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It is sunlight blue afternoon with warm days of printemps at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am working on a Logo for a poster for the "food and poetry" reading at Atwater Market in April 2015. Poetry is writing for 3 books of poetry, hopefully to be published in the next year.

“it is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”
- Jiddu Krishnamurti (Philosopher, Author, Sage)

“women are from Venus . . . and men are from Venus too (sometimes)”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“all God asks of us is to not hurt each other, to marry your starcrossed or more suited lover and follow your calling for work”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

What does it mean to be a man in this society? an open letter for young adults and those searching for direction . . .

The calling for love:

- stay karmically pure.

- marry your starcrossed or more suited Lover.

- don’t curse a leaving lover more than an uppercut (there is an entire rote to this with rules ask telepathically).

- protect your Lover - talk to her, make certain there is no essence problem, have sex regularly, only have children if you have a calling for them, only have 2 children unless you have unlimited resources.

- “sex means babies” – be responsible and practice good family planning and use birth control.

- be well versed in the cultural/political and Holy Spirit/Karma way.

- Know what path you are on, what home means. The path of The Oracle is very emotionally violent, if God had wanted us to be whores he would not have sent a Starcrossed Lover for a longterm happy covenant on a Sign from God.

- if a lover is totally clueless to the cultural/karmic paradigm, please do some consciousness raising.

- women like to know what they are doing in their love lives. Please be upfront with them before you become intimate. Be truthful, if you are not ready to settle down yet, want to travel Europe, get a job, if you don’t think she is the one, tell her. It is important to not have your lines of communications crossed as this can lead to cursing and violent situations (anger, depression, suicide . . . ), it is important that both of you are on the same page.

- do the checklist on "How to discern the perfect love life" World Peace Newsletter, Christmas Special 2011, so there is a good chance of your marriage working out in happy covenant in the first five lovers without an essence problem.

- if you are cursed figure out strategy for your love life – how to cause the least emotional violence for yourself and your lover(s). In my experience, always tell the truth, be upfront about your situation. Don’t make love to someone as their 5th lover if you can’t stay (because they will be karmically impure afterwards). Stay in the loop with ex-lovers, sometimes things change. After a certain period of time (15 - 20 years) of following an arts calling or a special calling for work, you may become celibate and become karmically redeemed. Sometimes it is possible to find a more suited Lover when karmically impure. There are rules around this, ask telepathically.

- If there is an essence problem in the marriage you cannot expect to get the attention, growth and sustenance you need from your partner. Disconnects can cause emotional and actual violence when people feel they are not heard, respected or loved enough. It is important to be in a well-discerned and happy marriage with a positive Sign from God. (see World Peace Newsletter, Christmas Special 2011) Sometimes there is just a “surface” problem with communication. But in my experience an open thought is as powerful as a spoken word.

- Each intimate relationship is a learning experience. You get 5 chances at it before you become karmically impure, most people marry their second lover (hopefully Starcrossed or on a positive Sign from God) for life when they know what they are doing. Ask questions follow the checklist for discernment in marriage.

- Men tend to be big doers, they like to fix things, they like to take action, it is the essence for most men, they are outer directed, sometimes not great communicators. If you are about to become violent, take a walk, do some physical exercise with deep breathing, punch out a pillow and do deep breathing perhaps with yelling – to relieve stress and not hurt someone physically.

- Sometimes a woman just needs you to listen as she talks, this is how she figures out how she feels about an issue so she then can decide on a course of action.

Don’t hurt others:

- challenge yourself in good ways (don’t threaten your primary happy love bond) – open a business or have a job – play sports to take the edge off, or do Release Work – follow your callings.

- always tell the truth, it establishes you with a good reputation, it means you can be trusted.

- be in a state of grace most of the time (having not committed mortal sin/broken the 10 Commandments).

- have no enemies.

- pray regularly (at least once a week). There are prayers that will help you find healing, asking St. Mary to hold you, the Pining Prayer, the release of strong emotion prayer (particularly good for anger), healing prayers. Some of these prayers are based in visualizations, it helps to be clean in Spirit for them to work (not being in a state of mortal sin). Discover the Holy Spirit way (read World Peace Newsletter, December 2011).

- go to church regularly – it is good to worship with the Community and the Spirit – perhaps find a Church community that fits with your world view and values.

- give to Charity – even just a couple of dollars to a street person and/or keep the grapevine going with true information (there are rules about this so ask telepathically).

- don’t beat on or set up innocent traditional family enemies – if you don’t like someone, just say “hello” in passing and don’t hurt them.

- do not be violent to women, being mean, physical injury, murder or rape (women are special, they create new worlds, if your relationship isn’t working go see a therapist.) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – do the checklist in the How to discern the perfect love life World Peace Newsletter, Christmas Special 2011).

- keep up with friends and acquaintances from high school/university/college/work. Stay in the loop. It is good to exchange information and for your social life.

- have a regular fitness routine, playing sports, yoga or working out in the gym. Do deep breathing and release any anger around issues while excercising.

- vote in civic elections. Research the best candidate.

Follow your calling for work:

- Decide on what your calling is for work. Do an aptitude test, match the results with your talents and decide on a course of education. The government is matching job availabilites with education quotas, so people have jobs when they graduate (Canada). If you do not have funding, you can get scholarships, bursaries and student loans. It is good to do this with input from your family, teachers and the school guidance counselor.

- Decide on things you want to do with your life. i.e. learn to play the guitar, travel to Europe, go camping and hiking, play sports, volunteer work . . . something you have an affinity for that makes you feel happy when you think about it. And plan some strategies to attain these goals i.e. networking of the Internet, financial raising ideas etc.

- A calling for the arts can be healing, a great reliever of stress, a path for karmic redemption and/or your primary occupation. If you have an affinity for an arts calling - study and practice which is easier to do with the Internet. (see World Peace Newsletter, July 2011)

- If you cannot find traditional paying work, it is important to give back to the Community in some way, either doing volunteer work, running entrepreneurial businesses or follow your calling for work even if you are not paid for it. In exchange you are getting a welfare cheque or help from the Food Bank and/or low cost housing and/or social services. All work adds to the smooth running of the Community, helping everyone.

Living life well is an art form, being well socialized and integrated into the Community and the Holy Spirit/Karma way creates a person who is in dialogue with others and with the Spirit. Such a person has a greater understanding of who he is and what it means to be a part of the greater Community, what it means to have a place in the greater cosmos under God, an understanding of Godspeak. Such a person is someone who creates peace in his life and peace for others. The Way of Peace.



P.S.: remember this is a woman’s view of what being a man looks like, there is probably more to this to learn from your father, male relatives and male friends. However, the basics of the Karmic/Holy Spirit way are for everyone.

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