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World Message of Peace

Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas to you! We at Tea at Tympani Lane Records would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! We are hoping to have some small Chinese spice oranges from the China Market, some Dim Sum pastry and to bake some Old-Fashioned dougnuts (yeast with nutmeg) an old recipe from my grandmother's family.

The year has been full of writing projects as we have launched 4 books of poetry and 3 Chapbooks on Amazon.ca. I have published Harlequins and Angels, The Grif and Other Conversations Part IV and V, Grandmother’s Garden: my grandmothers recipes (a long poem introduction about the family followed by the traditional pioneer recipes from my grandmothers family) and the three Haiku poetry Chapbooks On Watching Snow Falling (The Winter in Montreal Series). Future projects include 3 books of poetry, a book of short stories, a book of children’s stories and a book of World Peace Newsletters from Tea at Tympani Lane Records.

I performed Spoken Word at the Georges Vanier Metro with a guitar performance by Richard Lahmy for infringement Festival Montreal 2014. I read from The Book of Blue. Donovan King was in attendance, many thanks, a good time was had by all.

In July I moved offices to the north of the city, in a much larger place with a large window that overlooks a courtyard. In the courtyard is a large dead tree that in the Summer has vines growing up, very inspiring for writing, having coined "the winter tree". In the past I have had a penchant for seeing Angels, Saints, ghosts and messengers from the Spirit World, and due to course although only having been here for 6 months have been kissed on the back of the neck by an apparition and seen the ghost of a young man in my kitchen (perhaps one of the two young men from the Tower London who were esconced and probably poisoned by supporters of Richard III).

One of the greatest surprises was seeing a photo of a group of gnarwhals on Facebook. Long thought extinct it was news to see and hear that these magical creatures were in existence. They are like porpoises but with a long unicorn-like spear on the front of their heads.

All 3 WebSites for Tea at Tympani Lane Records, Subterranean Blue Poetry and The Book Reviewer received make overs and Pin Ad boards. Highlights of The Book Reviewer includes Book Reviews for Narrator Andrew L. Barnes and Mississippi in Africa by Alan Huffman (a fantastical history of Black America and Liberia), Living Within and Beyond the Fallacy of Border (an immigrant study of Middle Eastern women in Ireland) and Music Reviews for Plastic Wonderland and Cicada by Gina Nemo. Many thanks to everyone who requested a Book Review for monies or for a reciprocal Book Review of one of my Books of Poetry. We are also constructing WebSites for people, please enquire.

Subterranean Blue Poetry has been publishing poetry and Book Reviews online for two years. Happy Anniversary! Thank you to all who send poetry and art contributions. Special thanks to Danielle Bedard, Pd Lietz, Adam Cramb, Ginna Wilkerson and above/ground press. A big thank you to everyone who helps make Subterranean Blue Poetry incredible.

And thank you to everyone who looks up the WebSites, downloads music, purchases books and reads the living word.
The Way of Peace.

Joyeux Noel!



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