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World Message of Peace

The day is quiet Summer . . . Tea at Tympani Lane Records has opened a Counseling Service in Montreal. As an intuit and someone with much life experience and a B.A. in Psychology I am offering my Counseling Services to anyone who would like advice or needs someone to talk to. I will counsel on personal matters, give psychic impressions, and provide gifted impressions of the business market and business trends as well as provide artistic counseling to artists who would like a critique of their work and a dialogue about the artistic process. Fees are negotiable. Towards the efforts to have another CD recorded I have introduced A Special Promotions Shopping List where services/products are offered in exchange for contributions. The list includes a copy of the next CD, t-shirts, songwriting workshops, psychic counseling, concerts and more.

I continue to write, having just completed "Somewhere the night rain . . ." for the guitar and am working on a book of poetry. Also, the performances in Montreal are very well received as the flowers of poetry are brought to life by Music influenced by the Muse, J.S. Bach, Ariel, Saint Hildegaard von Bingen and other Angels and Saints of the Spirit World.

The following are some thoughts on celibacy and the role of the Catholic Church in a Requiem society. The prerequisites for joining the Catholic Church involve vows of chastity, obedience and poverty. It is a very old world religion that until 1300 A.D. did not include vows of chastity, priests were married or had paramours and any lands they owned were inherited by their sons. In a colossal consolidation of power, the vow of chastity was adopted and all lands passed out of the private hands of the priests and became Church properties. Celibacy is not a natural state for most people, it is not healthy and everyone has a Fated Other or a most suited other. When people are properly mentored and discerned for marriage there is no need for celibacy or unhappy marriages. When people are taught Life Ways they make wise decisions, stay karmically pure and look after each other. To be without an intimate relationship is very emotionally painful and for the very sensitive an almost life threatening situation. Bringing married priests and nuns into the Church could bring new life to Christianity and the meaning of health. There could remain celibate Priests and nuns but with the option of married priests and nuns also. As it is Churches are closing because people are not willing to live in the celibate cast and the reputation of the Church has suffered as certain Priests have been criminally charged for acting out with children. Bringing married Priests back into the Church could revitalize and bring health back to this institution. Negative cultural practice around the church and the selection of its Priests and Nuns, the hurting of innocent people, people without a true calling who were not intended to be celibate is an abomination. Negative cultural practice destroys the weave of peace in the Community and undermines the rights of innocent people destroying democracy. The Spiritual power of the Eucharist and the act of Confession with the act of Contrition is fuelled by the pain of the celibacy of the Priesthood and as such is redemption through the Holy Spirit. However, the pain of celibacy and the emotional pain of the Priest or Nun is a sin. To choose to be celibate and devoting ones life to community service when one has had a troubled love life or is karmically impure with a true calling is a choice. Illumination is a gift of mentoring that preserves the social structure so people do not have misunderstandings with each other, it preserves peace in the Community and ultimately preserves democracy. Negative cultural practices that destroy the fabric of the Community as they hurt innocent people should be eradicated, it is important to be grounded in the Spirit of the Word and not hurt other people or ourselves.

In the Old World Agricultural Community, I suspect most people were married to their star-crossed others. However, sometimes children died in childbirth or some accident happenned that someone was without a star-crossed other. These people were candidates to be Bards or with the inception of the Catholic Church to be Priests or Nuns. If one became a Bard, it was possible to travel to other Communities, performing music, possibly finding someone who had also missed their Fated Other. Those perfectly suited to the life of a Priest (or Nun) receive a sign from God when they use the Discernment Prayer when looking for a mate. I have met 2 conjugants, what they both had in common was a very low sex drive and they were intelligent people who were good communicators. My impression is this calling is rare.

The true role of the Church is helping people in need, helping people understand the difference between right and wrong (so they do not hurt themselves or others), and giving them a place for spiritual cleansing when they have transgressed. Also, the Church is a place of ritual and Community celebration of the lives of the people in the parish. Having Priests and Nuns with a true calling and bringing married clergy into the Church would give new life to the dying vine and reintroduce life and health to an important institution that has become antiquated and fallen into darkness because of negative cultural practice, the acting out of celibate Priests and the weight of too much sorrow. True freedom is not trespassing against others, being educated in Life Ways, practicing the art of forgiveness, being married to one's Fated Other and finding one's calling for work.

The Way of Peace . . .



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