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It is quiet and cold at Imbolc, the celebration of the Feast of St. Brigid at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We have been down at the China Market and found some great Dim Sum pastry and honey/sesame seed candy. I have just launched a book of children's stories, The Story Girl and other children's stories and am planning a series of book launches this year. The books of poetry Tale Winds and Candy and Anarchy are writing.

The following are thoughts on The Role of Art Installations in the New Age.

Art installations are the language of peace, using words, music and pictures that weave celebration and healing, creating positive power constructs for change. They also tell or celebrate a story, creating an information venue through history. Art installations can illuminate and also challenge people to think about events or situations in a different way. As the people of the world understand themselves better and become empowered to create healing synergies in their personal lives, the old constructs of war and violence fall away.

New innovative art installations are being created to commemorate and celebrate anniversaries, holidays and rituals waking up old ceremonies and giving people an opportunity to commune and dance.

At weddings and Armistice ceremonies doves have been released. The birds of peace placed in a box or cage, the doves released to the sky, often at the end of the ceremony.

In London, England to celebrate Armistice Day, November 9th, 2014, nearly 1 million (888,246) hand-sewn poppies, one for every death of a U.K. soldier in W.W. I covered the grounds around the Tower of London. Cinematically brilliant an innovative tribute to fallen war heroes.

In Berlin, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall 2014, there was an art installation of 8,000 white helium balloons all in a row where the wall had stood, on the night of November 9th as Ode to Joy, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony played, the balloons were released to the sky. In the celebration of the peaceful revolution of 1989 and the reunification of Germany for peace and freedom.

“Spring Poetry Rain” event held in May 2012 in the divided city of Nicosia, advocating for peace under the banner “Different Nationalities – Many Ethnicities – One people – One Europe – One World – Same Future”. Balloons filled with poems from international poets lined Ledra and Arasta streets and were burst with the poems falling like rain to be read by actors and the public as music groups played. The art installation celebration was held to support peaceful co-existence on the island of Cyprus.

As well as celebrations of anniversaries, art installations can promote healing of institutional violence inherent in the Industrialized Economy system. Particularly the use of Art in abandoned mental institutions and prisons. Artist and Activist Ai Weiwei exhibition at the notorious Alcatraz Prison includes a work titled “Blossom” in which ceramic flowers blossom out of sinks, toilets and tubs that were once used by hospitalized prisoners.

The gathering of large groups of people, the art for public display emphasizes healing, celebration, promotes strong community – the interaction with the audience. There is positive power in healing by making a public display, by the interaction with large groups of people. Akin to large groups of people doing Yoga in the park on a Summer day. It creates ritual and celebration and healing, a certain powerful magic under the sun.

Bringing people together, not unlike the fire ceremonies of the early Pagan Community. An opportunity to meet and talk, feast and celebrate, bringing together people from the rural community.

Including art and the work of artists in Public celebrations, celebrates the role of the artist and their creation. Like good mythos creates healing spaces, introduces a sense of the sacred, reparations, justice.

Innovative, creative use of materials, symmetry in motion, elegance, celebratory – stretches the bounds of traditional celebration and can include a party. The celebration, like an art gallery opening, perhaps holding a party for the public to come and visit with cake and some libations, an opening celebration for the art installation/Anniversary/Commemoration.

The Internet pushes the boundaries of creativity with the easy public display and the use of multiple disciplines. For example poetry has begun to include photos and videos sometimes with music, becoming fantastical. The air of experimentation and creativity is inspiring memorable and fantastical art installations.

As if the War Economy is evolving into an Arts Economy, in the Transition Economy both are in tandem existing within the same Society. The role of the artist and his creation becomes the soul of the society, as if celebrating truth and positive mythos, a celebration of peace in the New Age.

The Way of Peace.



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