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World Message of Peace


It is quiet late afternoon in Summer at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Down at the Market, the local harvest is coming in, with sales on fruit and vegetables. I may be reading at the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Event in Montreal. The poetry writes . . .

“it is the Spirit of the law, not the letter of the law.”
- Collective Wisdom

“live by the sword, die by the sword.”
- Collective Wisdom

This is the fourth Newsletter on Old Adages/Sayings. Handed down for centuries, I have found these sayings ring with truth and help to keep the Holy Spirit Way in the Community. The Way of Peace.

The letter of the law is often a hard judgement, it may be interpreted without foresight and hurt innocents. The law is ideally, an instrument of the Holy Spirit, divining the truth of the matter, and protecting justice, peace and innocents. A law that hurts innocents is not a good law, innocents are not to be hurt. A judgement in the Spirit of the law, preserves justice and peace. A judgement in the Spirit of the law may include Signs from God indicating outcomes. When the Law is a violence, it becomes the criminal, ideally innocents should be free from physical and mental violence. A good Law incarcerates people and/or gets them to do penance (prayer/volunteer work for the Community) preventing more violence. A good Law mentors and discerns people effectively to live in their Society, teaching morals, the Holy Spirit Way and social custom preventing crisis and incarceration. Ideally if something is wrong, other people have a moral obligation to do consciousness raising to right the wrong and create peace inside the Holy Spirit Way. When an innocent is hurt physically or emotionally, karmic dissonance is created that manifests negative karma on the perpetrators and on the Society. No one wants to live in a violent Society. A happy, safe, Community of people effectively socialized with happy longterm covenant marriages on a Sign from God is a peaceful way without stress and cast inside the eye of God/Allah/Krishna/the Spirit.

People who live by violence, die by violence. The Holy Spirit Way, a paradigm in place when God created the world when followed creates peace. Violence is not peace. Any law or violence that hurts people (brutality/death/dismemberment) is not of the Spirit and should be discontinued. The initial act of violence sets up a paradigm where the bad karma of hurting someone becomes magnified and returns karmically to whoever initiated the violence. A Society not cast in the Holy Spirit Way is doomed to violence and disease of the spirit. Hurting someone physically or emotionally is like hurting the body of Christ, we, individually and as a Community are the body of Christ. Signs from God are subtle in visualizations and empathic occurences. People need to be taught how to see God/Allah/Krishna/the Spirit (the Signs from God) starting by recognizing when they are in a state of grace and the Sign of a Starcrossed Lover (who they should marry). (please read World Peace Newsletter, December 2011). Ideally the Community would help in mentoring and discernment like a family, creating a safe and strong society. People mentored to not hurt each other, follow their calling for work and their calling for love.

The Holy Spirit Way is The Way of Peace.



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Rebecca Anne Banks

© 2015