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The days of Summer breathe into warm at Tea at Tympani Lane Records in Montreal. The CD Songs from the Island of the Blue Dolphin has been written and the new project Paris Memoirs: The Madrigal, is writing slowly. I have launched three children's stories on the Web site, The Chimera Cat, Do you know where the Honeyfields are? and It was a rainy day . . . The novel The Demaricon sits in the corner waiting to be dusted off and worked on, a very large project. The second chapter The Silver Wheel has been posted. I have begun performing in the Montreal Metro again and look forward to a long Summer of performances in the cool of the quiet stoneworks. Many thanks to the people who showed up at Cremazie on Wednesday night, the night was warm and blue. Special thanks to the couple who came over and sang with me and to the generosity of the Montreal people.

The following are thoughts on the ideal of good government and the role of the citizen within the state. What is the role of freedom within the context of government and its citizens? The citizen is expected to follow the laws of the state both written as well as social mores as the ideal law protects the Community when it is considered in the Spirit of the word. Freedom is about respecting other people's boundaries within the context of fulfilling our dreams, wishes and callings.The same is true of government, an ideal government responds to the truth, respects the boundaries of its citizens, treating everyone as an equal under the law, written and social mores. The government is the people and works for the people, it has an obligation not to hurt its citizens and to listen and create laws that reflect the truth in the Spirit for the most good for the Society, protecting the Society and its members. It is the duty of the Society to educate its members on the difference between right and wrong and mentor people effectively so that there is peace in the Community. A Society that does not mentor its people effectively is doomed to violence and war. Citizens are expected to have meaningful work, a calling for work and if one is of sound mind and body to be giving this gift to the Community in some way. In exchange the citizen needs to receive the necessities of life, education, healthcare, shelter, food and a happy love life. An ideal government answers and even anticipates the needs of its citizens and treats each individual as a valued member. Citizens have a duty to each other to respect each others boundaries including thoughts, social and physical boundaries. What happens when a boundary is trespassed and something goes wrong? On every level the Citizen, the Community elders and the state have a responsibility to discern the truth and to act on it to keep the Community and its citizens safe and preserve peace and unity in the Community. Every time someone looks the other way someone dies, helping others by discerning the truth and acting on it in turn keeps the Community safe for everyone, as someone elses trouble at a distance may often end up on your front doorstep. Once the truth is discerned, if someone is not of good reputation (has hurt someone and has yet to make amends) it is best to not talk to them. Redemption is possible when people have apologized and made amends, and then the person of bad reputation is reinstated into their place in the Community again. No slight should be of permanent negative consequences. The letter of the law is something that has very hard edges, a true democracy realizes the truth and sees others as they would see themselves, treating people with compassion and respect.

In the West sometimes people are not socialized effectively and fall between the cracks. Lifeways teachings are essential to understanding ones love life and ones social relations. People whose love lives are fractured are more likely to be stressed, emotionally wounded and the Society supports this fracture to a certain extent because it creates better workers and economic drivers. Like a huge candy store people are encouraged to indulge as if playing in the middle of the road. And there is a huge backlash that includes drug and alcohol addiction, mental patients, murders, suicides, licentiousness, violence, debt and war. Western Society is often a very emotionally violent place that sometimes ruptures into actual violence. The power construct of wealth and/or influence can give political license that may harm innocent people, it is important that people respect each other's boundaries, discern the truth, practice the art of forgiveness and be informed about the choices they make in their lives, particularly their love lives.

In the East, China has been accused of human rights abuses against Falun Dafa Falun Gong), a popularized sect of Buddhism by targeting members for death and removing and selling their organs. It is not unlike a very large dragon eating its own young. The religion appears to have been earmarked by the Communist government as operating against the Communist state, as religion is banned under Communist doctrine.This is the letter of the law and not the Spirit. A true Communist/Communalist state is achieved through religion not without it. The Spirit of religion is the Spirit of good, it preserves a certain accountability through the love of the Creator and the love for one's fellow man and love of country (keeping the laws of the state), so that people do not hurt others or themselves. Harming or trespassing against someone else in turn harms yourself as thoughts, words and deeds become magnified and return to you. It is a certain self-accountability and karma based in truth that in turn preserves social order and keeps peace in the Community. Buddhism appeals to people's hearts. It looks like the Communist state is attempting to preserve social order through fear by breaking a scapegoat. Traditionally when a Communist government regime is overthrown, the leaders may be murdered, so the government may be afraid of its own people, a very large population of approximately 1.3 billion. The human rights abuses have created very bad feelings in the Community/Society known as China as well as an international outcry for the approximately 100 million members of Falun Dafa.

True freedom is in the recognition of other people with the same consideration as we would give ourselves, holding oneself accountable to the Creator and the Spirit of the law to discern the truth and not cause harm to innocents.

The Way of Peace . . .



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