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"Nothing says Christmas like a cat!"

Christmas 2015 Newsletter

Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas! from Tea at Tympani Lane Records!

The big news this Christmas is that I have company, Tango Blue Arias. He is a rescue cat, a street cat of 2 years old, named Tango, a big orange Norwegian Fire Cat, that I have named Tango Blue Arias. He isn’t socialized properly and is rather reticient but now he tends to come out of hiding more during the day, does cat things, he plays with toys, sometimes sits in the window and has put on weight. He moves fast, like lightening, so it is difficult to get a photo of him, so I have used a vintage picture that is very much in his likeness.

I have been busy, working doing some Web Development work, writing Book Reviews, and publishing Subterranean Blue Poetry (www.subterraneanbluepoetry.com).

I am looking for funding on Patreon.com. As little as $1 or $2 per month helps me with funding for art projects, I need a DSLR camera and could use some monies to get back in the studio. I have about 17 CD projects of lyric and music awaiting production. I am just subsisting as an artist and it can be a struggle financially.

It has been an exciting year with 3 performances, a reading for National Poetry Month at Atwater Market, a reading for infringement Festival Montreal in honour of Emile Nelligan at Prince Arthur Parc and a reading at 100 Thousand Poets 4 Change. A big thank you to all the people who made these readings possible and to all who attended.

This year, 3 new titles have been published as EBooks on Amazon, World Peace Newsletters 2005-2010, The Winter Tree, and The Underground Blue. And I am putting all EBooks into paperback: On Watching Snow Falling (2011-2014), The Winter Tree, The Angel, and The Book of Blue are currently available as paperback.

There is a Christmas sale on at your Amazon Station, all EBooks have been reduced in price by 20% or more.

And finished and awaiting publication are Tale Winds, a book of poetry featuring Haiku beginnings as well as, The Dinner Party, a book of short stories.

Current projects writing include Tango Blue Arias, a book of poetry that includes excerpts of life with Tango the cat with Haiku beginnings. Candy and Anarchy is an exciting book of New Age poetry synergies.

I am about to launch a submission call for a Poetry Contest/Anthology: The Children of Orpheus.

A big thank you to everyone who reads Tea at Tympani Lane Records/Subterranean Blue Poetry/The Book Reviewer, who listens to my music and who supports me with monies.

Stay tuned . . . the poetry is writing.

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Rebecca Anne Banks

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