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"The best marriages are made in heaven."
- Collective Wisdom

"When everything was made to be broken"
- Goo Goo Dolls

"My idea of feminism is self-determination, and it's very open-ended: every
woman has the right to become herself, and do whatever she needs to do."
- Ani DiFranco (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

"Patriarchy is like the elephant in the room that we don't talk about, but how
could it not affect the planet radically when it's the superstructure of human society."
- Ani DiFranco (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

"Love is the anti-thesis of clockwork"
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The following are some thoughts on the treatment of women in Western Society vs. Muslim society.

How the patriarchy views and treats women.

Women are so desirous in Western culture that men may fight over them, denigrating them, making them rape victims and whores. The culture is a set up for violence. Intentions are important, men and women have different essences. Men are more outer directed, sex is a necessary physical act, most tend to recover more easily from a broken intimate relationship. Women are in general more sensitive, they are creatures of the interior, they may suffer incredibly when an intimate relationship breaks, possibly more so than most men. If the man does not marry her and protect her by being her longterm lover, she can become heartbroken, depressed and angry, it is an emotional/karmic violence for most women. It is important that both people in the marriage are simpatico with a Sign from God. “There is nothing worse than an unhappy marriage.” (Read On Love and Marriage in the New Age: relationship advice from the Oracle at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Available @ www.amazon.ca.) I also think the society plays into the economic driver scene where people who have had multiple lovers invent new products and new ideas for business but because there is such grave suffering there is karmic dissonance that also manifests as violence and a war economy.

Muslim women are trussed like trinkets in hijabs and long dresses and kept at home with restrictions on movements and callings for work, keeping them at home sometimes in polygamous situations. Perhaps unhappy marriages (if the husband is not a Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover), perhaps there is not enough attention for everyone in a polygamous household, plus the frustrated ambitions of women. Perhaps they are attempting to keep their women karmically pure by keeping their bodies so entirely covered as if they are precious trinkets.

It is like the difference between the open and closed flower. In Muslim society, the flower is closed, as if they are afraid of and attempting to control the power of women's sexuality. In Western society, the flower is open, perhaps defiled, an encouraging of sexuality that creates problems of depression, drug addiction/alcoholism and violence. In both cases the men and women need to meet and marry their Starcrossed Lovers or more suited lover in covenant in karmic purity.

Fear – West – fear that you won’t have a wife, in Muslim – fear that your wife is going to escape or not be looking after the household. Prejudice – women not on equal status with men. The little woman – she “just” looks after the house as if men’s work is more important. As if she is a reflection of their mothers. Maybe men are afraid of strong, self actualized women. In my mind the healing power of women could mend the world. To give women their freedom to follow their calling for work and to be in happy marriages to a Starcrossed Lovers or more suited Lover, actually in turn frees men. No man wants to be married to an unhappy wife. No woman should be caught in a gilded cage, no one should be expected to live in an unhappy marriage. It is not the way God designed the world. God designed the world for dance with your Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover in the light of peace.

Women are very valuable, they cook, clean, run the household, make a man’s bed and have children, continuing his bloodline.

How did these cultural systems evolve when the Holy Spirit has made the world perfect?

Perhaps the Muslim and Western culture didn’t have the entire picture, the perfect understanding of the Holy Spirit and Signs from God.

In the Old World Agricultural Society I suspect they were attempting to avoid arguments over women, not everyone has met their Starcrossed Lover by the time they are 16 years old and this could possibly have led to arguments over women. So the violence became regulated and was entirely in the open but in a secretive manner according to cultural rules and with the Holy Spirit in the background championing the righteous. In the Industrialized Economy I suspect a lot of the Old World wisdom became lost with the move off the land to cities for work, a weakening of family connections, and with the rise of the philosophy of “Man and Super Man” there was an experiment in which people found themselves in rotating sex lives, the great suffering causing the “Jewish Effect” so that the Holy Spirit gave these people great gifts, they became creatives, more talented workers and economic drivers. But they were also more likely to be alcoholic drug/addicts fighting physical and emotional violence (suicide and murder). Some of these economic drivers may be millionaires and many are also suicides. When the broken/suffering world worked so well, feeding the bottom lines of so many industries, Hollywood and the Church, a shortsighted world was unconscious not understanding the great sin they had perpetuated in the name of money. The Industrialized Economy was a War Economy without God, the result of great suffering in love lives is violence, these people were honed for war. The values were money and sex, a certain rote annihilation that denied the Holy Spirit and the song of peace God had intended.

The call of the New Age Society is to aright peoples love lives, presenting Holy Spirit information, creating peace in the New Online Economy although there is less work. The Computerized Society is potentially a utopia of found love. Arguments over lovers could be avoided with the ease of finding the strays (people without Starcrossed Lovers) over the Internet and through networking. By negating the cursehold there is no violence around ex-lovers or squaring off on people or people deliberately causing chaos. When everyone is in a happy love life situation I suspect a happy husband is not one to cause violence. Knowledge is key and the Internet is knowledge. The ease of diseminating information about Holy Spirit/Karmic knowledge around love lives as well as mental health, the art of living knowledge could create a peaceful society despite disparity issues. The art of living is also highlighted by a happy emotional landscape, helped by good health, a positive relationship with God and the Community. As long as everyone is in a happy love life and can afford food, shelter and what they need, following their calling for work the world moves into a place of needs met and Utopia becoming a safer and happier place.

The Way of Peace.



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