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World Message of Peace

It is quiet evening with the beginnings of cold in the Autumn Equinox at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am busy with Book Reviews and Subterranean Blue Poetry, the poetry is writing . . .

“it takes a Community to raise a child.”
- Collective Wisdom

“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
- Collective Wisdom

“the world is overconstructed. they are making people soldiers.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

This is the fifth Newsletter on Old Adages/Sayings. Handed down for centuries, I have found these sayings ring with truth and help to keep the Holy Spirit Way in the Community. The Way of Peace.

The conflict of the Old Culture rules with the reality of divinity under God. Every child is born into a family and a Community which they know nothing about, they are a blank slate. Early childhood experiences shape the child’s psychology and give the child an idea of what life is. There are rules of elite white families and rules of the culture/politics as well as rules of the Holy Spirit. To break peace with God is to break peace with everyone. Even to know that these “rules” exist is a vantage point, a place to begin. If children are not being socialized at home, they should be adopted by people that will socialize them or they should be able to pick up information from other people in the family, instructors at school or in the street. It is not alright to withhold information to shape outcomes for whatever reason. Anyone who purposefully withholds, misleads or gives someone false information is on the wrong side of God. Any system of government that hurts people and/or frustrates or makes it impossible to follow their callings from God, is despotic.

The Old Culture construct is based in “white” magic or the essence of things and how some juxtapositions of things create positive energy and some juxtapositions of things create negative energy. These ways are benign, other Old Culture ways are not. The Old Culture is from 14,000 years ago, people lived largely in rural communities on farms, there were newspapers and town criers, people travelled by horse and carriage, met other people in the area at Church on Sunday, people congregated in the village market, sold produce from their farms and families, before the evolution of the Church, there were Sabbats celebrating the Seasons where people gathered and told stories around a large fire with feasting. However, the Old Ways can be quicksand when they contravene with the Holy Spirit Way. It is not alright for there to be a “game” where people do not know the rules. With the Industrialized Economy and the move off the land, people were performing shift work, families became broken as people moved to the cities for work, people became lost to the machine. With the New Age Internet Economy, the entire economy has been underwritten with the computer, streamlining work and morphing the shape of a work day. There is less traditional employment (except for service work) and entrepreneurism is coming to the fore as the Internet becomes the new storefront. In a world where it is possible for more people to work from home, possibly bringing up children, the Community could grow into a more safe and healthy place.

The old monastic concept of self-sustaining communities but with families instead of celibates could be manifesting itself. Positive growth perhaps with everyone drawing a salary and people pitching in to build everyone homes, a new egalitarian distribution of labor and financing emerges. An example is The Mondragon Cooperative in Spain, an appliance manufacturer that has been working cooperatively since the 1950’s. Other types of cooperatives could be off-the-grid endeavours but instead of a single family involving a community of families, creating self-sustaining businesses/living/cost-sharing arrangements. Financially it could keep people off welfare and promote needs met, Community, peaceful co-existence and good mental health and well-being. The “cult of ego” society does not have to exist, life does not have to be a paranoid, stressful, fear-based grab-bag manifesting violence. All God asks of us is to follow the Holy Spirit way, to not hurt each other, to follow your calling for love and to follow your calling for work. The world is overconstructed, people have a right to live healthy lives, in Community, married to their Starcrossed or more suited Lover and contributing their talents to providing for the Community. The cultural rules have morphed into a monster, something that may have had some credence in the Old Agricultural Society has become almost unrecognizable with the change in the social economy from the Industrialized Economy to the Internet New Age Economy. The comfort of relying on history and saying the cultural rules “have always been like that” is not comfort, if the cultural rules go against the Holy Spirit way (to not hurt others). If you are not on the right side of God, you are not on the right side of anyone. The Holy Spirit Way is perfect when understood, when followed prevents violence, creates peace. God left us with Signs from God.

The Way of Peace.



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