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World Message of Peace

The beginnings of winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . wandering through the China Market, it is easy to find Dim Sum pastries and wonderful white ceramic bowls with blue flower motifs, soon the small oranges for marmalade will be in the stores. The first CD Rebecca Anne Banks: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue . . . will be on iTunes and other major listservs in the next 4 to 6 weeks. I am busy with poetry and giving performances at The Pound and in the Montreal Metro.

The following are some thoughts on resources,interpretations of the economy and the state of peace in a troubled and broken world. The current war in the Middle East and indeed Muslim conflicts sparked by 911 and the bombing of the World Trade Centre . . . I see the suicide bombings as a cry for help. Muslim culture is a war culture, husbands have too many wives which makes them karmically impure, creating situations of emotional violence that may bubble over into actual and institutionalized violence. Also Muslim countries may be functioning with strained resources, many wars throughout history occurred on some level because there was a lack of food for the general populace. If Muslims actually talked to and found their Fated Others, marrying them, it could be a whole new era of peace and spiritual renewal. As well as having constructive help from the West to build Third World economies so everyone would have enough; food, shelter, meaningful work, a happy love life, healthcare and education.

The West and particularly the United States is experiencing a certain economic market volatility, debt and war that will not be helped by the possibility of coming shortfalls in petroleum production. Although world petroleum supplies may not totally falter for another 90 years, the United States may have to purchase its petroleum from foreign suppliers, affecting the American economy and influencing the global economy. With the increase in transportation costs as well as production and raw material costs, prices of everyday items may increase, decreasing the buying power of the average citizen, slowing the economy. The market influences pricing, so always shop and compare prices, purchasing the best item for the least cost. Petroleum run automobiles may become luxury items and alternative transportation services, such as the Metro/Subway/Bus and Bixi or bicycle taxis will shine. Any transportation vehicle run by petroleum may become very expensive to buy fuel for, alternative vehicles run by solar batteries, alcohol, electricity will come to the forefront but may be expensive until they become firstly, perfected in design and function and until they become mass produced. As transportation prices increase, it may become more cost efficient to buy locally grown food, supporting local agricultural businesses, more freshness, less food additives. As the price of plastic goes up, people will be wearing more cotton, wool, silk, natural fibers. Plastic bags at the grocery store may go by the wayside as people opt for cotton string bags or ecobags that they reuse over and over again.? Recycling comes to the for as simple objects take on a new value. As prices go up and some products may not be available, a flourishing aftermarket in secondhand goods over the Internet kicks in (particularly the secondhand aftermarket for computers and computer parts). Computers may go up in price or they may try to produce them using biophenols. Bargain stores thrive. The Internet thrives in the new economy. It is the fabric that holds the society together, as a source of news, communication, networking, business, and entertainment. War in the form of the Army may become largely mothballed as worrisome conditions of weather may worsen. Army vehicles may not translate well to alternative fuel resources and the last cries of an overbearing patriarchy may come to a screaming close. Hazardous weather conditions in the form of hurricanes and earth tremors may become the new concern for the military. Petroleum may have to be regulated for most important product production. Travel to other countries by air and travel in general may become more expensive until an alternative airplane is produced that runs on biophenols, electricity, solar energy or something other than petroleum. It may become more difficult to get information out about human rights abuses, political conditions in foreign places if people are travelling less. Until the new technology for transportation and oil substitutes kick in the world is in transformation. Positive effects of a less petroleum use Society is that one of the causes of global warming and pollution will lessen, maybe leading to a cleaner world with better effects for health. Less cancer rates and eventually a possible lessening of negative weather patterns. Society moves into a position of post-Apocalypse, as the old economy falls away giving birth to the new way, the new economy. Socially, people rediscover old values and family and friends become the centre of people's lives as well as networking for goods. Until the new technology kicks in, everything becomes closer, as the local Community comes in focus and places at a distance may not be as accessible.

There is so much hidden violence in the Requiem World that it has become cliche and has ceased to shock. But it is the quiet violence of drug addiction/alcoholism, suicide, rape and emotional abuse that sometimes erupts into murder that eats at the fabric of the social life in North America because people do not understand or handle their love lives effectively or are not mentored or discerned effectively. In the new economy, possible lack of accessibility of goods and the "sex wars" (people beating on love interests for sexual access) could lead to emotional and actual violence. People are tired of the old economy, of settling for less in their love lives, of being overly burdened with personal debt, of being in jobs they aren't suited for because they aren't mentored or discerned effectively, of worrying all the time of whether they are going to lose their jobs, lose their husbands/wives, will they be able to pay the mortgage, if the kids are going to land on their feet, who will look after them in old age, will they have enough retirement monies? We want an economy based on love, respect and doing the right thing, following the religious mysteries, not on rape, murder and public abuse.

How to survive in the New Economy

In the new economy with a transformation of resources from a petroleum resource base the key words are resiliency, staying within the law, forgiveness, flexibility. Search for the best quality, least expensive options or products to survive using internet resources and word of mouth. For a luxury or high priced item that is beyond your budget, it would be positive to form groups of people who all need the same product and pool your financial resources to purchase the item and then share it on a time schedule. If you need something ask and network for it, Craigslist has a free and barter section. Discern your calling for work through psychological testing and aptitude testing. Always practice your calling for work; perhaps by opening a business (maybe advertised on the Internet with your own Web site) or even if it is in a volunteer capacity and keep active by learning new things that could keep you economically viable. Education in the Free School is just a click away on the Internet, a great resource of inexpensive knowledge and education. Usually people have emotional wounds from their original families and/or broken love lives. Know thyself, emotional healing through Deep Process Work can lead to peace, a more rewarding love life and financial growth as it aids in becoming self actualized. Know what is going on around you, if you don't understand something ask until you find an answer. Work at being the change you want to see. Practice the art of illumination, leave people with some insight or something to think about when you talk to them. Good emotional health, practicing release work and being clean in thought, word and deed creates good karma, and good karma helps create money and resources. Always tell the bare truth, it keeps cob webs from growing and the dust in the small places from blooming into darkness. Truth telling preserves sanity, protects individuals and ultimately the Community, safeguarding democracy. Illumination, the truth and right thinking (in line with the Holy Spirit) changes people's thoughts and if you change people's thoughts you can change people's actions. Practice forgiveness. By acting out on your anger inappropriately you could be harming someone who is an innocent. All thoughts, words and deeds are magnified thrice times thrice (old Wiccan proverb), what you have done will come back to you. If someone has acted inappropriately and hurt someone, the truth about what they have done should be repeated back to them(so they know that they have trespassed and can make amends), if they persist the trespass should be made public knowledge and until they have made amends and/or explained themselves they should be shunned. It is not wise to associate with people of negative reputation. If someone is unaware of the rules of socialization they should be taught. The truth should be discerned effectively by the village elders and people in line with the Holy Spirit so the situation is handled appropriately, so innocents do not suffer. If something is wrong it should be amended so there is peace and safety in the Community. When the person has made amends (apologized or righted the wrong they have created) they should be included as a member of the Community again. Everything should be caught in its beginning stages so nothing negative would be permanent. Sins of the heart or broken love lives could be prevented by better mentoring and discernment. Most sins of trespass can be prevented by communication, encouragement of right thinking and better mentoring and discernment, so innocents are not hurt. Evil is largely unconscious, if people do not realize what they are doing it is up to you to question them and get them to consider what they are doing and the impact it could possibly have. This preserves safety in the Community. The key to happiness is a happy love life, happy family life, become informed, ask a lot of questions. Ideally people would be married to their Fated Others. When enough people think the same way things change. The subtle ring of truth in its elegance and simplicity,

The Way of Peace,



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