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World Message of Peace


It is a quiet jubilation on an August evening as we use our new Microsoft Expression Html writer at Tympani Lane Records. The days are full of sunlight and rain and poetry. A few events with fellow artists this month and we may be taking the beautiful old 12-string into the shop for new strings . . .

“everything you say and do comes back to you thrice x’s thrice.”
- Old Wiccan Proverb

“as you sow, so shall you reap.”
- Collective Wisdom

“what goes around, comes around.”
- Collective Wisdom

This is the third Newsletter on Old Adages/Sayings. Handed down for centuries, I have found these sayings ring with truth and help to keep the Holy Spirit Way in the Community. The Way of Peace.

There is a certain intrinsic Karma to life on earth, probably placed there when God/Allah/Krishna/the Spirit kissed the world with life and love. Part of this intrinsic paradigm is that what you say and do becomes magnified and returns to you karmically. So if you hurt someone, it will become magnified and you will be hurt more than the original slight, if you are kind to someone, it will become magnified and good things will happen for you, more than what you did for someone. My theory is because Karma works in this way, there are only positive operators. It is an intrinsic karmic reckoning for justice and peace. It is not alright to hurt innocents, the taking of innocent lives or being mean to innocents will return to the perpetrator in some way. Hurting someone else is like hurting yourself.

Sometimes the cultural rules may be at odds with the Holy Spirit/Karmic Way. The best rule of thumb is to not do anything that hurts someone. It is important to not initiate violence, the person who initiates violence is usually the one who loses the argument. If someone appears to be initiating violence but does not realize it (I suspect they are usually not held responsible by the Holy Spirit), if there appears to be a serious problem with someone, it is best to consult the elders in your family and in the Community for a plan of action. Basic teachings about the Holy Spirit Way and an understanding of their own cultural tradition can go a long way to creating peace in the Community.

The Way of Peace.



Tea at Tympani Lane Records

Rebecca Anne Banks

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