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World Message of Peace

It is a quiet evening in August, cloudsky dark dreaming of rain at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am reading at 100 Thousand Poets 4 Change in Montreal at the Mariposa Cafe on September 24th, 2016, 6:00 p.m. I am moving house in the fall to Westmount, a rent geared to income apartment. The poetry is writing . . .

“Never do great harm for great good.”
- Collective Wisdom

“Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.“
- Our Father Prayer

“Avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”
- Romans 12:19

“Now I know why tigers eat their young.“
- Al Capone (Gangster)

The following are thoughts on temptation and the nature of Karma . . .

What is temptation?

Being lured by something that looks bright and shiny but hurts others and ourselves. By breaking with the Holy Spirit so that your thought, word, action hurts someone else, compromising Community safety and threatening peace in the Community. Because you’ve hurt someone you are hurting yourself by having created bad karma. By having manifested violence you are affecting your mood and psychological landscape becoming depressed, perhaps paranoid (on the trespass of murder of innocents), as if having been cast into purgatory or hell before arriving. Everything effects everything else, a trespass causes sorrow and anger not only against the person who was hurt but also causes concern and hurt from the people that love this person and concern from the Holy Spirit, the trespass becomes magnified and is reflected back to the person who has trespassed. This is the nature of Karma. When the trespass is severe, negative Karma grows and increases and the trespasser may suicide or act out and be violent; the Holy Spirit will make itself known with Signs from God to stop the abuse by the trespasser. In severe cases of trespass there are manifestations for the trespasser of depression, paranoia, your teeth may fall out, you will suffer incredibly (the Old Wiccan saying is the trespass will be returned thrice x's thrice or nine times) may become addicted, may become psychiatric, may be put in prison and if you have murdered an innocent God will send signs of bloodrust to Saints so they will know what you have done. All trespass needs to be dealt with by the Community, getting to the root of the problem, defusing it so that it doesn’t happen again and making reparations and if there has been severe trespass with Signs from God words gets out and people may avoid you and/or give you an upper cut. I suspect in severe cases the Holy Spirit will take away the trespassers Guardian Angel, without warning from the Guardian Angel, it becomes easier to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and life threatening accidents may occur. In the Bible, in the time of Moses who led the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt, God sent signs through Moses to Pharoah, I suspect Moses was an abused Saint and the abuse to the Israelites at the hands of the Egyptians must have been great causing Signs from God and the eventual escape of the Israelites. The Garden of Eden is a place of peace, innocence, a lack of suffering, being cast out is a dark space without grace, a place of suffering, a lack of God. This is the intrinsic dance of human existence in concert with God.

Certain soul colour juxtapositions are more prone to temptation. I suspect the more aligned with the Spirit your soul colours are in the same values and tones the least likely you are to trespass. People have no control over their soul colours, they are created by a dynamic with God. I suspect creating the soul is a certain magic with light and the alignment of the stars and planets on a particular time and day. People with soul colour dynamics prone to temptation need their energies carefully channeled with an enlightened education in the difference between good and evil. Certain psychologies may be more prone to temptation which can be counteracted by better child rearing practice and by dealing with anger and sorrow in positive and creative ways without hurting others. Being channelled into release work through physical exercise (and prayer to take away anger), arts callings and special callings for work. Great suffering and hardship may lead to trespass. Lack of resources can be cured with better management, the social welfare state and better education.

The white culture/geopolitics puts people in places where they may make messes. Ideally a love relationship should be in covenant with a sign from God and last longterm. When people curse each other when a lover has left more than a slight of public opinion, the basic construct of peace in the Community becomes distorted making sexual violation issues, addictions, suicide, murder and war. People need love and sex in covenant, it is a basic need that keeps people happy and creates peace in the Community. The time and cohesion of the Old Society has been lost in the Modern Age, cursing is out of context, feeding an economic driver scene and destroying peoples lives.

Better mentoring and discernment, is a trade off for peace and less stress on government resources. The population may increase but it takes better management, creating huge amounts of inexpensive birth control. The more birth control is manufactured, the lower the price will be for the consumer. With the industrialized economy the world changed, it morphed into an ugly place of sex as soundbites that destroyed the souls of people and created incredible emotional and actual violence with wars erupting regularly in the 20th century. In the best estimation, as if a large boiling pot, boiling over, an image for the burgeoning population, the violence that was occurring was beyond the insight of the elite, unconscious. After World War II, the economic driver scene may have been manipulated by governments/corporations to create palandromes, the huge artist/millionaire/Saint/psychologist/spy Alcholic and Drug Addict, the beautiful sex toy creation of immense suffering that often leads to emotional and actual violence, suicide, murder and war. The very successful economic driver is very talented, creating new products, ideas, strap-lines, streamlines systems is an epitome of creative energy and insight. As well as coming up for ideas to run your business they can also tell you your favourite colours, how many lovers you’ve had, how much monies is in your wallet/bank account, what your mood is, and more all just by looking at you and are psychic/psychologists, when they are righteous, if they live.

People who are not socialized properly or mentored by people with their best interests at heart are not making informed decisions in their love lives or in their lives. It is one thing to be on the road and coming to a crossroads, making a choice, it is another thing to be placed on the road for your life by someone else for their purposes. It is the difference between true love and hate, freedom and prison, life and death.

Hidden agendas, people in places of jurisprudence, who deliberately mislead people for their own designs may be creating violence, destroying peoples lives and ultimately destroying their own democracy. The white culture is subtle, detailed and presupposes violence, as if inviting even more tragedy into the already stressed paradigm of human existence. In the modern world love is made to be broken, playing into the values of monies and sex, children are not being raised effectively as parents may not be in well-suited marriages, may be too busy with work outside the home, may be jealous and Old World wisdom may have been lost. The Industrialized Economy became out of step with the Holy Spirit. It is a world where people may not understand the violence they are creating because they are not properly mentored but must apologize and suffer for an unseen dimension that should not exist.

Temptation should not exist. Trespass is too easy, creating an unsafe social dynamic that gives people boundary issues, often leading to spiraling violence and people living alone without families, creating dark spaces and futures without hope, in the Old Economy an aussage of work but in a Computerized Economy that manifests less work, possibly leading to disparity issues and violence. An egoist, it exults itself in self-centeredness, creates scapegoats and is often paranoid presuming guilt over innocence, an unhealthy way of dealing with the death paradigm of existence. An elite that is destroying itself and others, dying out and making war. As if the white race bartered its soul for monies, eating its young and shaking its fist at God.

Originally, in the Old Agricultural Society the purpose of a detailed code of behaviour may have been to relieve boredom, take one’s mind off the reckoning of death, to create and solve arguments and solve disputes over marriage partners and to create a social control system to serve the elite, in a slow time economy, I suspect children were better mentored and people had an idea of God and Karma in the shared historical knowledge of the Community. This Old World wisdom may have been largely lost, in the fast paced modern world that values money and sex, does not look after people very well because the more people suffer, the more they produce and doesn’t mentor or discern its children effectively.

It is a very careful, detailed and subtle world, people who are not mentored and discerned properly for life and happy covenant marriages become broken, sometimes people never fully recover, often there is incredible violence and suicide. Better mentoring and discernment, an education in self-knowledge, the culture, history, the difference between right and wrong and the Spirit/Karma rules of Old World Wisdom need to be passed on, education is more accessible with the miracle of the Internet. The evolving Computer-based society is an opportunity to create a safe, sane and real life by reclaiming ourselves, with part-time work, often from home-based offices, people could be centered in the home with their families, with better parenting. With better mentoring and discernment it becomes possible to have a happy covenant marriage to your star-crossed lover or more suited lover, in a world where everyone is in a happy marriage the impetus for violence and war ceases. In the New Economy the Old World Culture/geopolitics crime of cursing and violence should not exist. An end to silence, the dialogue with peace.

The Way of Peace.



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