Tea at Tympani Lane Records

World Message of Peace

"into the quietude,
              the first winter snow falls .."

It is a quiet cloud sky day with the first snowfall, the beginning of winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. For the last week or so The Muse has been sleeping although I have been working on "The Winter Tree" a long poem about the Old Agricultural Society. I have just published the November 2014 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry and have been writing Book Reviews/Music Reviews.

“A picture paints a thousand words.”
- Collective Wisdom

“The Informatique Pin Ad Board is better than playing Bingo.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist)

“North America is a gameshow,
you may not get what you want
but you never go away empty handed.”
- an unexpressed thought of a Tibetan friend

(and then sometimes you may even like what you get . . . )

The Informatique Pin Ad Board – the new face of online marketing for WebSites.
(see “all things poetry . . . “ @ www.subterraneanbluepoetry.com.

Living in virtual space, visitors jump from Pin Ad to Pin Ad, picking up information, discovering new events, news, possibly purchasing something they like and need, enjoying the online shopping experience through art photo visuals. Like commercials are for television, the Informatique Pin Ad Board is to Online Marketing.

It is like a Pinterest board with multiple photos of the same size falling like a waterfall down the page. If you dbl click on a photo you get a hyperlink to a WebSite with a purchase link or you get an ad with photos and information, a URL and/or a purchase link. The Photo Electronic Bulletin Board is Community based, with business contacts who are friends and can include any type of information, events, new developments, businesses, products, business associations, business news, and can be built around a theme. You are creating an information hub on that theme, it builds Community, and could generate more sales and ad revenues. The Informatique Pin Ad Board particularly suits WebSites. An example is Subterranean Blue Poetry, an online magazine that publishes poetry. On the first page, under the masthead and an intro is a section titled “all things poetry . . . “ which features a an Informatique Pin Ad Board on poetry book ads, poetry events, poetry news, poetry prizes, poetry submissions, poetry radio shows, poetry magazines, poetry publishers . . . on all things poetry. The ads can be local and international. As the site becomes an information hub, there is the opportunity to build community, it is an outreach, and could increase traffic to your WebSite possibily increasing sales and ad revenues for the WebSite entrepreneur.

The multiple photos page is a beautiful affect and may actually help treat depression (common in a world where people may have multiple broken love relationships) when the photos are particularly elegant and in the WebSite visitors favourite colours. It may be possible to put a music or dialogue link on the photo, however not everyone has the same taste in music (which could alienate some visitors), the silent visual link is quite calming, creating peace, as if visiting a virtual art gallery where you can purchase something just as brilliant as the online photo. The WebSite Visitor can dbl click on any photo, jumping around the board, creating fun and a positive atmosphere for sales, as if the Photo Pin board is a giant game that makes you feel better. And if prices are reasonable and the product divine, it may be possible to make a PayPal sale. PayPal is easy to use and reliable, and takes monies directly from your bank account/credit card, I have used it regularly for about the past 5 years and never had a problem.

The photos on the photos page are more effective than just a URL string as a hyperlink, “a picture paints a thousand words” and an elegant photo .jpg can say everything about your company or product by creating an edible sensory experience. Good photos to use are Logos, CD Covers, paintings, advertising as art.

Like selling ad space, subscription prices can be as little as $5 per year. The ads are easily put together with .jpgs and URL’s and/or an ad WebPage. Creating advertising revenue for the WebSite entrepreneur and possibly generating sales via WebSite and PayPal.

The social effect of the Informatique Pin Ad Board is to promote strong community, learning, and events possibly creating less violence by helping someone with information and connection. Perhaps helping them find a friend and what they need for their arts calling or business pursuit.

An exciting see and be seen innovation for your WebSite, an Informatique Pin Ad Board creating an information hub, promoting getting the word out, business, a fun and happy shopping experience, good mental health, social connections and community.

The Way of Peace.



Tea at Tympani Lane Records

Rebecca Anne Banks

© 2014