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World Message of Peace

It is the quiet of night and winter, sleep and poetry at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. A sad time as some major artists have passed in the last week, particulalry notable being David Bowie . . .

“I read the news today oh boy
about a lucky man who made the grade . . . “
- from A Day in the Life by The Beatles

(inspired by The Muse and David Bowie)

“blue sky, blue sky day

quiet edge of sunlight

in my dream i have a lover . . . ”

a winter day

should have been in Europe years ago

and the antique keys to the Berlinergate apartment

i read the reports

a tear falls

and i cry into my morning coffee

(it is like being in the next room)

“i never done good things”

I go back to bed

sleep, sleep for days

and time goes

but never dies, never dies

“i never done bad things”

wake the flower with a little water

“ain’t that close to love”

someone beautiful in jingo friesien

and i couldn’t bear to look at him

beauty that defies the rain

like turning cover, the eyes of the sun

and talk of angel Ariel,

my lover/my brother/my lover

he who quested through ancient lands

into Ithaca

“i never did anything out of the blue”

i can taste the oranges on my breath

but who will send me dresses in the mail

and everything is cinema

(we are all in other rooms)

“ashes to ashes”

“don’t stop, don’t stop the dance”, wait i . . .

a day that never ends

a night that never ends

a love that never ends

and do you want to live forever

“bunk to bunkee”

and the boyfriends

could or could not

for whatever reason

let me walk home, alone

ink on Eddies thigh

and i don’t imagine love too much

being some girl wanders . . .

“we know Major Tom’s a junkee”

and no one was ever supposed to know the truth

somewhere out on Route 66

hear no evil,

see no evil,

think no evil

“strung out in heaven’s high”

“men are monkies with monies and guns”

“hitting an all time low”

(i could paint inside the clouds,


love, inside the clouds

who knows where the days go

by sides nor conts

the only thing that saves the day

is still warm coffee

i am burying myself in mounds of poetry and never coming out

she said

the last dance serenade, poetry by

and the snow

those that touch us

the unlived lives

give birth to a bright star

o’ Angel

i can dream my days to heaven

degrees of momenchance

inside a mirror

and the snow

and everything and nothing is magic

he in good nik soul

and nothing matters

at the crossing


and suddenly the day seems old

i wander

i don’t imagine love

sell meat for bones

bones for meat


sell me heaven

he dances on the boulevard

sudden allusions

and in the rising morning

I don’t think anything is going to make me feel better today

anything for coffee

something to live for

“a second chance, a second time”

i’ll post one last tribute before i go

he said

and a loose fitting cloak

monday, cecile, monday

half expecting him to walk out of the horizon line again

maybe if i’d called him Jamie . . .

and i who brought you flowers in the rain

he said

for streethearts

he said

and me and Jamie at the market

and me and Jamie having coffee

for streethearts

me and Jamie . . . )


1. Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie
2. Young Americans by David Bowie
3. Don’t Stop the Dance by Bryan Ferry
4. Quote from Tom Waits
5. Don’t Walk Past by Blue Peter

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