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It is quiet winter afternoon in sunlight at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. It is the quiet time of chocolate and lavender tea. Soon, The Winter Tree will be available on Amazon.ca. A New Age poem telling the story of the evil witch, Hecate, and the beginnings of satanism in the Old Agricultural Society. Interlaced with this story is the love story of Esben/Anne Putnam in the modern world, as the long poem unfolds with revelations of evil, revenge and past life intrigues.

“the Internet is good anarchy”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist)

“A picture is a poem without words.”
- Horace (Poet, Satirist, Critic)

“The Internet offers an interesting combination of advertising and community by participating in the community you can become an advertisement for yourself.”
- Walter Jon Williams (Author)

“The future of advertising is the Internet.”
- Bill Gates (Visionary, Philanthropist, Businessman)

“Carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done . . .”
- from Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas

The following are some thoughts on Art in Internet Advertising . . .

As the arts culture economy revolutionizes Society, it has touched all aspects of social and business pro forma. From public ceremonies and the healing of violence to social protests to advertising, the new arts culture way has planted the seeds of celebration, hope and healing in the post-apocalypse international village. As an adjunct of the computerized economy and the innovations of the Internet with easy to use technology that is not expensive and accessible social media, the world of art is the fountainhead, the harbinger of peace, breath and renewal in the violence of changing times. In the budding great democracy with freedom of information and networking for needs met, every man/ every woman has an idea of God, what it means to dance, what it means to create inside the great blue orb. The New Freedom is a peace economy with better mentoring and discernment in marriage and life, within the Holy Spirit way.

The ease of creation, video software and forgiving print media that can be easily produced, corrected and made public has freed the masses and revolutionized the shape of business and advertising. The loud blaring commercials of television have become sleek, photos with print and a URL link and/or videos with or without sound that the “audience” can choose to turn on or not, when it suits them. Advertising as art has become part of the social media experience, instead of passively looking at advertising, the public is actually interacting with it and may actually be creating their own version of advertising and entrepreneurial business life on the Internet. This is a brand new phenomena with evolutionary implications for social life North America and the world. People are being challenged to shape their own existence, to question the elite and old power hierarchies that often carried the mark of institutional violence, the undertoad of a system of culture/politics that was affected by a blooming population, and the construct of the manufacturing economy, where people were acted upon, anonymous cogs in a machine to this, this brilliant gift of telling our life stories, see and be seen flowering as people wake up to the new day and a greater understanding of their lives and an idea of God as members of the global village.

The presentation of WebSites on the Internet are pictographs with print, the idea of art, the introduction of colour displays, often with interactive pictures from which you can purchase something. It is a very powerful art presentation, easy to use and all from the comfort of wherever you are (work, home, the park, the coffee shop etc.)

Social Media ads can be like old hardcopy print posters but with an interactive URL link. Other social media ads are videos, they don’t automatically blare sound at you, you have the option of turning them on. Holy Clothing an Internet clothing company, offers a beautiful model twirling in beautiful array with an instrumental old instrument rendition of “Greensleeves”. Captivating, to sit and watch and consider a new addition to your wardrobe. The clothes are art, the video ad is art.

The video commercials for American Apparel “by the wall” featuring real people sitting talking about themselves and their lives as they take off their clothes. This is fantastical, the model as a real person, telling their story, their struggles as they take off their clothes in front of a brick wall. Cinematically it is beautiful, psychologically it is a lift as you realize other people have some of the same issues you do or have overcome great hardships, in a way it is a protest of the war culture North America and in the background are beautiful clothes to purchase at their stores or WebSites. It is a clothing ad as a social phenomenon, drawing you into the Web of global community as art.

Internet Ads as art are creating an entrepreneurial business culture that is a reflection of the new social revolution. As people connect to like minded people over email and social media on the Internet, they are connecting in real time in their Communities on all levels. It is a business social, people are buying from, employing and socializing with the people they know over the Internet, your business is supported by your friends. The new arts economy, the Internet in arts celebration. The Way of Peace.



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Rebecca Anne Banks

© 2015