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Natural Antiseptic Cleaner for the Home

For kitchen and bathroom – use on tiles, kitchen surfaces, sinks, porcelain, walls. (I use vegetable soap for wood floors).

First – a vinegar and water solution. I keep the vinegar solution in a glass jar and add some orange peel for a nicer smell.

Second – keep some hydrogen pyroxide in a spray bottle.

Wipe down surfaces with the vinegar solution. Spray over the cleanly wiped surface with hydrogen pyroxide.

Vinegar and water is 80% antibacterial. It is acetic acid and water, a mild acid, traditionally used in cooking and as a household cleaner. Alone, studies have shown it will kill off flu virus but not some types of salmonella.

Hydrogen pyroxide is traditionally used to clean wounds. It is a safe alternative to chlorine bleaches as it degrades to form oxygen and water. It is important not to mix the hydrogen pyroxide with the vinegar and water, the antibacterial effect is not as good. Spraying hydrogen pyroxide takes care of the remaining 20% coverage for antibacterial.

Vinegar is readily available at the Supermarche and a small jug of hydrogen pyroxide is available at the local Dollarama, both items are reasonably priced. An inexpensive, elegant and ecological antibacterial cleaner, an eco-clean household, save the planet.
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