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It is a quiet mid-July night as Summer unfolds at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I was downtown and everything felt like big Summer magic in Montreal. Blueberries are on sale and I am hoping to make some blueberry jam soon. The poetry is writing . . .

“it is never O.K. to do great harm for great good”
- Collective Wisdom

This is the second Newsletter on Old Adages/Sayings. Handed down for centuries, I have found these sayings ring with truth and help to keep the Holy Spirit Way in the Community.

It is not a good thing to make Oracles or economic drivers in this society. The goal of the economy should not be making monies, it should be creating happiness. Happiness from happy marriages, creates a golden glow that creates peace and enough and is the cornerstone for peace in the Community. In a real world happy marriages translate into prosperity. The Oracle is an unfortunate who has been very hurt by too many lovers, although they are often solution finders and inventors, their suffering is karmic dissonance that translates into a debt ridden and violent society. For their suffering the Holy Spirit has compensated them with talents, they are often artists and create new mythologies and products, streamlining systems. However, when a majority of people are karmically impure (have had too many lovers), there is karmic dissonance, the weather systems may kick out, re: Noah’s Ark, Soddom and Gammorah, Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. It is not O.K. to hurt innocents, innocents are pure in thought, word and deed and are God’s own. God looks after his own. Any harm you do to another becomes magnified and comes back to you karmically.

War is great harm. It is the realm of men, there are rules of the War Guild from the Old Agricultural Society. Women and children (innocents) are never supposed to be hurt in these blood contests and there are other rules. When a group of people has become karmically impure by being sexually licentious, a war may clean out the karmically impure. The karmically impure may become violent because of their grave suffering, preying on their own population and/or may suicide and this is an old barbaric solution. Every man killed on the battlefield is someone’s Starcrossed Lover, war leaves catastrophic holes. In the age of the Internet there is no excuse for karmic impurity, information is everywhere so you can have an idea of the cultural and Holy Spirit/Karmic way. If everyone had a happy love life, there is no reason to fight. It is not impossible to survive karmic impurity, through release work, prayer and doing good works + (see World Peace Newsletter November 2011 - How to heal from having too many lovers), becoming karmically pure again eventually. Usually everyone has a calling to do something (an artistic calling or a special calling for work) and the Signs from God around karmic impurity can give you direction. Great tragedy is too easy, the world should not be made to be broken.

The Way of Peace.



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Rebecca Anne Banks

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