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World Message of Peace

It is Christmas at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . I am baking shortbread, Cherry Pound Cake and mincemeat pie. The Atwater Market is full of Christmas trees, holly and berries, Christmas flowers and the usual staples of ground coffee and fresh baked bread. Quiet, warm winter nights are full of ideas for the next quilt project, in silk, whites, blues and golds. Of winter mornings I have found myself writing, the most recent poetry work being "Water and Sunlight." The first CD is on iTunes in the next few weeks and I am planning to be back in the recording studio by Spring. Over the Holidays I hope to find myself of a Thursday evening at The Pound, Metro performances to recommence in January.

The following are some thoughts on Third World development . . . Radio, television and the Internet are all viable ways to create a positive wave for peace. However, most importantly to aid in the process of enough, the Internet could play a leading role in building Community, a positive "Group Think" for building peace and a networking vehicle for building businesses and finding all things needed. This is an idea for a Community Service/Barter Network that could help build small businesses and Community at the local level in a reduced cash economy. It would be in the form of a Craig's List/BarterNet and could involve small businesses, or volunteer filling of services/products in return for other services/products.The difference from other similar Web sites is that it works on a point system so that instead of a direct give and take situation (I can offer massage services for a new laptop) you offer massage services and get points that you can trade in for any service/product (including a laptop), as you may not find an owner of a laptop who needs massage. It increases flexibility. Every $10 worth of goods/services is worth 10 points, what the service/product is worth is gleaned from taking 3 estimates in the business community and taking the average. The point of this would be in a reduced cash economy (and I suspect there may be an oil crunch which may cause the United States economy to shrink as prices increase) that you could survive better by being able to barter the services/products of your small business or skill set for what you need (giving you more cash on hand). Or just on a Community level as someone with proficiency in a skill set offering doing yard work, baking cakes, babysitting, teaching their mother tongue etc. with the overall goal of being able to receive something you need while giving to the Community. The exchange of skills/products promotes Community and getting to know your neighbours, their local businesses and promoting peaceful coexistence in hard times. Great for small businesses, teenagers, marginalized people, single mothers, single fathers, shut-ins, the elderly and preventing economic hardship. The great thing about this is it is Internet driven for your local area, and could be anywhere in the world from California to Thailand, filling in the gaps in the Western World and building economies in the Third World. But basically building needs met at a local level, increasing interaction in the Community and building Community peace, stability and safety. The strap line "Everyone has something to give, Everyone has something to gain" could promote this Internet service. Businesses/people's services survive by reputation, word of mouth with a place for evaluation or to rate your experience with this business person on the Web site. The larger the database of small businesses offering goods/services the greater chance of people being able to find what they need. In the Western world it would be very possible for this service to exist and would place monies back into the hands of the people to pay mortgages, pay bills and for goods/services that cannot be gleaned from the Internet Barter Service. In the Third World the prerequisite is having affordable access to a computer Internet with email, in places not serviced by hydro, perhaps solar driven computers and would also place monies back into the hands of the people. Building a Community from the basis of needs met helps to create peace by creating enough.

The Way of Peace,

Joyeux Noel,



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