Tea at Tympani Lane Records

World Message of Peace

The trees are bright with orange and we are looking for sunshine in the last days of fall at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I have been working with some new photographs, for Book Covers and Subterranean Blue Poetry masthead. I was at the Musee du Beaux Arts for the Faberge Exhibit and have some photos of the small jewel eggs. (they would make great earrings with a fine gold chain). Poetry is writing ..

“sending out an S.O.S.”
- from Message in a Bottle
   by The Police

Save Our Souls . . .

What are we wearing at Tea at Tympani Lane Records?

Brown and Black is the new Black: a celebration of winter.

One winter, Blue gave me a brown wool winter coat with a big faux fur ruff. So I took off the fur and altered the collar, giving a slender lapel with some big black wood buttons. And some little black ankle boots . . .

Stylish Winter Boots at Beyond the Rack www.beyondtherack.com, for around $30.

And a big black tube scarf . . .

Thick knit “infinity” tube scarves that can be doubled and worn as a snood at EBay. www.ebay.com.

With some little black knit gloves . . .

Little black knit winter gloves for around $1 @ Dollarama.

And inner wear, cocoa, chocolate and earth brown colours with midnight and flat black.

Matching inner/outer wear, stretch cotton camisoles with lace trim or see-through lace body, mix and match wearing 2 at a time, on EBay, www.ebay.com.

Value Village, Fripe Renaissance, The Salvation Army – t-shirts for $1.99 to $4 – leather trimmed sweaters for $7.99 – Secondhand Winter Coats for around $30 – secondhand purses and bags for around $10.

Thick good quality Leggings in black (and other colours) for under $10 at Liberal on rue Notre Dame Ouest, Montreal by Atwater Market.

Thigh high socks at American Apparel and on EBay, www.ebay.com.

Possible accents of dark orange peaking around corners or even dark teal.

Old World Style variations at Holy Clothing, first run clothes at reasonable prices. New spun polyester and lace trim in solid colours that looks like matte parachute silk but is more durable. Simple and elegant styles with Old World elegance, something for everyone. Around $30+ at Holy Clothing, www.holyclothing.com.

o' Chocolate, hot cocoa . . . all winter long . . .



Tea at Tympani Lane Records

Rebecca Anne Banks

© 2014