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It is quiet and warm this winter on the Feast Day of St. Brigid at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Subterranean Blue Poetry is just published for February 2016 and I am putting together a large paperback book of the Issues for 2015. Stay Tuned . . . poetry writing.

As a lover's thoughts turn to the rites of Spring, the following are some thoughts on what happens when people's love lives become unmanageable and the "sex wars" ensue. Firstly, a broken intimate relationship causes anger, violation issues, depression and karmic negativity. And secondly, how the ended relationship is handled can lead to more or less trouble. When a relationship is not properly discerned or mentored, usually one of the partners will wish to leave the relationship which can lead to emotional and/or actual violence. A positive thing to do is get into a Deep Process group, where you can grieve or repair the relationship, do your emotional work and get on with life. If you do not deal with these powerful emotions in a positive way (such as in-depth therapy, yoga, meditation, journaling, the practice of your calling for work and/or art) it can lead to negative outcomes. Often there are negative health issues related to broken love lives over time, particularly obesity (as people often eat to comfort themselves) and other issues such as pneumonia, heart conditions are being discovered. Also, people may turn to alcohol or drugs to lessen the pain of the break-up and this can lead to addictions, which can lead to therapy and time off work, becoming a street person or being incarcerated in a mental institution, putting strain on the public welfare system. Similar to addictions is shopping, people who feel depressed may go shopping and put items on credit, possibly causing debt and bankruptcy. Ended relationships can cause fractured families, which causes emotional hardship, particularly on children and single parents. Single parents face particularly difficult times trying to hold down jobs, or further their studies as well as nurture their children when they themselves need to be nurtured and often single parent families face economic hardship. Often people can lose support from their families and may be disabused by them if the "sex wars" affects the lives of their family members. If people are not able to heal after a broken intimate relationship or if they do not look for or find the help they need there is the possibility of continued broken relationships and of violence. When it becomes next to impossible to make a relationship work either because of karmic impurity or because your last boyfriend/girlfriend is threatening your current love interest, this sets up a paradigm for violence, emotional and actual. Sometimes people act in and attempt suicide, sometimes people act out and become physically violent setting them up for incarceration in mental institutions and prisons. According to the Holy Spirit paradigm you have the first 5 chances to make an intimate relationship work, after this you turn karmically impure on a Sign from God. So it is important to get your love life to work out in happy longterm covenant with one of the first 5 lovers. It is also important to remember there are cultural/political rules and Holy Spirit rules. (Please read "How to discern the perfect love life", World Peace Newsletter, Christmas Special 2011). It is important to not give more than an uppercut when a lover leaves, karma is karma and it is important not to go against the Holy Spirit. What you say and do will become magnified and come back to you karmically. Eventually your love life should work out. It is like rocket science, ask questions telepathically, in the street, at church, in the home.

Repeated failed intimate relationships, means you become a multiple rape victim, it becomes difficult to feel good about yourself, you may suffer from depression, have violation issues, a great deal of anger and the negative karma of having had too many lovers. I suspect some women who have fallen may turn to prostitution as an economic advantage since they are in a rotating partner situation anyway, however because of karmic adages it is not right to accept monies for sexual favors, it is against the law, against social mores and against the Holy Spirit (the spirit of love). Another possibility of multiple sexual partners is the person who becomes homosexual as an alternative, the reasoning being it may become easier to make a relationship work with the same sex (although sex with the same sex is usually defiling the font which causes negative karma and according to Stats Canada, homosexual relationships have a tendency to last less longer than heterosexual relationships). Everyone has a Fated Lover of the opposite sex. If one is gay they have a right not to be disabused. After being increasingly wounded by multiple broken relationships some people become wounded celibates, sometimes to the extent of joining a religious order. This condition is very painful because they do not have their sexual needs met, which is a basic human and emotional function, causing frustration, anger and loneliness, if they do not have a calling to be there. Sometimes sexual wounds can cause people to despair so greatly they act out by trespassing boundaries and at its worse can result in violence or murder leading to incarcerations in mental hospitals or prisons. Or the continued sexual woundedness can cause acting in and addictions or suicide leading to incarcerations in mental hospitals, often this person can come to be on welfare and at the auspices of the state. Sometimes if this energy is channeled creatively it can turn people into artists, excellent workers and/or soldiers, soldiers feeding war situations. So if a majority of the population are karmically impure there is a greater potential for violence, by channeling these people into the army (if they have a calling for it), it lessens the chance of domestic and casual violence in the streets of the community and takes the stress off a limited resources job market. So having a high percentage of the population karmically impure feeds productivity by producing highly skilled workers and economic drivers that feed the economy but there is a powerful dark side, the karmic dissonance of emotional and actual violence that feeds wars and a debt-ridden economy. An ultimate solution is better mentoring and discernment in people's love lives so that they marry their Fated Lover and do not become karmically impure,channeling their energies into their calling for work/art. Creative interventions of emotional therapy work (grief work and anger management), release work through physical activity, journaling, yoga and meditation are ways to heal the brokenness of ended relationships (please see "How to heal when a lover leaves" World Peace Newsletter, November 2011).

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