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It is a bright yet cloudy Autumn afternoon in the gathering cold at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The new rescue cat, Tango Blue Arias is beginning to make forays into the kitchen in the afternoon, becoming more comfortable with his surroundings. Book Reviews and Poetry is writing . . .

"To me, it really seems visible today that ethics is not something exterior to the economy, which, as technical matter, could function on its own; rather, ethics is an interior principle of the economy itself, which cannot function if it does not take account of the human values of solidarity and reciprocal responsibility."
- Pope Benedict XVI

"Look at electricity in human history - it took a few decades for electricity to really revolutionize the American economy. And the Internet will be the same. At some point in the future, we will arrive at a new era of low-hanging fruit."
- Tyler Cowen (Economist, Professor, Author)

Theories of the Online Economy #457

In the Transition Economy to the Computerized Way, it may be difficult to have a business that performs. The Internet is the ideal marketing tool, glossy ads with photos on social media connecting to WebSites with more glossy ads with photos, paying for goods and services with PayPal. The New Technology is easy to use and inexpensive, creating WebSites, social media ads, creating photos with a digital camera or a cell phone. PayPal is a reliable financial instrument. It is not difficult to have search engine placement that brings in potential customers. It may help to have a Send to a Friend feature plus buttons that connect to social media on the WebSite increasing traffic. It helps to have a business card that refers people you meet to your WebSite. It is important to have a sound reputation with reliability, so that people can expect your product or service for a fair price.

Beginning entrepreneurs, particularly Artists, may not have a lot of monies, theoretically they may have enough for art supplies and a WebSite. WebSite Hosting can be about $8 per month, with a onetime fee to create the WebSite, it may be possible to get deals through friends for around $100. The following economic theory came through a dream. It is important to offer examples of your work, perhaps for free over social media, and giving people deals in the beginning. If prices of goods and services begin low, say offering your product for $2, then increasing the price to $4, and then to $8, theoretically you can bring in more monies by increasing the price. (another strategy is to offer an array of products and services for different prices). When you have more monies you buy other people’s art, theoretically if all the Artists increase their prices incrementally, and everyone buys other people’s art the economy like a wheel moves, becomes the online economy and the Artist has monies. People with not a lot of available cash should not be disqualified from owning your product or service and it is a good idea to give periodic sales, deals or barter.

If a product or service is a reasonable price compared to similar products or services it is important to pay it. If a product or a service is a “steal” at that price do not look for deals, the Artist has to eat too. Be honest about your bottom line, if you can pay someone’s reduced price please do, if you can’t, then use barter or ask for a sale price. It is the karma of monies, if you receive a “steal” price on something and you could afford to pay more or the market price, I suspect it may create a “hole” in your pocket, so that you lose monies in other dealings, if the Artist is cash poor. I find the more you give to good causes, the more monies you seem to have. For barter, please offer a comparable product or service. A fair deal is karmically sound business practice, particularly in difficult times.

The Way of Peace.



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