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It is quiet in the cold of winter @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. It feels like chocolate brownie weather. I am still looking for a larger apartment space, some place with some breathing space. If anyone in town has a rental/rent-to-own of 2.5 to 3.5, large rooms, large windows, white kitchen, wood strip or stone floor, exposed brick, old fashioned bath tub, access to backyard for gardening, close to Metro and laundry. Sort of the biggest old-fashioned space for the least monies, let me know.

“the patriarchy has an out of order sign on it”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Counselor)

“facha laguana” (prisoner face)
- Old Italian Saying

“she cooks for you, she cleans for you, she does your laundry, she makes your bed, she gives you children and you’re leavin’?“
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

“there’s nothing worse than an unhappy marriage”
- Collective Wisdom

“love is a mystery, like the Quest for the Holy Grail, just as fraught with twists and turns and possibly dangerous situations”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Philosopher/Counselor)

“walking down a street and experiencing all the beautiful butterfly women as scurrying home with their skirts lifted on the wind”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Philosopher/Counselor)

What happened to romance in the New Age?

The Industrialized Economy produced the robotico love scene, actors who have had too many lovers, having sexual relations as if on a conveyor belt like cogs in a mechanized machine. This is an incredibly violent scene for the majority of people, particularly women. It creates karmically impure people, as if the Holy Spirit has been transgressed against, creating violation issues, anger and depression, addictions and emotional and actual violence (suicide and murder). These karmically impure people also service the capitalist economy as economic drivers, Hollywood people, military people, artists, clergy etc.

It was a sexual service machine because people do not understand that just because they are happy with a particular Lover does not automatically mean that Lover will be happy with them. And the politics of the patriarchy attempting to enforce its will on people with elite security paradigms and design machines, a lack of cultural and Spirit/karma information, perhaps taking people away from their Starcrossed Lover or their calling for work. And, the Western culture cursehold puts people in horrendous situations where they suffer because they may be forced into serial intimate relationships. It was a world that made women vulnerable and victims of a corrupt elite. “There is nothing worse than an unhappy marriage”, being a sexual service machine or being celibate when you are meant to be in happy covenant marriage to your Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover, all of these states of being are unnatural and cause immense suffering. These conditions of unhappiness ruined love and romance and helped bring about the queer culture, that in my opinion was an aberration for most people. (see - World Peace Newsletter - September 2008).

The world of romance became abrogated in the Industrialized Economy but could flower again in the New Age Economy. Instead of really loud music in bars which are pick up joints and really loud music house parties, what about sit down dinner parties with your date and your friends or with your family? Or potluck, organic/Vegan dinner parties. Or heading down to the art gallery, museum, movie house, get out to a dance club or take in a band. Poetry parties, or book reads, where you read literature to each other (and may include other couples or friends) and discuss your impression of the work. Painting parties, where everyone takes some large paper and a marker or some paints and someone suggests a topic to paint. Or a bring your plant/pet/clothing you don’t want anymore and have an exchange party (like a Potlach) with your friends and person you are dating and bring some food. Or theme parties, where everyone dresses up like a personality from a particular era and is “in character” for that night. Figure out how well suited you are to the person you are dating for a possible longterm commitment. If you are not starcrossed, you may not have a really good idea of what you are doing, it is probably best to wait to settle until you are 25 years old. It may be more appropriate to just be friends without sleeping together until you are ready to make a decision about commitment. And any relationship is a learning experience, you get 5 chances with 5 different lovers before you are karmically impure. It is possible to figure out what you do want and what you don’t want in a longterm relationship from past broken relationships. The less broken hearts the better. It is important to listen to impressions of older people who know you both and who you can trust for their impressions of your relationship. A truly, passionate, committed relationship will have poetry. I know in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone if I am interested in a romantic relationship (but this is after more than a few failed relationships, a lot of life experience and Deep Process Work).

To create a happy marriage it is important to know yourself well, you need to have a continuous feedback loop of other peoples impressions of you. This will apply to psychology, aptitudes, favourite colours, cultural and Spirit information. And you need to be able to trust this information, if it comes from reliables who are usually in a state of grace (parents, grandparents, teachers, elders in the community, clergy, policemen).

Usually, people have some idea of who they are going to marry by the time they are 16 years old in the Canadian School yard.

People are often made victim of their own psychologies, and they may make other people victim of their psychologies as well. Playing out psychological dramas according to the dance of power constructs with parents. This may or may not mirror the real world. It helps if everyone you are friends with is your same or similar psychological type. It is also important to remember the “rules”, do not curse someone more than an uppercut initially or there are severe recriminations. Often love lives are this shady area where people can “ruin” their reputations by committing to a marriage and then have the relationship not be what they were expecting and want to leave the relationship. In my opinion, your longterm marriage should be worked out in the first 5 intimate relationships because it is just so incredibly emotionally painful to be karmically impure (when you are not suited to serial sexual relationships and in my opinion most people aren’t). And Starcrossed Lovers who can show up at any age, if you are really unlucky after you are married. (I suggest telling your marriage partner you have met your Starcrossed Lover and give them the option of staying in a satellite marriage or finding another partner). However, in my experience, I met more than one Starcrossed Lover by the time I was 18 years old, and only one later when I was 33.

There are a lot of factors in play, as well as suitability, there is politics, more than one person attempting to claim the same person, possible elite security paradigms, will your family/Community consent to your marriage. Treat people particularly girls/women with respect. Women are special, they tend to be more sensitive, they have the capacity to create new worlds and continue the race of people on earth. They are more vulnerable/sensitive then men because they are less powerful physically and have different hormones and karma. A society that abuses and cheapens women by making them karmically impure and whores is not safe. The ideal society would protect women so they are not depressed, facing addictions and suicide. Ideally women and men need to be in a reciprocal happy love life. This means being married to their Starcrossed Lovers or more suited Lover. Finding and creating a happy marriage, is about proper discernement, and is like rocket science, there are a lot of considerations. There is a checklist of what qualities the person you are marrying should have (see - World Peace Newsletter - Christmas Special 2011) for a happy marriage. The checklist includes being in the same umbrella of job suitability, having similar favourite soul colours, having a similar yet complimentary psychology (sometimes a psychology similar to your parents), being physically attractive, may be a cousin, and there are cultural and Spirit/karmic rules. It also helps to have a Sign from God.

It is also an unsafe world when men are not in committed happy relationships, because of their nature, outer directed, physical power they can cause trouble for the Community by acting out in violence (rape, sexual assault, physical assault). A society in which the majority of people are karmically impure and not in happy marriages is unsafe. God kissed the world perfect, with Signs from God, the Old World Wisdom keeps the world safe and has largely been lost or misconstrued since the times of the Industrialized Economy. People need to be much better mentored and discerned, a strong caring and safe Community, a strong, caring and safe world.

The Way of Peace.



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