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It is a quiet overcast Spring evening at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Subterranean Blue Poetry journal is taking up most of my time. Poetry is writing . . .

“You’re gonna have to serve somebody”
- from Gotta Serve Somebody by Bob Dylan

"what goes around comes around"
- Collective Wisdom

"the first rule is do no harm"
- Collective Wisdom

“men know they like women, after that it is a mess. A happy longterm covenant marriage is like rocket science. Please read Newsletters @ www.tympanilanerecords.com.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“the world is overconstructed. they makin’ people soldiers, instruments of the economy, whores and wars”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“when it’s safe to be a girl again, i’ll come back to North America.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

A New Model of Conflict Resolution for Broken Marriages and Intimate Relationships:

The Divorce Party

An unofficial tribunal of friends and family of a divorcing couple (gay, straight). Have it catered or potluck and maybe book a band or have music and dancing afterwards. This is not my idea, i actually attended a Divorce Party through some friends at my therapist's in Toronto. However, it is a ritual for our times.

The 2 divorcing people sit or stand at the front of the room and read or speak from the heart about how they feel about divorcing their partner. An open and honest speech addressing their ex with respect and consideration, perhaps highlighting the good and bad times, what they think the trouble was with the marriage, how they felt about the marriage, how they felt about the divorce.

Basically this is a matter between the two divorcing people. But if someone feels strongly about what is going on and would like to address the couple and the room so they can feel better perhaps they should be invited to come to the front of the room and say their peace. Perhaps to include the older children and the elders as well. This promotes Community and family, so that close family and friends get to know each other, so that they know what is going on with their family/friends, the divorcing couple, and so the rite of passage of divorce is honoured and even celebrated.

This is an honest and clean way to deal with the pain and brokenness of a broken marriage. Ideally “The Divorce Party” would clean up the politics of possible chaos stakeholders in broken marriages. There are no hidden punches, no sneaky politics, no family violence, no murders, no group stalking. Sometimes people get upset about other people’s outcomes (divorces, suicide, depression etc.) and will sit in their thoughts and stew until it boils over into violence. The enemy is silence. At least if they have a say at a public hearing perhaps they will feel this is enough and not act out inappropriately.

Change people’s thoughts and/or let them vent and change people’s actions. It may also help if the affected family/friends do release work and prayer. Perhaps people could discuss ways to heal the anger and depression after the breakup, sleep, release work, prayer, journaling, meditation, an arts calling or special calling for work. (see World Peace Newsletter, mid-November 2011). And get some feedback on what to look for in a more copacetic marriage relationship. (See World Peace Newsletter, Christmas Special, 2011).

In “the cult of ego” in the West, anyone can inflict pain and violence on a leaving lover according to the Old World cultural construct and chaos politics. I suspect this unofficial cultural code/rules of elite white families was put in place to prevent violence and keep the young people karmically pure. With the burgeoning population (since 1867) and the stress of changes in the social economy (Industrial Society: the move off the land to cities and factory work perhaps leading to broken families and lost special information; New Age Society: fluctuating bottom lines and less employment putting stress on the old political rules and marriages) plus the infiltration by governments/stakeholders with a chaos agenda has made the original cultural construct much worse than it ever was. This unofficial cultural code is from 1,000’s of years ago, of the Agricultural Society, it regulates everything, even thoughts. In the Old Agricultural Society, the hidden agenda of the cultural way was unofficial, the uppercuts and possible violence are administered by the relatives/interested parties of the divorcing couple and the Community, everything was ad hoc, the final reckoning based in SignsfromGod, with strict consequences for going against someone deemed righteous by God. When infiltrated by a chaos stakeholder, government, evil person, a person with hidden agendas, there is violence against innocents and untold suffering and havoc.

Sometimes people are murdered, people are hurt because they are not at home with their Starcrossed Lover as God intended, their callings from God may be frustrated and they may end up becoming violent, in prison, street people, alcoholics/drug addicts, mental patients or suicide. The cultural rules are based in thoughts, it looks ephemeral it may not be. People should not be responsible for other people’s actions. People should not have to worry about someone operating on their actions, speech or thoughts. Particularly, thoughts are the building blocks of speech and action, they were never meant to stand alone as concrete entities.

In the Old Society the bottom line is death, it is too harsh, it should be O.K. to make a mistake in your love life without giving you a dead relative or a life sentence of rape, torture and/or celibacy. The Old Society is draconian. You get 5 chances with 5 different opposite sex partners to make your love life work in happy longterm covenant marriage, after this you turn karmically impure on a SignfromGod. It is not O.K. to square off on someone or mark a leaving lover so they cannot marry and have a happy love life. If people have an essence problem, there was no Sign from God, their soul colours clash too much, they are too different psychologically, they don’t like their lovers inner child, they should not be expected to stay in the marriage, it is unhealthy and unfair to impose their will over someone elses. Sometimes people purposely break someone, their lovers leave them because of threats/violence until they end up with who is constructing the maze. Causing violence because of the thoughts, speech, actions of a young woman can be a shakedown for sexual services. This is absolutely deplorable and draconian. After having serial sexual relationships and turning karmically pure again, you may be able to marry.

There are SignsfromGod around love lives, everyone has at least one Starcrossed Lover (if they survive childhood) and it is possible for a good settle in a marriage by discerning using the “staking” prayer. A good settle in marriage on a SignfromGod can be as good as a Starcrossed Lover. This knowledge is sacred, it is the Holy Spirit in action on earth, the inside of the 10 Commandments. It is not to be described verbally, I give it titles so that with telepathy you can ask questions and discern your marriage bed. (please read World Peace Newsletter Christmas Special 2011)

I suspect people in happy longterm covenant marriages are not prone to violence. If there is a danger the population could increase, provide inexpensive or free birth control. Perhaps sterilization after 2 children if they are on welfare.

Someone can be deemed “out of control” for not following their elite family rules. This can get you an unhappy marriage or an arts calling, sometimes you may not get the job you want or sometimes all you get is your job and you may have serial sexual relationships. I suspect the majority of people cannot emotionally handle serial sexual relationships and may end up celibate or experimenting with their sexuality, becoming queer. Also, they may end up becoming violent, street people, mental patients, alcoholics/drug addicts, may have health issues and may suicide. Having multiple sexual relationships and the hardship it causes, the anger and depression and the black marks on the soul, I suspect is driving Community violence and the war economy. It is social control/compliance through controlling your bed rite. Women and people may be raped in the open for not following the cultural way and sometimes surreptiously (under hypnosis as they sleep at night).

If men in the Community have a tendency for violence because they are not at home with their Starcrossed or more suited lover and have had too many lovers, they could join the army or follow their calling for work. There is a special SignfromGod for men suited to celibacy in the Church. There should be no construct of violence in our Communities.

The old cultural way is an abrogated power construct that in the Industrialized Economy/New Economy creates economic drivers. Sometimes people are bated by their traditional family enemies. It is a vicious entertainment akin to the “fox hunt”, people are murdered, people suicide, people are hounded with uppercuts, people become writers/artists/musicians and become the entertainment, people turn karmically impure and then karmically pure again, people create new ideas that make people millions of dollars all in incredible suffering. All in relative silence. In the very slow time of the Agricultural Society, this relieves boredom, it is a smaller population, everyone is at a distance (on the farm and travel difficult/expensive with horse and carriage and ships). Perhaps it is a more copacetic time when people are better socialized and have more of a chance to marry their Starcrossed Lover (although children had a greater chance of dying in childbirth), it is a very constructed time, there are rules about private and public space, people are supposed to know their place. All marriages (including the elite) were arranged by families until the 18th century. There are few exceptions (the Renaissance in Italy and the Gandharva marriages in the Vedic time in India). "In Russia and China all marriages were arranged until the 20th century".* Depending on the personalities involved and the cultural custom of the time, the prospective marriage partners may or may not have had a say in who they married.

In the fast time of the 21st century with cell phones, computers, radio, television, the movies, audiotapes, boredom is not a problem, it is a see and be seen world, with inexpensive and ease of communication and travel, everyone is close. It is a time of the revelation of the Holy Spirit tenets and equal rights, the right to fulfill your callings from God, personal freedom, a happy marriage and to have needs met. It is also a very violent time, with the change in the social economy to the Computerized Society, an increased population, chaos stakeholders and an old cultural construct that may be creating more violence in an already stressed world. The Old Society cultural construct is being abused, people may be using an instrument that was never meant to exist. It is never alright to inflict pain on another person or their family more than an uppercut. Telling the truth about people and what they’ve said or done can cause people to shun or openly bearbate someone. If people have not discerned their marriage partner effectively they have 5 chances to work it out before becoming karmically impure on a SignfromGod. You should not have to pay for making a bad choice in your love life for the rest of your life, perhaps being shunned, being bated, being alone in a room, being a rape victim from too many lovers, being celibate, being without your Starcrossed Lover, with grave suffering. With an arts calling or a special calling for work, God sees your offering and will reinstate your karmic purity on a SignfromGod but it takes about 20 years. The SignsfromGod all have meaning in the well of Community knowledge and the Church, it is passed down through the grapevine and telepathy from generation to generation. This part of the cultural construct is good, it is telling the Community who is an innocent and protecting that person, telling the truth of the matter. What is unreasonable is the rejected lover putting the person in a power bind in the first place. And there are many rules, most of the rules are there to prevent a bad situation from being worse, the basic rule is it is not alright to hurt an innocent.

Anyone willing to take out an initial lower cut is violating the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Good, the Community of Saints, the goodwill of the Community, and the law of the land. Plus they are making an ex-lover/friend and their friends and family an enemy and making the Community a warzone. It is chaos. Everyone is someone’s Starcrossed Lover, someone’s friend, someone’s mother, someone’s father, someone’s sister, someone’s brother, someone’s family. This aspect of the unofficial cultural code is a sucker punch, it causes untold suffering on innocents and over time will mark the soul of whoever uses it and make them insane.

We do not control others actions, and it is not alright for others to implicate young people in a crime.

People who use the unofficial cultural code walk around and function when people may not know what they have done.

The entire system is unofficially regulated leaving it open to green operators and/or chaos operators receiving monies or special favours for services rendered. People with resources of monies and influence may attempt to skew outcomes hurting innocents.

The Old World cultural system may have been infiltrated by chaos/political stakeholders. There should be no chaos operations, the murdering of innocents for monies or special favours.

It presumes guilt until someone is proved innocent, if they are, by turning karmically pure on a Sign from God for an arts calling or a special calling for work.

It is not flexible, it takes about 20 years to play out, a very large package of time. The problem is it is someone enforcing their will over another’s (why are they not equal stakeholders), it is grave suffering and it takes a long time (about 20 years) for your name to be cleared.

The bottom line of the cultural code is death (it is one thing to beat someone up after the bars close but it is another thing to do them in if they are innocent), if someone is taking heads it is the old people in the family who may be made marks. It is not healthy for wronged people (usually ex-lovers) to castigate the old people for their younger family members actions.

It is not healthy for traditional family enemies to blame new members of the enemy family for the sins of their forebears.

In my understanding of karma anyone under 16 years old is not to blame for infractions of the family rules, it will bear out in reclaiming of karmic purity.

The unofficial cultural code is based in rules of thoughts, words and actions, a certain rote that is detailed and difficult to learn past childhood.

The white cultural way is too easy to use and presumes violence. Sometimes you may not know you have marked someone or may have been misinterpreted. For women this may turn into a shakedown for sexual services so you have to marry someone you are not suited for and miss your Starcrossed Lover. Your suffering feeds the economic driver scene. And there is elite security paradigms, if there has been trouble you may have to fill someone elses security card, by marrying someone who looks a certain way, a house construct. It is important to have the support of your family and extended family members so nothing goes down, your father and the men in the family look after protecting the family. If the members of the family are attached to a chaos government they may be fulfilling death quotas. If this is the case, it is best to leave home at 16 - 18 years old. Pick up the cultural rote in telepathy in the street.

Some of the white cultural rules collide with the Holy Spirit way and cause chaos.

It ruins the life of everyone involved. Whoever is making the lower cut is usually the karmically impure one in the family, he may have been cornered by one of his lovers, or marked for not following the family rules and is extremely heartbroken by multiple ended love affairs. This person is the family enforcer, the one who “protects” the members of the family with violence if needed.

Not everyone is trained properly in the modern world. One of the sayings I hear often is “there is always more to know”. With both parents working outside the home during the Industrialized Economy, it may have been more difficult for the children to learn the cultural rote.

Because of the cultural elite white family rules people hold each other at a distance. Each elite white family has their own set of rules, only for that extended family. If someone is not mentored properly it sets up a chain of violence where their friends and their marriage partner and their family may not be safe.

Sometimes an elder in the family dies and it is blamed on someone (sometimes the contacts of a younger person in the family who may or may not be trained properly), then the marriage bed of this unfortunate person can be affected. These “cultural rules” create actual violence and paranoia. People are afraid of violence to their families and everytime an elder in their family dies they may blame someone associated with the family for not following their cultural rote. It creates a society of paranoia with a feeling of a lack of safety. And manifests an entrenched affect where people only interact with a very few people and stay home with their families if they have one.

In the Old Society it kept operations up front, everyone knew who they were dealing with and who had cursed them and I suspect everyone was better parented and trained in the elite white family rules. It was a slow time economy, most people at home on the farm with large families. The rules were there to prevent violence, because it was regulated people had some idea of who was responsible. However, in my opinion the cultural way in the modern world is like the gattling gun. The inventor of the gattling gun decided to create a weapon of death so destructive no one would use it. Instead it was developed into the submachine gun and is in regular use in war zones. The cultural way of giving someone a lower cut is never meant to be used, it is too easy but there are always consequences, the truth bares witness in SignsfromGod. People may be encouraged to use the cultural way in the school yard and the full consequences of the violence both to the person at the receiving end and to the perpetrator is not explained and it is horrific. The violence we hear about on the news is just the tip of the iceberg, there is much more emotional and actual violence under the surface.

An alternative, fair and reasonable society would not tolerate a construct that hurt, murdered and caused people to suicide. The rule of the 10 Commandments is “Thou shalt not Murder”. If no one takes out a lower cut or threatens violence we could all be home with our Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover. If the society was more conscious valuing personal happiness, peace and safety rather than sex and monies and if people were better mentored for life and love the world could be a more peaceable and happy place. This way of peace drags the Community into the light of the 21st Century and out of the dark ages. Just because this cultural system has been in place for 1,000’s of years does not make it legitimate. The Old Society is not the New Society.

In the New Age people may have evolved from the Old Society, have a better understanding of the Holy Spirit tenet, a better understanding of the art of living. The end result of the emotional and actual violence of N.A. is that there is an incredible Zen, as if the light at the end of the tunnel of Existentialism. There is a new understanding of accountability, an end to oppression, the freedom of the individual to follow their callings from God for work and love and the basic premise of the Holy Spirit to not hurt innocents. This incredible enlightenment negates the violence of the Old Culture way, creating a New Culture way of non-violence. The Old Cultural Way has no place in our Communities, it is not healthy. People need to be better mentored and discerned in the cultural and Holy Spirit way so that no one is murdered or suicides and it should not be possible to use more than an uppercut on a leaving lover. People need to have a better understanding of discernment in marriage (see World Peace Newsletter Christmas Special 2011) so that they stay karmically pure and work out their longterm marriage bed in the first 5 lovers.

Better mentoring and discernment – sometimes there is no special information, particularly bad in an elite White family. Sometimes people have no idea of what they are supposed to know or how to have a love affair or what the white power construct means. As if they are sucker punching the unfortunate know nothing into an elite security paradigm and into a particular bed partner; for monies, for watching people suffer and feeling powerful, for political purposes, for elite security paradigms, for hidden agendas. It is a very constructed society, hidden agendas and the cult of ego, power constructs with out of control emotional and actual violence. Suffering from too many ended love affairs is karmic dissonance manifesting a violent, debt ridden, war economy.

What are the goals of chaos operators? Sex, monies, power (feeling powerful for having caused someone to be hurt), chaos for the sake of chaos, hidden agendas. Such as causing trouble for traditional family enemies, frustrating their job prospects and/or ending their bloodlines and/or revenge for imagined slights. Every generation faces the same problems, learning the Holy Spirit way and educating their leaders as well as chaos actors (people with unsound psychology and/or conflicted soul colours) in the tenets of the Holy Spirit as well as creative ways (sports and arts) to handle emotions so innocents aren't hurt. Hidden chaos operators (individuals, corporations, governments) should be instructed in the Holy Spirit way and taught how to see SignsfromGod. SignsfromGod tell you who is a good choice for marriage and the truth of any situation when followed justice and peace is preserved in the Community. There is a well of knowledge in the Community and in the Church as to what each SignfromGod means, if you use your telepathy and ask elders/people who know will tell you what they mean. Usually there is a general ouevre and you can tell if something is a positive or negative sign. As soon as you hurt/murder an innocent and/or frustrate people’s callings from God it will become magnified and return to the chaos operator karmically in negative consequences. Not only does it affect your reputation, it will also affect your emotional health (suicidal/depression/psychosis), physical health and your bottom line.

It should not be possible to create violence for innocent people. Just because you made a mistake in choosing your marriage partner, you should not have to pay for it for the rest of your life. Better mentoring and discernment in the cultural/political and Holy Spirit way would go a long way to creating peace in our personal lives, peace in our Communities and peace in our World.

The Way of Peace.



*Arranged Marriages. Wikipedia.
(March 31st, 2016)

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