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Tea at Tympani Lane Records has moved offices in Montreal and we are all tucked in for the coming winter months. Some new photographs are being produced and should be coming to the Web site, MySpace, FaceBook and various Web site applications soon. I have just written the song "By the rivers of Osheaga", and three new poems, "Hummingbird Places", "In a sleeping blue cathedral . . ." and "After the blue . . ." My first CD "Rebecca Anne Banks: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue . . ." is coming to iTunes hopefully for Christmas.

The following are thoughts on the psychological/karmic effects of the Old Economy, how we came to be here and how the New Economy is unfolding.

The Old Economy

The Old Economy is psychologically unhealthy, based in fear, self esteem issues, jealousy, lack of empathy and a lack of forgiveness that creates negative karma and violence. It is a war economy. Often older people were jealous of the younger generation, had self esteem issues and fear of an economy that did not generate enough monies, personally and for the Society causing people to withhold key Life Ways information, karmic information as well as cultural information, so some people were not socialized properly and this led to broken love lives. After having a certain number of intimate relationships it becomes very difficult to create peace in an intimate relationship and people usually become very broken because of it. Multiple broken intimate relationships are a violation issue that causes anger and sorrow.This brokenness was channeled into some very productive workers and economic drivers that drove the economy with their ideas, but these people pay a very high emotional price, often being on the edge of violence, loneliness and particularly suicide. This Society has a motto of "Wear a condom" which is only half the picture, akin to "Go break yourself." Love lives are very serious, health classes were about surface information on sexual health, without an understanding of the larger picture of marriage, discernment and mentoring in relationship. Feeding into the concept of the broken worker who in his suffering drives the economy and feeds the marketplace through gifts of the Holy Spirit. As the men factory workers became more broken they became better workers, the women as they became broken became whores in the manufacturing economy. Self esteem issues were magnified because not everyone was married to their Fated Other or in a happy marriage. Feeling uncomfortable in their marriages and feeling angry and depressed about themselves caused jealousy of others, and may have increased the likelihood of meanness and acting out and withholding of Life Ways information. Limited resources, particularly jobs meant most people were not given aptitude or psychological tests so they did not have a really good picture of what was a suitable secondary course in job training. If you wanted aptitude testing you had to contract a psychologist. This resulted in people not finding their places in the job market until later in life (lessening stress on the job market but harrying people's lives so that they married later and lived with their parents longer). Also a lack of empathy, and an us and them mentality with the mantra of the war economy to dehumanize the enemy so you can better kill them. Anyone perceived as different was fair game for disabuse, and indeed anyone could be cast as the "other." Sometimes, people live in dread of the inevitability of death at the end of life, this discomfort causes them to act out because they do not understand/accept the life process and thus arguments, violence and war occur. The emotional pain of innocents who have been unfairly cast as scapegoat comes back collectively to the Society creating karmic dissonance, violence, debt and war. Too much emotional pain in the Community because of broken love lives is reflected in addictions, mental patients, suicides, homicides, debt and war. Currently, society is very broken with approximately half the population in serial relationships and/or wounded celibacy. In a metaphoric and actual sense people are at each other's throats inside a great silence that on occasion ruptures into violence. Like a machine, people are pushed to the edges of their capabilities, and everyone has their breaking point. At the point they break a job space opens up for someone else. This economy is based on rape, suicide, addictions, psychiatry, murder and emotional and actual violence. Suicide, war, and homicide frees up jobs in a limited resource economy. The fear of not enough has sabotaged the Western economy (particularly the United States) to this point of quiet violence that is becoming louder, and reflected in the greater economy as national debt and war.

The New Economy

Society is becoming disseminated as the post-modern school grasps at beauty as a rebellious wake up call, and the war economy of the western world breathes its last breath. As people become laid off from their jobs due to automation they pick up guitars and musical instruments becoming bards, poets and writers. The old economy is at the pinnacle of self-actualization and falling away because of karmic dissonance and a change in the structure of the job market to a computer based economy. The unfolding new economy is psychologically healthy which creates good karma which in turn translates into needs met and stronger, safer Communities. People have evolved, become more intelligent and do their own emotional work, like and accept themselves (no self esteem issues), see others as they would see themselves (prevents boundary issues and acting out), are informed about Life Ways and are channeled into meaningful work. People perfectly suited for their work role are happy, work is like play, it is something they excel at. In the new economy people are given I.Q.tests or take them for free over the Internet and match their skills and psychological type to the most suited career and make informed educational choices. According to the new social contract everyone gives to the Community, if you can't find work in your field , do volunteer work and get references or become an entrepreneur and open a small business. Raising children is giving to the Community. Part-time or volunteer work is giving to the Community or just doing your part on an everyday basis to create peace, harmony and understanding in the Community is fulfilling the social contract. In return, people receive food, shelter, healthcare, education and have happy love lives. People are fully educated in Life Ways information because they know that it exists and they make it a priority to learn it. Young people are mentored effectively, they need to be able to discern what is good information, have an understanding of the difference between right and wrong, an understanding of the religious mysteries and good socialization. This starts with parents in happy marriages and a Community that picks up where the family leaves off. People treat their love lives seriously and stay pure, lessening their emotional pain and making wiser, better discerned choices in their personal lives. If they have a love affair that ends they achieve emotional healing through Deep Process work and prayer. If people met and married their Fated Others more and were happier in their love lives, there would be less emotional and actual violence in the society. Ifpeople are married to their Fated Others they are less likely to be unhappy with themselves and less likely to be jealous and act out inappropriately on other people. The more happy people are in their love lives, the more people are mentored and discerned effectively, the new positive energy will create enough. If a love relationship goes awry people practice forgiveness more, acting more responsibly, using better mentoring and discernment. Gone is the phrase "people treat their pets better than their lovers." This is a family based Society with solid values, one of the side effects is that the population could increase (people would be encouraged to have no more than 2 children (unless they had unlimited resources), adoptions are free). The computer and at-home businesses allows people to be in the home more and to be more involved in raising their children.An economy based on peace, love, respect and understanding. Passing on misinformation or no information is a sin. Everyone should be clean in thought, word and deed. The natural goodwill would create less emotional and actual violence and the good karma would naturally generate monies personally and for the economy. Anyone without a Fated Other would need to network and possibly travel to find a marriage partner, or become members of the Clergy, Bards or Oracles. However,the number of people in unhappy emotional circumstances, alone, in unhappy marriages or in wounded celibacy or serial relationships would be incredibly less than the current condition and the world would be better for it. Emotional healing (through Deep Process Work) and emotional health with a greater understanding of the Holy Spirit and prayer creates people who do not act out in emotional or actual violence and helps foster happy, peaceful lives within a safe Community. Emotional violence and actual violence would lessen, with less rape, addictions, mental patients, suicides, and murders. All this creates good karma that translates into needs met and enough. Aided by the Computer and the Internet that promotes at home businesses, supports easy business administration and supports networking for finding the best quality products for the less price as well as providing access to secondhand markets. In the New Economy concern for the environment, violence against animals and the recycling of goods show people care and making the most out of available resources, are responsible and creating good karma."Shopping therapy" and running up credit cards that result in bankruptcy would lessen, businesses may largely disseminate and small businesses being driven locally come to the fore (as profit lines become what is enough) and the need for war would lessen as people are better mentored in their love lives. The better application of these karmic ideals on a global level would prevent the Western World and particularly the United States from being in a position where they feel they must create war to protect themselves and their international interests. An ideal of thought is enough to create the ideal, it gives a starting point. Building Third World economies so that everyone has enough is an ideal. Peace is also an ideal. Teaching people better discernment in marriage, anger management and the difference between right and wrong with an understanding of karmic principal, channeling of energies positively into their calling for work, helps create a safe and happy global community. Death is an immediate, short term answer to a long term problem that requires illumination, forgiveness and redemption.

The Way of Peace,



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