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World Message of Peace

It is quiet with sunshine on a Blue Monday day at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I have some home-made Christmas Cake from my grandmother's butter cake recipe and am hoping to make some Old-Fashioned Doughnuts for Christmas. I have been working on The Winter Tree and more poetry for The Underground Blue and am hoping to move some book projects into the New Year.

The following are excerpts from The Book of Blue, available in hardcopy and EBook @ Amazon.ca.

“For Blue, above the trees

a piece of my sky,

you’ll always be a piece of my heart”


you are the dove.”

The First Book of Blue

Written the night of August 6th, 2011.


you are the dove.

So nice to see you

by my backdoor

my blue cloud

I tried to reconcile

the evening to the sky

the blue

and the disconnect

the reckoning of rain

and you so quiet

in the silence . . .

Blue, if anyone asks

I’ll just say “you’re my gift from God.”

I hold you

in the hollow space

in my gut

watch you in doorways,


watch the sky,

pray for rain.


they made you a soldier

without meaning to

threw up the board

pinned you

made you wander

through the flower garden,

took away your home . . .

Oh, Blue

you wander in

in some quiet haze

I’m never quite certain

what pulls you here

but I am always

glad to see you.


I sing to you

all my quiet songs

I write to you

all my quiet verse

I dance for you, quiet

under the blue, blue sky . . .

Under the blue night sky

you sleep

so quiet

I imagine rain

but I think you

dance with the wind and the trees,

in your dreams.

Oh, Blue

you sit on my velvet chair

like a rain cloud


roll around the place

like an unmade bed,

you need to sleep

and disappear,



when you leave

I’m never quite certain

if I will see you again

the too much high

the too much low

we are friends of the sky.

The streets of Sao Paulo

under blue night

the people dance and talk

through the streets,


I wander the dark . . .

I miss you.


you are the dove.

The Sixth Book of Blue


you are the dove.

The God of the flower.

That I could love

so well Summer

Blue, he that dances

with creations song . . .

Some dream

I could fall into

the quiet remonstrations

of Blue

waves of forgetting . . .

somewhere I watch the light, soft

dance across your face

in the peace of angels.

Lost in you

the quiet


the rose in a gun


looking over my shoulder

past the cacophonies,

whispers in my head . . .

lost in you,

the quiet.

Unwritten cloth

I cry like a child

my hand on laces

bound, Blue

I open you like a gift

feed you chocolate

under Summer skies.

The tamarind seed

no apologies for love,


love letters in the rain,

news from a distance.

Snow angels

imprints of love


the winter

so sweet

by the playing

of the spoons . . .


some blue quiet


so beautiful

to hear from you

“I’ll be home soon”

Quiet talk

over morning coffee

you wake me beautiful,

Blue . . .

we walk in the warm

under gray skies, Autumn

sit outside

watch the day.

In the antiquarian Summer house

the terracotta floor

and the dressings of orange flowers

kissed by sunlight

a last look

and a hug

Blue, past the silence of winter.

As if attending

some delicate beauty

the love

of orange flowers,


inside the winter.

Orange flower on table

some last look

of love

orange flowers

under sunlight,


a gift from the night.


you are the dove."



Tea at Tympani Lane Records

Rebecca Anne Banks

© 2014