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Summer dresses the days at Tea at Tympani Lane Records in Montreal . . . I have written 14 CD's of unrecorded original Folk and Folk/Rock Music. Beautiful poetry driven Music reminiscent of tea and oranges. I am looking for a financial backer(s) in exchange for Royalty rights. (It is possible to get in touch through email: rebeccannebanks@hotmail.com). Also, I am on Sellaband.com at www.sellaband.com/rebeccannebanks. Help get me into the Studio to record. For as little as a $10 contribution you will receive a copy of a Special Edition CD and have Royalty rights to the Music sales of that recording through Sellaband.com. Tea at Tympani Lane Records is a Community supported effort. Help support Tea at Tympani Lane Records.

I am back in the Montreal Metro performing, the songs weave the Summer days in the cool of the many storied stoneworks. The crowds are generous and the concerts big, blue and warm. Many thanks to the man who applauded at the end of one of my songs as he walked past at Berri Uquam on Friday afternoon. I have launched the third chapter of The Demaricon: In the House of the Oracle, The Experiment. Also, am busy with writing the poetry inspired by the Muse, Summer and the blue islands of Montreal . . .

The following are some thoughts on the crisis in the American conscience and indeed in Western conscience that has been answered in a pure protest act by the matriarchy in the form of 17 highschool students in Gloucester, Massachusetts in Spring, 2008 who apparently made a pact to become pregnant. In defiance of the culture of death . . .

Life in America/the Western World is centred around the values of a culture that is basically a lost child, naive to its own power. It is a sin to be poor, and it is a sin to be bored, to that end brilliance is exalted in so much as it gives someone to beat on and someone to milk to stoke the economy.Inside the fear of the unknown is an excuse to vent and rail against the innocent and the guilty alike. In this overly constructed universe, a child is born, spends 13 to 19 or more years in school, graduates with debt, circumnavigates the dating/love/sex scene, social pressures, gets married later and later in life (often living at home with the parents until they are 30), finds employment (in a job market that does not guarantee employment), purchases a house mortgage and car, juggles having children, looking after aging parents, finances, and love life ad nauseum . . . this is for the people who survive the dating wars and avoid rape, obesity, anorexia and bulimia, depression, neurosis, psychosis, suicide, homicide, the army, the Church and Hollywood. Inside the pressures of the negative karma of a war treatise, ecological mayhem, increasing weather disturbance,mass media without context,economic stress and the change from a manufacturing economy to a service/computer-driven economy leading to hysterical proportions of emotional and actual violence i.e. dolphins beaching themselves, service men committing suicide, war casualties, weather fatalities . . . throwing up and . . . 17 teenaged girls threw out their school books, made a pact and did something that was the most important thing one can do, became pregnant and started a family. The End. The end of social nihilism and a return to the real America, the real life.

On the state of the feminine and the creation of Community and peace through the preservation and respect of women as pure magical beings. When women are defiled and mistreated there is horrific karma that haunts the Society with violence, as they are the wellsprings of new life and reflections of the great Creator. What is the meaning of virginity in a society that only values rape? The breaking of the hymen as a physical sign of a spiritual covenant with ones Fated Other (or more suited other). Yet, it is the norm in Western Society for people to have serial relationships, which leaves most people very emotionally broken (often without families) feeding the economy as economic drivers. After a certain number of intimate relationships one becomes karmically impure and it becomes very difficult to keep a relationship working. Many people end up alone in wounded celibacy, victims of the "sex wars." People not discerned or mentored properly who "haunt" past lovers, beating on them, looking for sexual access often forcing them into serial relationships or rape situations. Stress on the economy is about people not treating each other properly, not respecting personal boundaries, without forgiveness, people without happy love lives and the stress of karmic impurity.

A true celebration of the feminine, is better mentoring and discernment in intimate relationship and staying karmically pure, hopefully marrying one's Fated Other. Love lives are serious, learning the social mores around relationship and dating, the discernment prayer, it is a grievous hurt not to have a love life that works. Feeling good about growing into the role of wife and mother and finding one's calling for work, being self-actualized. Good covenant marriages have a certain good magic/karma that is reflected in Community, lessening violence on all levels. In the Old World people found their Fated Others in the Community and were married at around 15 years old in a basically agricultural economy. They tended fields, a few became guild members with a specialty craft, had children and usually died around 45 years old. People who did not have Fated Others may have become clergy or bards or travelled to other communities to find a mate.

In the Third World, particularly Africa, young girls in the guise of tradition may suffer from genital mutilation. Besides the pain of being eviscerated (usually without anesthetic) there is the emotional factor that effects trust relationships with parents and a Community that would allow such practices. This is a negative cultural tradition that hurts the female body that should not be allowed. Also, in conservative Muslim tradition men and women do not talk to each other, so it is very difficult to find ones Fated Other. Fated Other marriages would create very positive karma and dismantle the war economy in the Middle East.

The crisis of the war culture in both the West and the Middle East/Third World can become something of the past. The necessities of life, food, shelter, meaningful work and good working love lives are not intangibles. The key is education, the Internet and giving the gift of time and mentoring. Forgiveness, empathy and dealing with one's anger over boundary violations through release work are essential to good mental health, peace in personal relationships, peace in families, peace between neighbors, peace between countries, peace in the world.

The Way of Peace,



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