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World Message of Peace

After a cold snap, the Summer is warm again on a bright afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We are about to publish Tale Winds in paperback, a New Age Renaissance book of poetry featuring the long poem, Magdalena. A great read.

EcoSave Ideas for the Budget

Food: plan weekly meals around the sales flyers at the big supermarches. (you can check these on the Internet before you go shopping). Sometimes there are little mom and pop grocerterias that always have something fresh in fruits and vegetables on sale. Best to check regularly or when you are low on cash. Sometimes the local pharmacy will have products on sale, like kleenex and toilet paper and sometimes special food items. (also sales items can be checked through online flyers). If you have enough monies you can stock up on sales items you purchase all the time, put the food in the freezer or store the paper products in the cupboard.

When you see fresh berries or fruit on sale you can wash it, put it in plastic bags and freeze it, so that you have some fruit at the end of the month. Or you can make jam with a couple of lemons and a couple of cups of sugar.

If you are on a limited budget, it is often best to cook at home. You can make beautiful meals for under $5. It is also less expensive to make desserts.

If you are in really tight straits there are also Mission Houses, soup kitchens, Drop-Ins and Food Banks. (easy to look up on the Internet).

For Kitchen supplies and Household cleaners the local Dollar stores have great deals. Most cleaners, dishsoap, handsoap, sponges, cloths, mopheads and more can be found for under $2.

Garbage disposal: compost natural kitchen waste and recycle everything else. Sometimes it is possible to reuse grocery bags for garbage but they do not breakdown well and this is not good for the ecology. If you live in an apartment building and have a green space, it would be good to organize a compost for the garden as well as recycling.

Transportation: take the local transit, it is only $20 or $30 per month for 4 or 5 return trips. Live in the middle of a village, get a grocery cart (on sale at most value shops) and pick up what you need in the downtown by walking, taking local transit or bicycling.

Cell Phone: you can often get a deal on a cell phone, a monthly plan for not too much monies. They are great for security, you always know the time and date and if there is trouble you can call a friend or 911.

Credit Card: Debit cards are better than traditional credit cards. You load it up with cash and there are no fantasy free money scenes where you wind up owing thousands of dollars to the bank with big interest rates.

Rent: If you know people really well, it may be possible to all live together in a large apartment, splitting the receipts and pooling resources. If you are living alone or with your family, most large cities have Low Rent Housing or Coops that take only 25% of your income (you usually have to apply and be on a waiting list for a few years). It may help to have a regulated rental market, the only bill i have that is astronomical is the rent.

Clothing: Local thrift stores will often have good secondhand clothing for not too much monies. It is interesting to mix and match pieces with first run clothing. It is sometimes possible to find good new clothing for not too much monies at the Internet. Shopping, comparing styles and prices from your living room. Anything you want is available at the Internet, shoes, boots, purses, it is good to compare shipping prices, sometimes they are reasonable sometimes not. It is good to be aware of what the sizing is like, sometimes clothes from China are in smaller sizes. You can sometimes get good deals on Birkenstock sandles from the factory in Germany over the Internet and on EBay. Local malls and clothing stores also have sales.

Big ticket items: There is Amazon Station, Ebay, Walmart, Sears and online retailers. All great places to haunt online for bargains on computers, beds, furniture, bedding, and more. Shop and compare, sometimes the shipping is free or nominal. All the big retailers will have flyers, to shop for the best deal on something you need.

Special One of a Kind Items: Craigslist or Kijiji. Secondhand, antique or vintage items can sometimes be found for a bargain. You can arrange pick up locally at the Metro or sometimes they will deliver big ticket items for an extra $10 or $20. Also haunt garage sales. The local secondhand shops, Value Village, Renaissance, The Salvation Army also have furniture and goods as well as clothing. Local antique stores sometimes have sales (and less chance of getting bedbugs).

Cosmetics, Skin Cream and Body Aesthetics: you can sometimes pick up nut butter oils at the local Health Food Shop and combine them with essential oils for not too much monies. You don’t have to worry about big administration fees and shipping fees at the Internet. Also, big cosmetic companies like Body Shop all have Internet sales, it is good to check out regularly. You can pick up Biotin and anti-wrinkle creams or anything cosmetic at the Internet, just shop for the best price and shipping. It helps to pay by debit Credit Card and EFT’s.

Artist Supplies: supplies for writing, pens and paper, notebooks can be found at the Dollar stores for a couple of dollars. Most villages have a local art store or a dollar art store, shop the sales and flyers. And there are art supplies over the Internet compare and shipping costs, may help to organize a coop and buy in bulk.

Latest big, great discovery: Wish.com. You can get good quality first run stuff for next to no monies and a reasonable shipping rate.



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