraneanbluepoetry.com) the sixth issue was published this month, December 2013. I have been taking photographs for my books and projects.

A high point of the year was hearing about and seeing the Art by Banksy when he was in New York.

I have finished writing and plan to publish 3 more books of poetry, 2 more books from The Grif and Other Conversations series and Montreal Postcards. I am hoping to take photos to add to the Haiku influenced poetry book On Watching Snow Falling. Two new projects I am currently writing are a book of poetry Harlequins and Angels and The Grandmother Chronicles: my grandmothers recipes. The latter includes a poem about my grandmother and her people at the beginning and blossoms into a book of family recipes from the Old Protestant Pioneer kitchen of my grandmother and her ancestors.

In the New Year I am contemplating taking some of my poetry books down into the Montreal Metro and holding readings in the grand underground caverns.

T-shirts! for all the businesses (Tea at Tympani Lane Records, Subterranean Blue Poetry, The Book Reviewer) have business name in Italics with the business logo underneath in almost any colour or any size – S M L EXL (or really big).

A big thank you to everyone who looks me up on the WebSites and buys Rebecca Anne Banks. Poetry, music, cultural and Spirit/karmic information is important, building happy love lives and families, stronger Communities and peace. The Way of Peace.

Joyeux Noel!



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