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World Message of Peace

It is quiet and dark with Spring rain of an afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. A Chapbook is to be published in hardcopy this year and with the coming warm days infringement Festival Montreal is in creation for June 2014. Poetry is writing ..

“When people can admit they are vulnerable, indeed incredibly vulnerable they begin to see others and themselves as human, the mask falls down.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“The economy is not really about monies, it is about Karma. Death Inc. ain’t makin’ it.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The following are thoughts on the Western Economy and the state of the world . . . The “To be King Economy” sells a false belief system. A handful of people come through and become millionaires while the rest suffer incredibly and may suicide (and having monies or not having monies may not predetermine if one commits suicide) I suspect suicide is more to do with unhealthy child rearing practice and unhappy love lives. In N.A. there are huge disparities between the haves and the have nots, “400 people have more wealth than half the population (about 150 million people) of the United States”*. In my opinion the economy doesn’t have to be about money, it should be about quality of life and people following their callings from God, defining happiness. The problem with the “To be King Economy” is it can breed fantasia corporations that can be abusive. And with an orchestrated death society that presumes schizophrenia, the unofficial white cultural code (which may be co-opted by geopolitical concerns) creates “us” and “them” situations through government affiliations (everyone is linked to a particular government) and through squaring off on marriage partners in cursehold situations. Any cultural system that creates an enemy out of an acquaintance or friend by drawing blood is not safe, healthy or in step with the Holy Spirit. Never support a cursehold system. It creates psychotics, psychiatric patients, drug addicts and alcoholics, suicide, murder and people in the prison house, people experimenting with their sexuality, street people, and people who are disconnected from reality and their Communities. With both parents working in the Industrialized Economy there was not enough attention given to children who need cultural information. (statistics show more children being put under psychiatric care). In the New Economy with less employment it may be more difficult to keep a happy covenant relationship together because there is less work and work may be more sporadic. (in my understanding one of the unofficial rules is you cannot keep a longterm covenant relationship if you are on welfare, special conditions may apply) which may reflect on violence levels and on quality of childcare.

The Computerized Economy has forever changed the Industrialized Society with streamlined systems that take less time creating less work and as the economy adjusts there is a growing gap between the haves and the have nots.

Instead of making small megoliths of people with billions of dollars, why not redistribute the wealth by creating a small business economy. This seems to be creating itself partially through entrepreneurship and the Internet, there are a dearth of producers which creates lower prices for consumers. In France the government has initiated an economic policy where any company that pays out more than $1,000,000 in salaries must give 75% of its revenue to the government. In my mind this creates a strong government, hopefully with checks and balances, that can afford national healthcare and negates fantasia or irresponsible corporations. In the Industrialized Economy making a lot of monies I suspect was a salve for a cursed love life, however having a lot of monies is not necessarily a precursor to happiness.

In my experience, it is possible for one person to live on $12,000 per year, getting most needs met and sometimes with the help of a Social Welfare system such as a Drop-In Center, Soup Kitchen or Food Bank. One Million dollars is a lot of monies, more personal wealth than one million dollars or even one billion dollars is a fantastical amount that breeds injustice. If someone has such monies, it is important to give back to the universe by giving to charities, or owning businesses where the profits get put back into the company, or by keeping the monies moving so that more people can benefit (everytime a millionaire or anyone spends monies, they are creating work for someone and keeping the economy going).

As the Computerized Economy continues to evolutionize the state of life in the Western World, creating a greater divide between the “haves” and “have nots”, it is important to create opportunity for the population so that N.A. does not erupt in violence. The cornerstone of peace in any society is the institution of marriage, perhaps anyone who is performing volunteer work or doing part-time work could be considered for having a longterm happy covenant marriage and in my opinion being able to have a longterm happy love life should not be contingent on how economically viable you are or on how many enemies you have. A society where the majority of people have a happy longterm marriage is a safe and peaceful Community. Also Internet should be available for little or no cost, as well as birth control. And in my mind the housing rental market could be regulated (perhaps by square foot) so that everyone could have affordable housing. These policies would create a more harmonious society with an “us” and “us” rather than an “us” and “them” mentality. The Old Economy did not see people properly, people were objects to be operated on, tempted with big monies or love in a carrot and stick routine. There are conflicting interests of the elite that may drive people making economic drivers (people in unhappy love lives, serial relationships, unhappy marriages or celibacy with addictions and sexual violation issues) and I suspect people may be being broken into certain “house” specifications for marriage partners in elite security paradigms. The cursehold should not exist, it does not translate into New Age America – in the Old Agricultural Society it may have been an interesting way to solve arguments over women creating a handful of Oracles but for the most part I suspect people were better educated in the Old Ways, it was a slow-time world and cursing was a very rare occurrence (because everyone understood how destructive it was). This social system did not translate well in the 20th century breeding the war economy as the population bloomed and the world spiraled into psychiatry and violence creating a dearth of people being sexually licentious and karmically impure, upsetting the balance, creating a dearth of people as Oracle and breaking the covenant with the Holy Spirit way possibly manifesting out of control weather systems. The New Economy through the computer and the Internet sees and embraces everyone and has the best interests of people at heart, so that they are following their callings for work and living happy covenant love lives (most with their Star-crossed Lover) in happy spaces under the guidance from God. Ideally everyone would have their needs met, food, shelter, work, love life, healthcare, education and an understanding of the Holy Spirit way, a relationship with God. The Economy is not really about monies, it is about Karma.

The Way of Peace.



* Robert Reich, Inequality For All

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